The MSU Faculty Handbook (Handbook) contains certain policies and procedures specifically related to tenurable faculty, unless otherwise noted, employed by Montana State University. The official Faculty Handbook is published online under MSU Policies and Procedures.

Tenurable faculty employed by Gallatin College are not covered by this Handbook and are subject to a collective bargaining agreement.

Policies and procedures affecting all employees are found in the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual, the Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual and the MSU Policies and Procedures.

This Handbook is limited, except as noted, to those matters which pertain directly to the interests of tenurable faculty. To the extent these policies and procedures affect the employment of tenurable faculty, they describe the obligations of the University and the faculty in regards to the specified terms and conditions of employment, upon approval of the Commissioner of Higher Education on behalf of the Board of Regents.  

When Board of Regents policies and state statutes are quoted, they are identified using bolded text in the body of the policy.

Amendments to any part of this Handbook not required by state and federal law or Board of Regents Policy require compliance with the Faculty Handbook Amendment Procedures set forth in Appendix A. Such policies become effective at the beginning of the next contract term, unless an alternate effective date is adopted through the approval process.

Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the MSU Faculty Senate are made in accordance with the amending provisions contained in those documents and become effective as specified therein.