Policy:                   ANNUAL REVIEW

Effective date:        July 1, 2017

Review date:          July 1, 2019


Responsible Party: Office of the Provost


An annual review assesses a faculty member's performance over the preceding calendar year, and is based upon the faculty member's letter of hire, assigned percentages of effort, annual assignments, annual productivity report and evaluations of teaching.  Reviews must be completed by the date specified by the provost. The annual review with ratings and any written appeals to the review shall be included in the candidate's personnel file.

An annual review is an assessment of the faculty member's performance over a one-year period. This is in contrast to retention, tenure, and promotion reviews which are based upon the cumulative performance of the faculty member in each area (teaching, scholarship, and service) over the review period appropriate to the review. Thus, a record of having favorable annual reviews does not guarantee the candidate has assembled and demonstrated a cumulative record that meets the standards for retention, tenure or promotion.


a. The faculty member and the department head and/or department annual review committee annually review the faculty member's performance relative to the faculty member's assigned percentages of effort and current assigned responsibilities.  Reviews assess the faculty member’s performance in each the major areas of responsibility (teaching, scholarship and service) over the preceding calendar year.  Student evaluations of teaching must be collected and considered in the evaluation of teaching.

If the faculty member has a split or joint appointment with 20% or more effort assigned to another unit, input from the other unit must be solicited and considered in the evaluation and rating of the faculty member.

For Extension Specialists within academic departments, the Director of Extension will provide the department head or reviewing committee a letter addressing the faculty member’s work for Extension which will be considered in the evaluation and rating of the faculty member’s performance.

b. The department head and/or department annual review committee rates the performance of each faculty member in each area of responsibility and calculates an overall rating for the faculty member’s performance for the year, weighted by the assigned percentages of effort using Activity Insight approved by the Provost.  The faculty member will be given a copy or access to the completed review if created electronically. 

c. The faculty member will have the opportunity to meet with the reviewer(s). 

d. The head of the primary unit and the faculty member will develop goals and assignments for the next calendar year.  The goals and assignments for individual members of the faculty will reflect departmental needs and professional opportunities consistent with departmental strategic plans or articulated departmental priorities.  

e. If the assigned percentages of effort are inconsistent with the faculty member’s current activities and levels of performance, a revision of the assigned percentages of effort should be discussed.  If a modification of the assigned percentages of effort is made as outlined in Section 4, it will be documented using the Faculty Assigned Percentages of Effort Update form. 

f. The faculty member and the dean will be provided with a copy of or access to the annual review, ratings and any revision of the assigned percentages of effort.  Copies of all annual reviews and the performance ratings of each faculty member will be maintained in the faculty member's personnel file in the department. These files shall be kept confidential and maintained as outlined in the Faculty Personnel Files policy.


A faculty member who disagrees with an annual review or individual rating may appeal by submitting a rationale for their disagreement and forwarding it to the dean.  The rationale must be filed with the dean within ten (10) days of the receipt of the annual review in Section 2e.  The dean shall consider the appeal and may support or assign a different performance rating in any area of responsibility.  The dean shall notify the faculty member and department head, in writing, of the decision regarding the appeal within ten (10) days of receipt of the request.


Either the faculty member or the department head can propose changing the faculty member’s percentages of effort, but mutual agreement must be reached before the change can be made.  The revised percentages of effort might be for a specified term or might reflect a long-term change of focus for the faculty member and the department.  If the revised percentages are for a specified term, the end date will be noted and the percentages of effort will revert back to the assignments and assigned percentages of effort in place before the term. 

Changes to a faculty member’s assigned percentages of effort are made using a Faculty Assigned Percentages of Effort Update Form.  Any changes require approval by the faculty member, department head, and dean.