Policy:                   POST TENURE REVIEW

Effective date:        July 1, 2017

Review date:          July 1, 2020


Responsible Party: Office of the Provost


A faculty member who receives a performance rating of "Below Expectations” or “Unacceptable Performance" rating during the annual review process will be given a Performance Improvement Plan, developed by the department head in consultation with the faculty member. This plan will document the actions required to obtain at least an “Acceptable Performance” rating on the following annual review.

The plan should be completed within thirty (30) days after the faculty member has received the "Below Expectations” or “Unacceptable Performance" rating or denial of the faculty member’s appeal, whichever is later. If the parties cannot agree to the terms of the plan, the dean will resolve the disagreement.


Failure to receive at least an Acceptable Performance rating for two (2) consecutive years will require a post – tenure review to determine whether the faculty member should be retained as a tenured faculty member of the University. The review will be conducted during the Fall semester following the second ‘Below Expectations’ or ‘Unacceptable Performance” rating using the criteria and standards relevant to tenured faculty at the same rank in the department. If the faculty member does not meet the standards for a tenured faculty member of the same rank in the department, the faculty member will not be retained and the University will proceed with discharge proceedings under Corrective Action and Discipline Policy for failure to carry out the responsibilities of a faculty member. If the faculty member is discharged, the faculty member may grieve the discharge under the Grievance Policy.