Policy:                      PERFORMANCE REVIEW POST TENURE 

Effective date:        July 1, 2017

Review date:          July 1, 2024

Revised:                  July 1, 2021

Responsible Party: Office of the Provost


Failure to receive at least an Acceptable Performance rating after being placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) will result in the faculty member being subject to a post-tenure review following the expiration of the Performance Improvement Plan. The post-tenure review is not a re-examination of tenure. It is a determination of whether the faculty member is performing at an acceptable level of performance in all areas of responsibility.


a. The post-tenure review will be performed by the Retention, Tenure and Promotion review committees and administrators (reviewers) assigned to review retention, tenure and promotion, except that the primary administrator will not participate in the review. The primary review committee report will be forwarded to the intermediate review committee or, if there is no intermediate review unit, to the immediate next level of review. The review will encompass the period that the faculty member received a less than acceptable performance rating immediately prior to the PIP and the period that the faculty member was subject to the PIP.

b. The faculty member will assemble a portfolio of the following information for the review:

  1. A personal statement that presents evidence to demonstrate satisfactory completion of the PIP and continuing acceptable performance in all areas of responsibility.
  2. Annual Reviews for the period.
  3. The PIP and any subsequent communications from the faculty member or administrators regarding the PIP.
  4. Provisions of the department Role and Scope document that addresses the Annual Review process and expectations for the review period.


Section 3 of the RETENTION, TENURE, PROMOTION REVIEWS – RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES policy will apply to post-tenure reviews.


All reviews of faculty are confidential personnel matters and participants are expected to comply with the confidentiality provisions of section 5 of the RETENTION, TENURE, PROMOTION REVIEWS – RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES policy.


a. The reviewers at each level of review will issue a written report that will address the following:

  1. Did the faculty member satisfactorily complete the PIP?
  2. Is the faculty member performing at an acceptable level of performance in all areas of responsibility?

b. The reviewers may have access to the faculty member’s annual review reports to assist with the evaluation of the faculty member’s compliance with the PIP and current performance in all areas of responsibility.

c. If the review committee or administrator reports that the faculty member did not satisfactorily complete the PIP or is not performing at an acceptable level of performance, the faculty member may submit a response to the report within five (5) calendar days of delivery of the report. The response must be limited to matters raised in the report.

d. Upon receipt of the findings of the previous reviewers and after review of the materials provided by the faculty member, the Provost will submit a written report and may take further actions based upon the review, including the following:

  1. Allow an extension and/or revision of the PIP for an additional period, not to exceed one year, if the faculty member is making progress in addressing their performance deficiencies and extension of the PIP is likely to result in the faculty member attaining acceptable performance within the additional period.
  2. Recommend to the President that the faculty member’s employment with the university be terminated for substantial failure to carry out the responsibilities of a faculty member.
  3. Take such further actions as may be appropriate.

e. The termination of employment of a tenured faculty member for cause will be subject to the policy and procedures established in Board of Regents Policy 710.2.2.