Policy:                   EMERITUS FACULTY

Effective date:        July 1, 2017

Review date:          July 1, 2023

Revised:                  December 11, 2020

Responsible Party: Office of the Provost

BOR Policy: 702.7 Faculty, Emeriti

1. EMERITUS STATUS – Board of Regents Policy 

Emeriti titles may be granted by the president of chancellor of a campus to tenured faculty members upon retirement after approval by the Board of Regents.


Each campus shall establish policies relating to procedures for nomination and privileges which may accrue to persons accorded emeritus status. Nothing contained in any such policy shall prohibit the campus from rescinding such privileges should it become necessary to do so.

The president or chancellor of a campus shall make his recommendation for emeritus status to the Board of Regents at the appropriate meeting when personnel recommendations are being considered.


Emeritus titles at Montana State University are honors held by retired associate and full professors in recognition of the substantial and sustained contributions they have made to their discipline and to the university. Candidates shall have served the university for a minimum of fifteen years (15) as a tenure-line or research professor.

Generally, the title “Emeritus” will be added to the academic rank held at the time of retirement for faculty. Faculty members who hold the rank of associate or full professor whose principal duty is in administration will, upon bestowal of the honor, have the title “Emeritus” added to the administrative title held at the time of retirement/tenure relinquishment. They may also have the Emeritus title added to their academic rank: (such as “dean emeritus of the College of Engineering and professor emeritus of chemical engineering”).


It is incumbent upon qualified faculty members to notify their department head or college dean of their desire to be nominated for emeritus status. The request may be made up to six (6)months prior to the expected retirement, but not more than three (3) years after retirement. The department head or dean will prepare the letter of nomination addressing the contributions that the candidate has made to their discipline and to the university. As soon after the effective retirement date as possible, department heads shall forward their letters to the dean for consideration. The dean shall submit all letters, including their own review, to the provost for examination. The provost’s recommendation and supporting letters shall be sent to the president for consideration. Letters of recommendation for Emeritus candidates shall then be sent to the Board of Regents for their review, ideally in time for the next regularly scheduled Regents' Meeting.

Candidates who retired between May 20, 2008 and May 20, 2011 may ask to be considered for Emeritus in accord with the rules of this revised policy.


Upon special recommendation of the provost, particularly meritorious and distinguished tenured faculty members, research professors, or teaching professors who do not meet the years of service or credit hour requirements may be nominated for Emeritus status.


Emeritus status shall entail continued campus courtesies including, but not necessarily limited to, the options to:

a. use library facilities,

b. participate in academic convocations, commencements, and other academic endeavors,

c. request that their names be retained in the university catalog, if desired, until their death,

d. attend, without vote, meetings of their department and college,

e. act as principal investigator for MSU grant proposals consistent with the policies of the Office of Sponsored Programs,

f. request office, laboratory space, and/or secretarial help, as available Office and laboratory space may be extended to emeritus faculty consistent with the university Space Management Policy and with the understanding that the instructional, research, and service requirements of the tenurable faculty have priority.

Note: Any or all privileges granted emeritus faculty may be rescinded should it become necessary to do so.