Adopted June 1994; Revised October 2001, scheduled review October 2004; Revised September 2011

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  • 110.00 Introduction and Purpose
  • 120.00 Definitions
  • 130.00 General Policy Statements


110.00 Introduction and Purpose

  1. Montana State University facilities should be utilized to the greatest extent possible in the pursuit of a wide variety of educational, cultural, athletic, entertainment, recreational and social programs, provided such use does not disrupt or displace University programs and activities.
  2. The purpose of this policy is to provide the framework for the use of Montana State University facilities, including uses that are not directly related to the instructional, research, or administrative functions of the University, but which enhance the educational environment and provide a service to members of the University community and the public.
  3. The policy is intended to:
    1. provide reasonable access to and use of University facilities and property;
    2. prevent the disruption of University programs and activities; and
    3. complement other University policies and practices designed to promote the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors while on the campus.
  4. This policy will:
    1. establish requirements for the use of the facilities and property;
    2. state the regulations and limitations for use of facilities and property; and
    3. address special considerations for particular uses of facilities and grounds.
    4. identify the persons responsible for coordinating the use of the various University facilities and property;
  5. This policy supplements Montana University System Policy, Section 1008.


120.00 Definitions

The following definitions apply for purposes of this policy:

  1. "Affiliated Group" is a unit or department of the University, a group established by the University, ASMSU, Faculty Senate, or a registered student organization.
  2. "Non-affiliated Group" is any other group wishing to use University facilities.


130.00 General Policy Statements

  1. The University may grant permission to use University facilities if the proposed use will not disrupt regular academic programs or activities of the University and is determined to be in compliance with the Montana State University System policy (Section 1008, MUS Policies and Procedures) and this policy.
  2. The rental fees charged shall be based on the full cost of services provided, including, but not limited to, services (including security/police, custodial, catering, etc.), utilities, building debt service, maintenance and departmental equipment depreciation. Rental rates will be reviewed regularly to assure that they reflect the current costs of use.
  3. Any exceptions to or deviations from this policy or any other policy regulating the use of facilities must be approved by the President or designee.

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