Subject: Charritable Contributions
Policy: University Sponsored Charitable Giving Policy
Revised:  June 2002
Effective date:  January 1992
Review date: Responsible Party: Administration & Finance 
  • Table of Contents
  • 100.00Introduction and Purpose

  • 200.00 Policy and Procedure:
  • 210.00 University Sponsored Campaigns
  • 220.00 Eligibility of Charitable Organization
  • 230.00 Application Process
  • 240.00 Solicitation
  • 250.00 Payroll Deductions
  • 260.00 Termination

  • 300.00 Application for Campus-Wide Charitable Contribution Campaign 

100.00 Introduction and Purpose

Part of the University's mission is community service. Therefore, to assist employees who wish to engage in charitable giving, the University provides services to facilitate contributions. For many, donations to a recognized agency campaign may be the major charitable contribution made during the year, while for others it is only part of their overall charitable contribution plan. Giving is a matter of personal conscience and ability; and is not a job performance requirement. Due to the cost of University services necessary to administer payroll deduction options, it is necessary to limit the number of alternatives that will be offered.

200.00 Policy and Procedure:


210.00 University Sponsored Campaigns

On an annual basis, a maximum of two (2) charitable, non-profit organizations that are not associated with Montana State University will be authorized to conduct a University sponsored fund raising campaign on the campus, among the employees of the University.


All campaigns will be conducted in the autumn of each year, to solicit (calendar year) payroll deduction pledges that will be initiated in January of the following year.


An organization may seek authorization to conduct a University sponsored fund raising campaign by submitting an application to the Vice President of Administration by the first work day in April of the year in which the campaign is to be conducted. Applications are available on line at the end of this site.


The authorization to conduct a campaign is effective for three years. An organization which desires to continue to conduct a campaign in succeeding years, must request a renewal of its authorization, as noted above in Article A. 2.

220.00 Eligibility of Charitable Organization

To be eligible, a charitable, non-profit organization must:


Be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt under 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3) and to which contributions are tax-deductible pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 170;


Have filed an IRS 990 Form for the previous year;


Provide direct services, benefits, assistance, care, research or educational activities which have a primary purpose of supporting human and animal welfare, cultural and natural resources;


Have a written policy and procedure of nondiscrimination in regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status or gender applicable to persons served by the organization; applicable to the organization's staff; and applicable to membership on the charitable organization's board of directors;


Provide full disclosure of administrative and fund-raising costs (not to exceed 25 percent) and distribution contributions; and The totals from Columns (C) and (D) in the Statement of Functional Expenses in the IRS Form 990 will be used to determine the fund-raising and administrative expenses.


Are regularly audited by independent auditors.

230.00 Application Process

The Vice President for Administration, upon recommendation by the MSU Benefits Committee, shall be responsible for authorizing charitable organizations to conduct a campaign on campus.


If more than two (2) organizations seek authorization to conduct a fund raising campaign on campus, it will be the responsibility of the MSU Benefits Committee to solicit employee comments from the Classified Employee Personnel Advisory Committee, University Governance, and then advise the Vice President for Administration regarding the organization(s) recommended for authorization.


Each organization must submit all information necessary to provide evidence that they comply with, or fulfill, all criteria and conditions noted above in Article B.

240.00 Solicitation



Those organizations which are authorized to conduct a fund raising campaign on campus will be provided the following University services and considerations:


Two (2) set of mailing labels for all University employees.


Authorization to utilize Campus Mail Services for the distribution of two (2) campus wide mailing of the organization's informational literature and pledge materials.


Authorization to utilize the MSU payroll process for employee initiated, voluntary payroll deductions; and, all Payroll Services support necessary to provide for a monthly transfer of collected funds to the organization (in accordance with Article F).


Representatives of those organizations which are authorized to conduct a fund raising campaign on campus may make personal visits to individual employees, or offices, for the purpose of soliciting donations, as long as each visit is requested by the employee and/or office, and does not disrupt the functions of the workplace.

250.00 Payroll Deductions


If an organization wishes to utilize the MSU payroll process for employee initiated, voluntary payroll deductions, the organization must:


Utilize an employee deduction form that has been approved by the MSU Payroll & Benefits Department.


Provide evidence that at least fifty (50) current MSU employees will utilize the voluntary payroll deduction process for the purpose of making donations to the organization.


Secure employee payroll deduction authorizations which, for the campaign's 12-month term:

251.31 Average no less than $5.00 per month for a minimum of 50 employees ($250.); or,

251.32 Total no less than $3,060. for the full 12-month term.


If an organization is authorized to conduct a fund raising campaign on campus, but does not secure employee payroll deduction authorizations which equal the minimum quantity or minimum monetary value established above, the University reserves the right to:


Refuse to process the payroll deductions that have been collected; and/or


Withhold an organization's authorization for this privilege in succeeding years, until such time that the organization delivers a sufficient number of payroll deduction authorizations to fulfill both elements of the criteria established above (Article F).

260.00 Termination

M.S.U. may terminate authorization to any organization upon six months written notice.