Subject:Student Success

Policy:Use of University Name and Logos by Registered Student Organizations

Revised:February 6, 2014

Effective Date:January 4, 2005

Review Date:February 5, 2017

Responsible Party:Licensing Director

The Montana State University (MSU) name, logos, and team name ("Bobcats") and logos are registered and protected trademarks of Montana State University which may not be used without the express permission of Montana State University. This policy helps to ensure immediate recognition, the maintenance of appropriateness, and the prevention of commercial use without compensation to the University.

Registered Student Organizations [RSO] are permitted to use the name and logos only as follows:

  1. Use of University Name: A Registered Student Organization may state that its membership is composed of students of Montana State University and may identify themselves only as "The ________ Club of Montana State University, a Registered Student Organization." No organization may imply that it is acting with the authority or as an agent of MSU, or that it is an intercollegiate athletic team of the University, unless it has been properly sanctioned as an intercollegiate athletics team by the University. Currently, only teams that compete in NCAA sanctioned sports and MSU Rodeo are intercollegiate athletic teams sanctioned by the University. No other use of the University's name is authorized.
  2. Internal Club Use of Trademarks:
    1. Registered Student Organizations may use the University name, logos or Bobcats name or logos for "in-house" purposes such as on posters, signs and banners dealing with the on-campus activities of the organization, provided such use reflects positively on the University and the mark is reproduced accurately. No alteration of the University's marks is allowed
    2. Registered Student Organizations may produce or give away products (such as T-shirts) bearing the university trademark combined with the name of their organization or activity for purposes of internal use by club members, with permission of the Licensing Director, provided the usage reflects positively on the University.
  3. Sale of Merchandise: Sale of Merchandise: Any sale of merchandise with the university name, Bobcats name and/or logos must comply with the Trademark and Licensing Policy. Organizations intending to sell merchandise that contains the University's name, MSU, Bobcats or any logos registered or purporting to represent a logo of the University must receive advance approval by the Licensing Director as outlined in the Trademark and Licensing Policy.
  4. Use on Organization's Uniform/Jersey: Registered Student Organizations that are also approved as "club sports" by the Dean of Students (or designated panel) and participate in sanctioned competition (on or off-campus), may request permission from the Licensing Director to use the University name and/or logo, or Bobcat name and/or logo, on a uniform or jersey. The following guidelines apply:
    1. The design of each uniform must provide distinguishing characteristics from any uniform or jersey utilized by Montana State University's sanctioned intercollegiate athletics teams (NCAA teams and MSU Rodeo).
    2. The design must include the words "MSU Club (insert name of Sport)" or similar marking appearing on the uniform. (examples: Bobcat Cycling Club, Bobcat Lacrosse Club, Bobcat Rugby Club)
    3. Images and/or logos of external sponsors are not allowed to appear on uniforms or apparel with the MSU or Bobcat logo
    4. All RSO Club Sport competitive uniform designs and color schemes must be submitted for review and approval by the Licensing Director.
    5. The use of the logos must adhere to brand standards and may not be modified in any way or combined with other logos or verbiage. The University logos must stand alone and be surrounded by clear space.
    6. RSO's in student sports clubs must remain in good standing in order to be eligible to use the logos. Sports clubs members:
      1. Must be 100% students.
      2. Must adhere to academic standards and the student code of conduct.
  5. Use on Organization's Website or Social Media Accounts: Registered Student Organizations may use the name and logos of the University in connection with an organization's official website and/or social media accounts subject to the following restrictions:
    1. Use of the University name must be consistent with applicable Trademark and Licensing policies and the limitations contained herein.
    2. The Web page and content generated by the social media account may not include language or images that are offensive or otherwise reflect inappropriately on MSU's name and logos. The MSU Licensing Director will be responsible for determining whether the use of the name and logo is consistent with the university standards for use of the university name and logo.
    3. The name, logos or marks may not be used in conjunction with commercial advertising.
    4. The marks may be enlarged or reduced, but not altered in any other way. No other uses of the University's name or logos are allowed.
  6. Failure to comply: RSO's must remain in good standing and adhere to all aforementioned aspects of this policy to use the University name or logo. Failure to adhere to any aspects of this policy could result in charges under the Student Conduct Code and loss of logo use privileges or RSO status.