101st Annual Day of Student Recognition Awards

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Ethelyn C. Harrison Award
Lawrence Hiller Scholarship
Earlene Hart Memorial Scholarship
Erma Lessel Junior Award
Erma Lessel Senior Award
Max Worthington Service Award
Roland R. Renne Award
Roskie Memorial Scholarship 
Una. B Herrick Award
Val G. Glynn Award
Honors College Exemplary Leadership and Service Award
Spirit Activism Award
Spirit Outstanding Student Award
Outstanding Student Worker - Disability Services
VOICE Center Empowerment Award
Clifton Award
Montana Student Volunteer Award
Graduate Excellence Award - Land Grant Excellence
Gold Standard MSU Student Employment Award
Outstanding Freshman Service Award
Outstanding Junior Service Award
Outstanding Sophomore Service Award
USH Calmer of Storms Award
USH Pinnacle Award
Outstanding Health Advocacy Award
USH Pinnacle Award
International Undergraduate Excellence Award 
International Graduate Excellence Award 
Advocats of the Year
Orientation Leaders of the Year
Fraternity New Member of the Year
Sorority New Member of the Year
President's Award for Gender Equity
Bobcat Family Fellows Scholarship
Montana Future Leaders Award
Christy Foundation Scholarship
Outstanding Freshman Leadership Award
Outstanding Sophomore Leadership Award
Student Organization Leader of the Year
Sorority of the Year
Fraternity of the Year
Women's Center Student of Achievement Award
Outstanding Junior Leadership Award 
Student Organization of the Year
USH Outstanding Peer Leadership Award
Emerging Leadership Award
Global Ambassador Award
Blue & Gold Leadership Awards
Fraternity Member of the Year
Sorority Member of the Year
Graduate Excellence Award - Teaching Excellence
AYCSS Teaching and Mentoring Award


Graduate Excellence Award - Scholarship Excellence




History of DSR:

In the year 1900, only 7 years after Montana State College was founded, the senior men and women proceeded across campus in their caps and gowns as part of their graduation ceremony. During this processional, seniors stopped at various buildings where department heads and top students gave speeches.

In 1912, wands wrapped with blue and gold ribbon were presented to the graduating senior women who then participated in a “Wand Dance” to symbolize their departure.

In May of 1923, the campus of Montana State College witnessed its first Women’s Day. Under the direction of Una B. Herrick, the first Dean of Women, this unique Women’s Day Ceremony was established and continued as an annual tradition. During those early programs, physical education and physical fitness were emphasized, with awards going to outstanding female college athletes. At that time, the senior wand dance was incorporated into Women’s Day as the “Blue and Gold Processional”, and was performed by the “Cap and Gown Society” (formed in June 1920).

In 1927, the Cap and Gown Society became the 27th chapter of Mortar Board in the country. Mortar Board was made up of the top 5 junior women. Mortar Board's male counterpart, Septemviri, began in 1920 as well. Septemviri is Latin for Seven Men. Septemviri was awarded to the top 7 outstanding junior men, on the basis of scholarship, leadership, activities and personality. The year 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of Mortar Board and Septemviri on the MSU campus. 

The Original Women’s Day has changed significantly over its long history. The emphasis on physical fitness and athletic achievements declined and the program evolved into a campus wide event recognizing students for their achievements in leadership, service and scholarship.

In 1977, for the first time, awards recognizing men were included with major awards for men added in 1982.

The name was changed in 1983 to the Montana State University Day of Student Recognition.