As part of the manuscript formatting option, you can include a PDF version of a published manuscript. Below are instructions on how to include a PDF into your main document using Word or Adobe. Video instructions are included on the bottom of the page.

How to add a PDF to your Word document:

PDFs can be inserted into the Word version of your ETD. This method makes it easier to conform to the overall page margins and page numbers, but the manuscript chapter in the final PDF will be an image instead of text. This method is included in the tutorial video below.

  1. In Adobe, open the PDF of your manuscript and "Save As" a JPEG. This will split each page into a seperate image.
  2. Insert or drag each jpeg image of each page into your main Word document that the rest of your ETD is in.
  3. You can change the size of the image to ensure that the words go right up against the page margins of the Word doc.

How to combine PDFs in Adobe:

This method of adding in your manuscript PDF to your main document PDF makes managing the page numbers and margins more complicated, but can produce a final PDF with text instead of images. This is best done when you are near a final copy of your ETD, to prevent having to redo it multiple times. This method is included in the tutorial video below. Here is a method to combine PDFs with Adobe:

  1. Convert your main document to a PDF. This document should have the pages numbered as if the manuscript chapter was included, meaning there will be a jump in page numbers where the manuscript will be inserted. Determine what the page numbers will be for the manuscript chapter.
  2. Open your manuscript PDF in Adobe.
  3. Go to tools and search for "Edit PDF."
  4. Open the Header & Footer tab and click Add.
  5. Set the margins to at least 1" on each side, consistent with the rest of your document. Note: the Graduate School no longer requires the left margin to be 1.5", but instructions may still reference this.
  6. Update the font style and size to match the rest of the document, usually Times New Roman size 12.
  7. Click "Appearance Options" and check the "Shrink document to avoid overwriting.." option.
  8. Click 'Page Number and Date Format" and tell it which page you need the page numbers to start at.
  9. With your cursor in the "Center Header Text" box, click "Insert Page Number."
  10. Hit Ok. Your page numbers and margins should now be set.
  11. Go to the Tools tab at the top of the page and choose "Combine Files."
  12. Add your main PDF document and your mansucript PDF and click Combine.
  13. In the tools, find "Organizes Pages." Select your manuscript pages and drag them to the correct location within your main document. This will reorder the pages.
  14. The pages should be now be in order with the correct margins and page numbers.

Manuscript introduction and formatting instructions:

Note: the instructional video was created with a 1.5" left margin requirement. The Graduate School no longer requires the left margin to be 1.5". The new requirement states that all margins must be at least 1".