The Graduate School

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    Science & Natural History Filmmaking

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    Department of Health & Human Development and the Sustainable Foods Systems.

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    College of Nursing

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    Animal Range Sciences

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    Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

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    Department of Ecology

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    Department of Ecology


MSU graduate students are building components for NASA satellites, developing software for Google, growing sustainable food, discovering new treatments for medical patients, creating energy alternatives, and producing films for National Geographic and the Smithsonian. MSU's collaborative culture breaks down barriers and enables graduate students to excel by drawing on numerous disciplines as they explore solutions to critical issues. Students are empowered to design a curriculum that suits their interests and strengths, and prepares them for successful career endeavors.

At MSU you can choose from more than 54 master's degree options, 37 doctoral degree options and 19 certificate options. As a graduate student, you have direct access to state-of-the art equipment and facilities, and will work alongside world-class faculty.

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Discovering Life Beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet