Karlene Hoo

Dr. Karlene A. Hoo


Phone: (406) 994-4125


Office of Fiscal Management and Administration  Oversees Budgeting, Finances and Administration, including GTA/GRA appointments and Tuition Waivers.

kathy photo Kathy Marcinko
Director of Finance, Budget & Administration
(406) 994-4112
email: Kathy Marcinko
Stephanie Vigano 

Stephanie Vigano
Administrative Associate
(406) 994-4125
email: Stephanie Vigano

Office of Admissions  Responsible for the application evaluation and admission process of all graduate students at Montana State University.

me Melis Edwards
Director of Graduate Admissions
(406) 994-6329
email: Melis Edwards
Amber photo Amber Fischer
Admissions Coordinator
(406) 994-5561
email: Amber Fischer


 Redding head shot Nicole Redding
Admissions Coordinator
(406) 994-5729
email: Nicole Redding
MSU Jesse Sheppard
Content Management
& Recruitment Specialist
(406) 994-4193
email: Jesse Sheppard

Office of Degree Programs & Certificates  Supports graduate students from the approval of their programs of study to the acceptance of their graduation applications.

ab Amanda Brown
Lead Specialist
(406) 994-6673
email: Amanda Brown
lc Lauren Cerretti
(406) 994-5312
email: Lauren Cerretti

Office of Graduate Student Affairs  Provides resources and support to all graduate students on a broad range of issues.

dn Donna Negaard
Director of Graduate Student Affairs
(406) 994-4147
email: Donna Negaard

Office of Analytics & Systems Management - Data management and systems support including CollegeNet, DegreeWorks, The Graduate School website, statistics and reporting, and electronic theses and dissertations.

Laura Collins Laura Collins
Systems Analyst
(406) 994-7442
email: Laura Collins
 Megan photo Megan Maier
Formatting & Degree Software Specialist
(406) 994-7518
email: Megan Maier