For an FAQ of commonly seen formatting issues, please see the Formatting FAQ.

Introduction to the Word templates and document accessibility

This is a great place to start! This shorter video touches on how to use the Word templates to help format your ETD using styles as well as improve document accessibility. For a longer overview of how to use the template, see the next video.

Note: For a transcript of the video, visit the ETD Accessibility and Template Video with Transcript page.

Detailed ETD Word template tutorial and formatting overview

This more in-depth video tutorial goes into detail on how to use the Word template to help format your ETD. A detailed overview of the formatting process and common formatting mistakes is also discussed. 

Note: The left margin is no longer required to be 1.5". The requirement is updated to: all margins must be at least 1".

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Double Space vs. Triple Space tutorial

Is your heading spacing too large? This tutorial is to help with double and triple spaces in Word. Download our Hints for Spacing (PDF) for a visual illustration.

The transcript for this video is being processed.

Landscape Pages tutorial

This tutorial will help with inserting a landscape page and formatting the landscape page number. You can also visit the Landscape Page FAQ page for help.