LaTeX Template

Below you will find the link to a LaTeX template which is provided by Mechanical Engineering Professor Mark Owkes.

LaTeX template available here:

The Graduate School does not provide technical support for LaTeX and all ETDs in LaTeX format must comply with the formatting guidelines. Students using LaTeX templates from this website are responsible for ensuring that the resulting document conforms to all formatting guidelines, regardless of the current template configurations.

LaTeX Accessibility

Students using LaTeX should still do their best to address any accessibility issues that they can on their PDF.

Accessibility with LaTex is tricky. LaTeX is commonly used in the fields of mathematics, science, and engineering, which often contains equations. While PDF files created using LaTeX are not currently accessible due to these equations and other factors, using LaTeX can still be useful to those with or without sight. Those who require assistive technology and know how to use LaTeX may be able to read the LaTeX code, or the file could be converted into other readable formats.

Converting from LaTaX to PDF

After you convert your final LaTeX version to a PDF, you must adjust your PDF in a few ways to make it more accessible:

  1. Please make sure the Document Properties are edited, to add such data as the Title, Author, and Language.
  2. If you have figures in your PDF, please add Alt Text in order to help screen reader technology identify the images.

More Information on LaTeX and Accessibility

For more information on LaTeX, equations, and accessibility, visit the following sources:

LaTeX Help

The Graduate School does not provide technical support for LaTeX. You can contact your department for help finding a LaTeX expert, visit Professor Mark Owkes' LaTeX Wiki, or contact Professor Owkes with any questions: [email protected].