The Table of Contents (TOC) is part of the front matter of your ETD and requires you to list the page numbers of your chapter titles and headings. If you are using Word, you can create a manual or automatic TOC. This page contains tips related to creating and formatting a Table of Contents in Word.

Table of Contents Sample Pages (PDFs): Standard Option (page v) or Manuscript Option (page v-vi).

Manual TOC

You can create a manual TOC. With a manual TOC, you must go through and format dot leaders and manually add page numbers. This may cause extra work as page numbers often change, but may be less complicated than adding an automatic TOC.

Here are directions on how to add dot leaders.

Automatic TOC

The current ETD templates are set up to include an automatic TOC. If you do not feel comfortable using the automatic TOC in the templace, please create your own manual TOC.

The automatic TOC will save you time by (semi-)automatically updating the page numbers using the accessibility tyle headings. The current template is programmed to generally follow the formatting guidelines; however, you are responsible for ensuring that the TOC exactly follows the formatting guidelines after you make changes/updates for your own document.

Alternatively, you are welcome to create your own automatic TOC. You will have to format the look of the TOC to match the template, but will save time by not having to manually enter the page numbers. Here are directions on how to add a custom, automatic TOC.

Adding Manuscript Pages to a TOC

If you are doing the Manuscript Option, and are adding a manuscript as a chapter in your ETD, add the headings from the manuscript to the TOC. You must also add the "Contribution of Authors and Co-Authors" and "Manuscript Information Page" as part of the TOC.