4-H Youth Ambassadors:

Montana 4-H Ambassadors are official envoys, representative spokespersons of the Montana 4-H Program. A 4-H Ambassador is a self-motivated, enthusiastic leader who promotes the 4-H program to fellow members, area residents, community leaders, elected officials and other youth. A 4-H Ambassador serves to strengthen the 4-H program through public relations. 

In Blaine County

Visit with the Extension Office about becoming a 4-H Ambassador in Blaine County. This is a great opportunity to use your leadership skills here in your home county!

 To apply for a 4-H Ambassador position, contact the Extension Office for an application. Please return by May 15th.

Please contact the Blaine County Extension Office if you have questions.

In Montana

Other opportunities include Fall Ambassador Training, generally the weekend of teachers conferences. This workshop is for 4-H Ambassadors as well as teen leaders. You will learn new skills, meet new people and have fun!


Further Leadership Opportunities
Becoming a State Ambassador Officer

Five state officers are elected to lead the Montana Ambassadors each year. They are joined by two adult volunteer advisers and the 4-H Volunteer and Leadership Development Specialist to comprise the State Ambassador Officer Team. The State Ambassador Officer Team represents the ambassadors and Montana 4-H youth at various events and activities across the state. They plan, implement and evaluate Ambassador Fall Training and serve on the planning committee for Montana 4-H Congress. For more info, talk to the Extension Office.