2022-2023 Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Team

2022-2023 Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Team


The Cascade County 4-H Ambassador program provides opportunities for youth to represent 4-H through leadership and service at the county level. Ambassadors are a select team of Cascade County 4-H Members that have demonstrated leadership in their clubs, and who are interested in developing and refining skills to teach other 4-H youth about leadership, promotion, and service. Each Ambassador serves a one-year-term.



Expectations and Responsibilities

The Cascade County 4-H Ambassador program requires full participation in all required event activities in order to adequately fulfill the role.

Key Expectations Include:

  • To uphold and abide by the 4-H Code of Conduct throughout the duration of their appointment as a Cascade County 4-H Ambassador
  • To participate in 100% of all required Cascade County 4-H Ambassador events and activities
  • To be a positive role model and representative of all youth involved in Cascade County 4-H
  • To be willing to work with team members to establish and meet objectives
  • To be prompt in response to emails and other forms of communication

Ideal Skills of Applicants

The Cascade County 4-H Ambassador program is a youth development program that strives to exemplify the ultimate in youth citizenship and leadership in Cascade County.

Key Skills Include:

  • Interest in developing and/or enhancing skills related to leadership, such as: conflict resolution, facilitation, teamwork, decision-making, respect, and communication
  • Ability to accept and incorporate constructive criticism to enhance their own skill and the strength of the team
  • Willingness to explore and apply diverse concepts of leadership, service, and promotion
  • Basic skills in teaching others, facilitating discussions, and public speaking


  1. Must be 14 years of age AND a freshman in high school by October 1 of the current 4-H year
  2. Must have been enrolled in 4-H for at least 2 years and be enrolled for the current year
  3. Must be, or have been, a club officer
  4. Must have completed a record book in the previous 4-H year
  5. Must have an enthusiastic desire to serve and accept the responsibilities outlined in the Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Handbook
  6. Must be responsible and have time available to fulfill the role of Ambassador
  7. Must be willing to travel, attend training sessions, and serve in the Ambassador roles when asked
  8. Must have a minimum overall high school GPA of 2.5
  9. Must have the support of parents and/or guardians
  10. Must be capable and willing to get out of school on a limited basis for special programs

Potential Ambassador Events and Activities

Below is a general timeline of Ambassador events. Dates will be determined at the beginning of each 4-H year.


  • Plan and participate in the 4th of July Parade
  • Attend Montana 4-H Congress - Required
  • Assist, as needed, with Cascade County Livestock Show
  • Participate and assist with Fair activities - Required
  • Participate in Ambassador Team Celebration - Required
  • Assist, as needed, with Cascade County Horse Show


  • Promote 4-H at fairs, schools, 4-H groups, and service clubs - Ongoing throughout the year
  • Attend Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Retreat - Required


  • Lead special promotions during National 4-H Week
  • Attend Ambassador Fall Training - Required
  • Plan and participate in Cascade County Achievement Program


  • Submit Ambassador Plan of Action to the Cascade County Extension office


  • Attend Montana 4-H Legislative Breakfast
  • Assist with KMON contests and attend Great Falls Chamber of Commerce Ag. Banquet


  • Participate in National Volunteer Week/ Week of Service - Required
  • Assist, as needed, with Cascade County Communications Contest
  • Attend Rec Lab


  • Plan and participate in 4-H Camp - Required
  • Assist, as needed, with Cascade County Foods Festival Contest
  • Assist, as needed, with Cascade County Fashion Revue, Quilt Show, and Stir-Ups Contest

These dates are subject to change, and some events may be added at a later time.

Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Officers

Each Cascade County 4-H Ambassador will be selected to fulfill an officer position on the team. Each officer position is a one-year term with a one term limit. Ambassadors are eligible for different officer positions to ensure that each Ambassador has an opportunity to advance their career through leadership, perseverance, and dedication to the team. Officer selections will be made at the Ambassador Retreat in August of the 4-H year.


The President is the coordinator of the group and leads the group during meetings. The President works closely with the Team Adviser and 4-H Agent to plan meetings and set agendas.

Publicity Chair

The Publicity Chair writes and publishes the Ambassador News for the Extension Newsletter. The Publicity Chair arranges for and provides other county publicity related to the Ambassador program and serves as secretary to keep minutes of all meetings.

Cascade 4-H Foundation Representative

The Foundation Representative attends all Foundation meetings and reports activities of the Ambassador Team to the Foundation. The Representative also acts as the team's treasurer and presents a report to the team and identifies needs for fundraising.

Cascade County 4-H Leaders Council Representative

The Leaders Council Representative attends all Council meetings and reports activities of the Ambassador Team to the Leaders Council as well as promotes Council supported events.


  1. Submit your completed Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Application by May 14
  2. For your application to be considered complete, you must send the following to the Cascade County Extension office
    • Resume which includes two personal references - separate from the letters of endorsement
    • A letter of endorsement from a 4-H Leader
    • A letter of endorsement from a 4-H peer

Send materials to the Cascade County Extension Office at 3300 3rd St. NE #9, Great Falls, MT 59404


  1. An interview will be conducted by a selection committee at a date to be determined in May/June
  2. In addition to the interview, Ambassador candidates must be prepared to present/recite the following
    • The 4-H pledge
    • The 4-H motto
    • A brief (2-3 minute) speech/presentation on how your experiences and characteristics would make you a suitable candidate for the Cascade County 4-H Ambassador Program
  3. The selection committee may include the following people
    • Ambassador Team Adviser
    • 4-H Extension Agent
    • Leaders Council Officer
    • Cascade County Foundation Member
    • Past Cascade County 4-H Ambassador

Cascade County 4-H is committed to ensuring the Ambassador program is represented by a team made up of youth who are exceptional in their leadership and service skills and can professionally represent the entire Cascade County 4-H Youth Development Program. Additionally, applicants will be scored on the applicant's written questions, interview, presentation, and recommendations.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Montana State University and Montana State University Extension prohibit discrimination in all of their programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status.