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12 Month Rolling Calendar of Meeting Minutes




Minutes from the last meeting

  • Brooke moved to accept
  • Rachel Seconded



Treasurers Report

  • Rec Lab reimbursement checks issued
  • Other undefined reimbursements
  • Chamber Membership check was written this week
  • Other checks coming'
    • 4-H Congress reimbursements
  • Horse Leaders have funds in their account and are moving $10,000 to a CD or investment account to hopefully earn 4%

DA Davidson (Brad)

  • FIB funds were directly transferred to DA Davidson - $72,000
  • Janet and Belinda recommended that we transfer the balance of funds at Farm Bureau to DA Davidson to hopefully earn 4% CD rate with the excess cash
  • Should make bookkeeping easier


4-H Ambassador report


Agent Report - Alyssa

  • Allyssa will not be in the office until after baby comes
  • Allyssa will be out in the beginning of June vs. the previously planned leave at the end of June
  • Restructuring of agent duties following Allyssa's maternity leave
    • Allyssa will take over 4-H Horse and Livestock
    • Rose will focus on agriculture and horticulture
    • No major impacts expected with transition

4-H History Video - Brooke

  • Working on vision statement
  • Working on story board for review and procuring footage of Dottie from Eric Dunn
  • Hoping to have a draft of vision statement and story board

Scholarship Committee - Michelle

  • Acceptance vote will be completed by email as there was no quorum on the call
  • Scholarship Selection Committee met on April 12th, 2023 - Mary, Melissa, Michelle and Sara
    • Cascade 4-H Foundation Scholarship – First Time Applicants
      • Boadle, Tylee
      • Herman, Baylee
      • Hoerner, Haley
      • Lewis, James
    • Cascade 4-H Foundation Scholarship – Non-First Time Applicants
      • Banks, Ryan
      • Banks-McDowell, Jessica
      • Juhl, Elizabeth
      • Kirby, Victoria
    • Fred Sanborn Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
      • Boadle, Tylee
      • Herman, Baylee
      • Hoerner, Haley
      • Lewis, James
    • Fred Sanborn Memorial Scholarship winner - James Lewis
    • 7 remaining applicants for the Cascade County 4-H Foundation Scholarship - Committee decided to divide the $5,500 equally between all 7 applicants.


  • Status of 2022 tax return is unknown
  • Letter from IRS showed that CC 4-H Foundation owed $1900 for 2021 taxes. Belinda checked with AZ and they are checking into it. AZ recommended to wait 60 days to see if abatement is approved .
  • Need to address tax situation and consider a change of accounting firms.
    • Committee - Belinda, Liz, Farrah and Rachel G
      • Reach out to the individuals with knowledge to understand where we are, what we need and what we need to do moving forward.
        • Need to resolve abatement
        • Consider transition out of AZ
        • Identify new accounting firm. 
          • Suggestions:
            • Loucks & Glassey
            • Dave Dieffenbach CPA
            • Who does State 4-H Foundation use?  Allyssa checking on.


Next meeting is September 19th, 2023.

Motion to adjourn by Brook Gerard, Seconded by Rachel Grimshaw. Motion passed.


Members Present:

Liz Jennings, Michelle Leardini, Brook Gerard, Elizabeth Doyon, Emilia Doyon, Allison McMaster, Sara Graft, Farrah McGregor, Mary Christiaens, Kathleen Bernhardt, Rachel Grimshaw

Member Absent:


Other attendees:

Janet Smith, Fran Gossack

Agents Present:

Allyssa Peak, Rose Malisani



After a small correction, Brook moved to accept the minutes. Rachel Seconded. MOTION CARRIED.




The ambassadors reported that there was a recent shooting sports competition, they attended a Leadership Academy and they had a successful hygiene drive during the holidays, collecting over 1000 items for the Rescue Mission.


Upcoming expenditures include:

  • Elizabeth Doyon to National 4H Congress
  •  Rec Lab will be in March with 4-5 members attending

The extension office is down to 1 admin. The other position will not be refilled.

Allyssa will be out on maternity leave July-Sept and Rose will be covering


Video Report:

Allison will reach out to Jamie to see where things stand, and she and Brook will have a report next meeting.

Policy Rewrite –

Few minor changes to Operating Policies and By Laws. Allison motioned to approve. Seconded by Sara. MOTION CARRIED.

Finance Committee:

The committee met with Foundation financial advisor Brad Thurber. Allison, Janet, Liz and Brenda Byrnes met with him.

Brad suggested moving some of cash to a CD or put more into accounts at DA Davidson.

Horse Project currently has money at Montana Credit Union in a savings account. Brad suggested leaving it there instead of rolling into Foundation accounts. He did suggest putting the funds in a CD so it can earn interest.

Currently, approximately 3% of money is spent each year in an effort to maintain the principal. Brad feels this is exactly where we want to be.

Money at First Interstate will be moved to a mutual fund at DA Davidson.

Annuity matured at Farm Bureau. Money will potentially be put in a CD with hopefully at around 5% interest. Belinda Darlinton and Janet will investigate.


  • Horse Line Item will be written off
  • Shooting Sports/Horse State Competition Reimbursement:
    • Executive committee meetings were held with extensive discussion about the request made at the Nov 22 meeting.  To keep the Foundation budget predictable, the committee proposed to increase the amount for each project, from $800 to $1200. There will be a $300 maximum per member.
  • Budget adjustments: increase of Shooting Sports and Horse state competition expenditure
  • Line item for expired Dear scholarship

Sara moved to approve budget. Seconded by Allison. MOTION CARRIED


Mary reported $672168.67 in Equity/Assets. The P&L from Oct 1-Feb 21 was:

                Income  $31134.12

                Expenses   $20781.29     

                Net Income  $10352.83


Horse Items:

  • Horse Camp expenses will come thru before the next foundation meeting.
  • A Horse Leader’s Clinic by Jan Larson will be held June 2-4. The clinic will teach leaders to teach members improve horse showing abilities and develop leadership skills. Brook requested the foundation to pay $250 for the Leader’s portion of the clinic. Brook moved to spend $250 for the clinic. Seconded by Rachel. MOTION CARRIED.

Scholarship Committee:

Scholarship applications are due March 31. Michelle, Liz, Sara and Mary will serve on the committee.


Next meeting will be April 18 at 7:00 pm. It will be completely virtual since Allyssa has to attend training in Missoula.

Allison moved to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kathleen Bernhardt, Secretary


Board Members Present:

Kathleen Bernhardt, Allison McMaster, Brook Gerard, Liz Jennings, Mary Christiaens, Michelle Leardini, Sara Graft, Rachel Grimshaw, Elizabeth Doyon, Emilia Doyon

Board Member Absent:

Farrah McGregor

Members Present:

Fran Gossack, Janet Smith, Lisa Jassen, Desiree Roth, Ginger Murphy

Agents Present:

Allyssa Peak, Rose Malisani

Total Attendance:


Call to Order

President Liz Jennings called the meeting to order at 6:53 PM.


Mary moved to accept minutes as written, with 1 spelling correction. Seconded by Allison. MOTION CARRIED


Received a thank you note from Emilia Doyon.

Treasurer’s Report:

Mary presented the financial reports for Oct 1 – Nov 10, 2022. Total income of $16450.55. Total expense $3848.40. Net income of $12602.15. There is a Horse Liability of $168.75 that keeps being carried forward. Janet will try to research it and determine what it might be from.

Ambassador Report

Emilia reported on Awards Night and Fall Training. A Leadership Academy will be held via WebEx in November and will have a woodworking project in December. There will also be a hygiene product drive for the Rescue Mission.

Agent Report

Allyssa reported that there are 2 new hires in the extension office. Jodi Cape has been hired as a FT admin and Ben Roth has been hired as a PT admin. The 990 postcards will be filed on 11-16-22. The scholarship application will go out end of December. Greytak calendars are in. National Congress will be held next week. Substantial donations include the Jacob Schott Steer Scholarship and Russ Miner campaign excess funds of about $3000.

Old Business

Video Project 

Brook will take over the Foundation History Video project. She will meet with Jamie Williams to get determine what has been done thus far. Allison will also help.

Policy re-writes:

The administering of the Jacob Schott Memorial Award will be added.  Allison moved to approve this addition. Mary seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

State Horse Show Reimbursement:

Ginger Murphy presented a proposal for the 4H Foundation to equally treat all projects with regards to reimbursements for state events. The proposal requests a revision to the Operations Policies, page 2, item #2: OUT-OF-COUNTY ACTIVITIES. Currently, Horse and Shooting Sports reimbursements are capped at $800. The proposal includes:

  1. 75% of the registration fees, travel and lodging costs for members that fully participate in the event
  2. 75% of the registration fees, travel and lodging costs for leaders that fully participate in an approved leader training event. (This means the leader must be actively participating in the training or event as a participant – not just as a leader transporting or accompanying members to an event.) Events include but are not limited to District, State and Western Regional Leaders Forums and Shooting Sports Instructor Trainings.
  3. Leave as it currently reads in Operation Policies
  4. Carpooling is encouraged and travel costs shall be prorated or adjusted towards the vehicle driver or owner for the members sharing transportation.

It is asked to separate designation under Section 2 – points D & E be removed that set a maximum amount to be split among attendees for a horse or shooting sports events.

There was an extensive discussion about the proposal. The budget and executive committees will take under advisement and discuss further.

Hippology Competition:

Brook reported that Haley Tompers has again qualified for the Denver National Roundup for Hippology. The foundation will reimburse 75% of airline and motel.

Tax Return Prep:

Taxes are waiting to be filed at A-Z. Since Brenda Byrnes is no longer with A-Z, may look for a new accountant. Loucks/Glassley was suggested as a possibility.

Cloud Subscription:

The current subscription is through A-Z, for a monthly fee of $188. This includes online Quickbooks and cloud storage. Belinda is looking for Quickbooks and cloud storage elsewhere. Belinda can reach out to Rachel Grimshaw for help or ideas.

Bookkeeper Contract:

The cost for the internet jet pack, which Lisa Jassen has added to her Verizon account at $20 per month, will be added to her contract. The foundation will reimburse her for costs of the jetpack for the last year.

Motion to adjourn by Brook, seconded by Rachel. MOTION CARRIED.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 21, 2022.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Bernhardt, Secretary


Board Members Present:

Belinda Darlinton, Jamie Williams, Allison McMaster, Brook Gerard, Liz Jennings, Mary Christiaens, Michelle Leardini, Kathleen Bernhardt, Joe Bollich, Victoria Kirby, Ben Bailey

Members Present:

Janet Smith, Fran Gossack

Agents Present:

Allyssa Peak,

Total Attendance:  14

President, Belinda Darlinton, called the meeting to order


The minutes from the February 15, 2021 were emailed to members. Brook moved to accept the minutes as written. Liz seconded. MOTION CARRIEID

Treasurer’s Report: 

No current financial reports available. Very few expenditures since last meeting in February.  There will be upcoming revenue from Horse/Livestock Sponsorships.

Agent Report:

Annual conference was held last week with an overview of the extension  program. The State Foundation has found an admin and interviews have been completed for the director with hiring expected soon.

Rec Lab was recently held so gas receipts will be forthcoming and State Congress will be held in July.

Ambassador Report:

Victoria reported that the ambassadors recently organized and completed a food collection project, involving all clubs.

Leadership Academy just ended as well as Rec Lab, in which leadership skills were learned which can be brought back to the county/clubs to increase enrollment.


Charles Schwab proxy was received to vote on Board of Directors. Kathleen moved to complete proxy and approve all directors. Seconded by Liz. MOTION CARRIED.  Proxy was completed and will be returned.

Received thank you notes from Great Falls Chamber of Commerce and Big Sky 4H Club.

Old Business

Video Report

Jamie reported that the plan is to make 2 short videos. One will be 2-3 minutes and the other will be 5-6 minutes. Will be reaching out to Maureen Downey or Annette Chandler to possibly obtain footage or pictures from Dolly Dwyer. Hope to have the videos done by State Fair.

Give Great Falls

will be held May 2-6

Scholarship Applications:

Brook reported for the Scholarship Committee. $5500 was given out from the Foundation, and a total of $7000 with the memorial scholarships. There were 10 1st time applicants and 7 repeat applicants. Students being awarded scholarships are:

$500 Foundation Scholarships:

Jessica Banks, Ryan Banks, Molly Christiaens, Benjamin Bailey, Elizabeth Juhl, Maria Casselli, Ruby Jennings, Victoria Kirby, Emma Juhl, Haley Tompers, Jenna Sasek

$500 Doug and Nancy Dear Memorial Scholarship:

Asa Jassen

$1000 Fred Sanborn Memorial Scholarship:

Brady Drummond

Liz moved to accept the committee report and provide money to the recipients’ school. Mary seconded.  MOTION CARRIED.

Membership Cards

Pricing for 1000 cards has increased to $130. Program will not need new cards until the fall so Belinda will make a few calls to try to get better pricing.

New Business

September 2022 meeting will be moved to September 27 at 7 pm.

Proposed Policy Changes:

committee did not meet so will try to convene to review and make changes prior to September meeting.

Horse Camp: Will be held May 7-8. Food receipts will be forthcoming for this event.


Allyssa will reach out to state office to contact the Colorado state office about the experience of Cascade County member at the Hippology competition, with hopes of getting the registration funds back.

Next Meeting Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

Motion to adjourn by Janet.  Seconded by Liz. MOTION CARRIED.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Bernhardt, Secretary


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