• March Project Day: Packing and Safe Trail Riding by Brook and Marie
  • Ambassadors
  • Foundation and Leaders Council
  • Agent


  • Project Day
    • April 13
    • Driving with Katrina and Gabrielle
  • Horse Camp Planning
    • May 3-4 at 406 Arena (reserved)
    • Committee met
    • Registration and Fee
  • 4-H Horse Shows
    • July 19-20 at 406 Arena (reserved)
      • July 19 Cascade and Teton Working Ranch Horse Competition, Packing, and Driving
      • July 20 County Horse Show
    • Patterns: Leann and Reagan
    • Judges: Lisa and Sara
      • Ryan Jaeger for Trail Saturday
  • 4-H Play Day
    • July 21 at 406 Outdoor Arena (reserved)
  • Practices
    • Working Rand Horse at Never Sweat Ranch Mondays in June
    • 4-H Show learning days in July
  • Sponsor Update


  • Review Roster and Levels

Upcoming Events

  • April 13: Project Day
  • May 7: Horse Leaders Meeting


Current 4-H Year Meeting Minutes


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Wendy Newman, Charla Merja,  Katrina Emrich, Lisa Jassen, Leann Murphy, Sara Graft

Call to Order

Ginger Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.


Wendy Newman motion to approve minutes as presented. Katrina Emrich second. Motion carries. 

Treasurer Report

Checking/Savings: 11,146.12
Money Market:           2.56
Stockman Bank CD: 10,000.00
Total: 21,148.68



Event Reports:

  • March Project – Brook, Marie and Kevin Arnold. It was a fun, engaging event on packing. 
  • Ambassador Report – Leann reported on the Leader’s Appreciation on April 28, Paddock Club.  
  • Foundation and Leaders Council – 4-H will be moving to the Family Living Center. 
  • Agent Report – The office is down to 1 agent. There were 2 applicants for the 4-H position and applicants are still being accepted. The Extension office will close from 12-1 due to low staffing. Leaders Council will host a raffle fundraiser. May project day is cancelled. 

Old Business

Project Day

  • April 13 Driving – Katrina and Gabrielle – planning to use the gym or the classroom.

Horse Camp Planning – May 3-4, 406 Arena

  • Registration should be open the end of this week with Cognito
  • All instructors are confirmed

Cascade County 4-H Horse Shows, July 19 WRH, Packing, Driving and July 20 County Horse Show

  • Jan Larson will judge both days ($300/day + travel and hotel)
  • Will need a roping judge for July 19 (Jessica Fryberger and Matt Otto have a suggestion)
  • Ryan Jaeger for Trail on July 20 ($150)
  • Leann and Reagan are going to develop 4 packets of patterns to rotate through for upcoming shows
  • Driving & Packing could be a class or a demonstration- Marie Powell and Kevin Arnold would present or evaluate.
  • Need to have a conversation with Teton and make sure they are still okay with how things have been done in the past in relation to finances.
  • Cattle costs are $45/head/day of cattle, each participant gets the equivalent of 1 cow – We need to make sure the cost stays the same before registration costs are set. 

4-H Play Day – July 21 406 Arena

  • Details forthcoming

Practices –  

  • Working ranch horse in June on Monday’s at Never Seat Ranch, 6-8 pm June 3, 10, 17, 24
  • 4-H Show Learning Days on Monday’s in July at Kings Arena, 6-8 pm – outdoor arena July 1, 8 and 15 ($10/head). Show prep help.

Sponsor Update –

Sponsor letters were sent out and checks are coming in. 

New Business

  • Review Roster and Levels – It’s important to review levels and make sure kids are in the correct ones. 
  • Horse Judging – Laura Sticken has volunteered to assist. They are still looking for more participants (Hailey, Addison, Leann and Reagan). April 20, horse judging event south of Billings. They will need to complete a travel authorization form prior to travel. 
  • Horse Camp Gift Certificates – We have done these in the past. We would need gift certificates for outside helpers. We need a list of all presenters and the amount of the gift certificates. Lisa Jassen motion to allocate up to $800 for horse camp gift certificates for helpers in the amount of up to $100/certificate depending on time spent. Brook Gerard second. Motion Carried. If the instructors are coming from out of town, we should cover their travel costs to volunteer their time. Foundation provides $600 for food and Horse Leaders pays the balance. Motion to allow Sandy Harshaw-Irvin to check out the Horse Leader Debit Card for food purchases by Lisa Jassen. 2nd Katrina Emrich. Motion Carried.  Brook will submit the request to Foundation to transfer funds. 
  • CD at Stockman Bank Renewal – The CD will mature June 15. Wendy Newman will gather the necessary information to present at the May meeting. Brook Gerard motion to renew the full amount of the CD at Stockman Bank per the committee’s decision. 2nd Katrina Emrich. Motion Carried. Lisa Jassen requested a statement be provided for the CD quarterly. 
  • State 4-H Horse Show – September 19–22, 2024 at 406 Arena. 
  • State WRHF/VRF – September 13-15, 2024 at 406 Arena.


Motion to adjourn by Wendy Newman. 2nd  Katrina Emrich Meeting adjourned. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Charla Merja, Secretary/Treasurer


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Wendy Newman, Charla Merja, Katrina Emrich, Sheryl Smerker, Lisa Jassen, Reagan Jassen, Sara Graft

Call to Order

Ginger Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.


Brook Gerard motion to approve minutes as presented. Wendy Katrina Emrich second. Motion carries.


Checking/Savings: 11,027.47
Money Market: 2.56
Stockman Bank CD 10,000.00



Event Reports:

February Project Day – Raegan Jassen and Leann Murphy presented on patterns.

Judging and Scribing Clinic – Laura Bakker- Participants learned about horse judging.

Ambassador Report – Raegan provided an update leader appreciation in April.

Foundation and Leaders Council – Update provided

Agent Report – With Alyssa’s departure, Rose is covering Horse and Livestock, Katrin is covering Ambassadors and Shooting Sports. They are advertising for a new Extension Agent.

Old Business

Project Day

  • March 9, Packing Marie and Brook have the US Forest Service assisting.
  • April 13 Driving – Katrina and Gabrielle

Horse Camp Planning – May 3-4, 406 Arena

  • Discussion regarding workshops for the event (intro to jumping, driving, dummy roping, flag work, stick horses & geese, braiding,
  • Open to Chouteau, Teton, Meagher, Judith Basin County, Pondera, Liberty, Toole, Glacier
  • It was decided they need more on horse related activities – reach out to Adrianna Rohrer, Brooklynn Merja, Hayley Tompers and Hannah Rhodes for availability and ideas – Send a brief description of the session to Rose by March 15.
    • Lead Changes/Diagonals - Rohrer/Tompers
    • Trail Riding/Packing – Tompers & Rohloff
    • Starting the Spin (360/180/Pivots) – Graft
    • ???? – Brooklynn
  • Sandy Harshaw will do food and derby foods were suggested.
  • Planning Meeting – Tuesday, March 19 at Wendy’s house 6:00 pm
  • T-shirt -

Cascade County 4-H Horse Shows, July 19 WRH, Packing, Driving and July 20 County Horse Show

  • Food will be on their own
  • Patterns – Leann and Reagan will present in April
  • Judges – Sara and Lisa are working on judges – Ryan Jaeger will judge trail on Saturday
  • Trail – 11-4
  • Add driving and packing classes on Friday (July 19)

4-H Play Day – July 21 at 406 Arena

Practices –

  • WRH - June 3, 10, 17, 24, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at NeverSweat Ranch
  • 4-H Show Learning Days – Possibly Kings Arena
  • Open Rides – April Agenda

Sponsor Update – Rose will send out sponsor information

New Business:



Motion to adjourn by Wendy Newman. Katrina Emrich 2nd. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charla Merja, Secretary/Treasurer


Called to order – 5:31 pm


Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen, Desi Roth, Leann Murphy, Katrina Emrich, Wendy Newman, Rose Malisani, Allyssa Peak


Brook moved to accept minutes with these changes, corrected spelling of Laura Bakker and Allyssa Peak. Katrina 2nd. M/S/C


Checking - $21,055.03 and CD Balance – $10,000.00. Expenses $39.58 for Q1 Bookkeeping.




  • January Project Day cancelled due to weather. Will redo in Fall 24.
  • Leaders Council – Brook reported no significant events to be aware of.
  • Foundation – N/A
  • Ambassador – There is a club contest food drive being held. #members to #pounds of food brought in for a prize. They are planning Leaders Appreciation event and holding clover bud meetings.
  • Agent Report – Allyssa is leaving and moving to Minnesota. Rose will be interim agent while they hire a new 4-H agent.


  • Scribing Clinic – Laura Bakker will be teaching the judging team how to properly scribe for judges and what to look for. Location TBD. Sunday Feb 25 at 1030am.
  • Project Day 
    • February 10 – 9-1030am – Patterns workshop with Reagan and Lisa
    • March 9 – 9-1030am  - Packing Clinic with Brook and Marie
    • April 13  - 9-12pm – Driving Clinic with Gabrielle and Katrina
  • Horse Camp Planning – May 3 &4 at 406 Arena. Ginger will get contract from Jessica to Rose.  Potentially need a committee based on what is planned tonight after regular business.
  • County Horse
    • Show Prize Shopper – Danielle Berner has stepped down as prize shopper.
      • Ginger, Wendy,Desi and Leann will take care of.
    • Judges – report coming
    • Patterns  - report coming
  • O-Mok-See Playday – Day 3 of County Horse Show will be  O-Mok-See Playday and Clinic.
    • Katrina agree to plan games that all ages can participate in. Planning for 9-2 based on heat. Plannng 4-6 games with intent to play 4 games. Games will be broke out in W/T, Jr, Int, and Sr based on riding levels. Horse Leaders will need to buy lime. Depending on contract cost of outdoor arena, will need to charge a flat fee to families for Day 3 of show.
  • Practices – WRH will be Mondays in June at Lisa Jassen home. Continue Mondays in July at King Arena for 4-H Show Learning.


  • Sponsorship Update – Allyssa will send out letter for approval and office will send to previous sponsors.
  • New Person Sign Up Question from Wendy. She had a friend call the office and the person who answered the phone was rude and not helpful. She wanted office to know.
  • Other Events
    • GFAB has three open shows planned for June 1, July 27 and Aug 17 at 406 Arena.
    • GFAB Dressage Show in Cascade planned for May 11, June 22, Sept 21.
    • Spark Some Fun AQHA show planned for June 29/30 at 406 Arena to introduce folks to world of AQHA showing.
    • Theme – Run for Rose 2024 with Derby Themes
    • Craft – Bring a hat and decorate it Friday night, leaders will provide crafting supplies
    • Food – Sandy Harshaw will provide, wants ideas from us. Leann agreed to work on a menu that is typically served at Derby event.
    • Friday Night Talk – Race Horse Theme – Potential Speakers include JJK, Memory McCracken, Candy Hering, Caroline Hudon, Marcia Shanahan
    • Movie – Secretariat. Needs to be in enclosed space with 406 provided gear.
    • Friday Night Sleepover – yes. Brook will chaperone.
    • Saturday Sessions
      • AM Ideas/Confirmed – Ground Poles with Tanya Houston, Working Equitation with Sheila Meely. Need one more.
      • PM Ideas – Continue with Tanya and Sheila. Other ideas – Equine Photography with Allyssa Harris, Ground Driving with Gabby Corscadden, Braiding with Caroline Hudon, Ground Roping with Carter and Leann, Stick Horses and Geese with Brook and Desi, Tack Cleaning with ?, Flag Work?.
    • T-shirts – same material as last year. Yellow with choc and rust logo or Rust with yellow logo. Ask Lisa to contact Bunkhouse Branding.


Wendy moved to adjourn, Katrina 2nd. m/s/c


Respectively submitted,

Brook Gerard – (stand in) Secretary/Treasurer


Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Charla Merja, Alyssa Peak, Marie Powell, Addison Powell,  Katrina Emrich,  Sara Graft, Lisa Jassen, Melanie Paul, Meghan Johnson, Reagan Jassen

Call to Order

Ginger Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm.


Brook Gerard motion to approve minutes as presented. Lisa Jassen second. Motion carries.


Checking/Savings:           $11,181.00

Money Market:                             2.56

Stockman Bank CD              10,000.00


                                                $21, 183.56


Thank you from Juli Jo Kelly.


  • December Project Day – Helmet Education and ornaments went well.
  • Leaders Council – No update
  • Foundation – Lot of budget discussions
  • Ambassadors – Leann Murphy gave an update
  • Agent Update – Saddle pads and boots were donated to the 4-H office.


Old Business

Scribing/Judging opportunity from NCSHA for 4-H kids – Lisa is working on this, possible dates are: Friday, March 22 or Sunday, March 24.


Project Days

  • Jan 13 – Careers with Horses beyond 4-H (Leann)
  • Feb 10 – Patterns (Reagan & Lisa)
  • Mar 10 – Packing (Marie & Brook)
  • April 13 – Driving? (Gabrielle) – Katrina will follow up with Gabrielle


Horse Camp Planning  - May 3-4 at the 406 Arena

Alyssa did a great job with registration last year. Horse Leaders will pull together a group of interested individuals and determine initial details at the February meeting. Suggestions for sessions:  horse dentistry, Tanya Houston, Sue Thompson, Sheila Mealy, equine photography, hands-on driving, mounted archery/shooting, branding demonstration, jumping, and ground roping. Leaders will contact the individuals they know and see if they are available and report back at the February meeting.


Cascade County 4-H Horse Show – July 19-21 at 406 Arena/ Cascade/Teton County WRH Competition – July 19-21 at 406 Arena


Discussion about moving the WRH competition to Friday, July 19 with a clinic after the competition, County show on Saturday, July 20 and maybe an O-Mok-See on Sunday, July 21. We will need to reserve the outdoor arena for Sunday.


It was decided to review the class list and show book at the March meeting. If the State show adds classes, we will need to add those to our show as well.


Reagan and Leann will meet with Alyssa to look at previous patterns and come up with 4 sets of patterns to be used on a rotation basis in the future. They will present the patterns at the April meeting.


Judge ideas: Faith Stevenson, Todd Stanley, Jan Larson and Laura Bocker could judge both WRH and County shows and Ryan Jaeger for trail. Leaders will reach out to possible judges and confirm availability.


New Business

Clinic Ideas – It was decided to hold riding practices on Mondays June 3 – July 15. The first practices will be WRH focused and the others will be related to horse show preparation and showing. Possible location will be King’s Arena. If needed, additional dates could be added for those who plan to attend the state show. Leaders will reach out to potential instructors for the sessions.


Motion to adjourn by Lisa Jassen. Brook Gerard 2nd. Meeting adjourned.



Brook Gerard, Marie Powell, Ginger Murphy, Lisa Jassen, Desi Roth, Leann Murphy, Katrina Emrich, Adley Emrich, Wendy Newman, Rose Malisani, Adison Powell

Called to order

5:31 pm


Brook moved to accept minutes. Wendy 2nd. M/S/C


Lisa reported that at MTFCU we have three accounts - Checking: $9,885.00 / Savings: 25.00 / Money Market: $2.56. At Stockman we have $10,000.00 in a CD. Total is $19,887.56.

She recommended that we move the 2.56 to regular checking to fully closeout the money market account after the CD investment. Wendy then mentioned that MTFCU will just keep the shell of the money market account regardless of a 0.00 balance so Lisa recommended that we leave the $2.56 balance. There weren’t any transactions this month due to transition of quickbooks from Pinion cloud to local accounts.




Western Feed Corral Open House

Leann reported that was successful with several 4-H families bringing animals and encouraging 4-H enrollments. Justin was excited that we helped.

Horse Judging at NILE

Leann Murphy and Adison Powell attended with Ginger as chaperone. It was a well run event once they figured out the registration move. Over 200 in Sr division, 180 in Jr division. Judged 4 halter, 4 riding, and gave 2 sets of reasons. Leann ended up 4th overall and 4H division champ. Adison did really well right out of gate at first competition. Cascade was 3rd overall team.

Other NILE Events 

Lisa reported that at Versatility show they increased the entries from 3 to 15. This competition will make participants eligible for scholarships when they have multiple years of entries. 6 kids and adults from our area competed. It was nice to see how the WRH events fold into other competitions.

Project Fair / Achievement Night 

Marie reported they had really good conversations with new families asking lots of questions. Allyssa reported that 90+ people attended. End of Year awards were given to following kids:

                Senior – Leann, Clayton,

                Intermediate –

                Junior – Avery, Adley, Luke

                Horseless Horse – Kinzley, Odin, Sylvia, Mitsaru


Leann is an ambassador. She helped to put on Achievement Night and New Family Orientation which were both successful. Horse project interest in high.

Horsey Halloween 

Cancelled due to weather. Will reschedule in spring or use for horse camp. Any $5 fees will be rolled to a future event similar to what the exchange kids do.

Agent Report

Allyssa will be in the office until the holidays, she had a lot of conferences so working on getting caught up. Current enrollment is as follows –

7 C2M / 3 GH / 1 Driving / 19 Horseless / 14 English / 32 Western / 1 Mini / 15 WRH.


Rule Changes

Cooperative effort for rule changes to be done at October meeting and rules can be voted on there or at the November meeting.

                Member may use two horses points to count toward year end awards.

                Lisa moved to accept the rules as presented/written. Brook 2nd. M/S/C


23-24 Budget Review/Approval

Lisa presented for budget committee – kept plan the same as last year since it worked so well. In general, the horse leaders try to keep events at a net zero. Inflows include the MBHA, families and sponsorships. Wendy suggested we an up in the cattle for WRH to $60 since this is a cost we can’t control. Another line item that was kept for further development was scholarship assistance to members for event fees.

Wendy moved to accept budget with cattle fee change. Katrina 2nd. M/S/C

23-24 Project Day Planning

  •                 Dec 9 – Helmet Education and Ornament Making

Rose will teach or find another source to teach helmet education. Katrina/Brook and Ambassadors will manage the ornament making. Ginger will order the ornaments presented. Other supplies will be used from the extension office stash.

  •                 Jan 13 – Patterns

                                Reagan Jassen will plan.

  •                Feb 10 – Horse Careers

                                Leann Murphy will plan.

  •                 Mar 10 – Packing

                                Marie and Brook will plan.

  •                 Apr 13 – Driving

                                Will ask Gabrielle Corscadden to teach at her place.

  •                 May 3-4 – Horse Camp

Ideas include – equine dentist, costume contest, mounted archery, omoksee, working equitation as a competition.


Need some ideas for big clinics.

Lisa asked if there would be interest in a Judging and/or Scribing clinic to coincide with Feb and Mar 2024 North Country Stock Horse Association competitions. Laura Bakker and Marilyn Randall will be judges, they offer clinics and Lisa will ask if they would stay an extra day each to give one. Would be offered as state wide or at least region wide clinics.     

County Horse Show

planned for July 19-21 at 406 Arena. Lisa mentioned that she would like to see a re-work of the schedule to allow for more participation and less fatigue. Some suggestions include:

                Friday – WRH (Lisa will check with Teton County), Packing/Driving or C2M

                Saturday – Regular Western/English/Trail classes


This may cost us more for judges but will be easier on families and have a good experience.


Lisa moved to adjourn, Wendy 2nd. m/s/c


Respectively submitted,

Brook Gerard – (stand in) Secretary/Treasurer


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Wendy Newman, Charla Merja, Alyssa Peak, Marie Powell, Addison Powell,  Katrina Emrich, Sheryl Smerker, Lisa Jassen

Call to Order

Ginger Murphy called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm.



Brook Gerard motion to approve minutes as presented. Wendy Newman second. Motion carries.



Checking/Savings:           20,177.50

Money Market:                         4.90




Agent Report:

24 kids are enrolled in projects at this time, with 2 new kids. Leaders training ended at 96% complete.



Thank you cards from participants at the State 4-H Horse Show and WRHF.


Event Reports:


Leann Murphy gave an update noting it was a lot of fun with lots of kids.  It was suggested to do a 3 day format.


Leaders Council

Wendy Newman attended and gave a report for Horse Leaders.


406 Arena Horse Fair 

It was a small fair this year. Marie Powell, Sarah Graft and Ginger Murphy covered the booth.  Addison Powell presented an outstanding free-style performance.


MT 4-H State 4-H Horse Show

It was a smaller show this year with about 65 kids, making the classes small as well.  It was well-run despite the rain. Cascade County had 8 kids attend and they brought home 7 championships.


MT Barrel Horse Association Championships

Wendy Newman noted Ginger and Lisa did a great job organizing the shifts and changeover. Julie Jo was happy with our help.  There were over 500 participants going through each day.


Old Business

Investment CD at Stockmans Bank

The CD has been purchased, it is a 9 month CD and we will have to decide what we want to do with it at the renewal date.


Office Election – Vice President

Wendy Newman is the current Vice President. Motion to approve Wendy Newman as Vice President. Marie Powell second. Motion carries.


Horse Judging trip to the NILE (October 17)

Addison, Leann and Reagan will be going. Ginger Murphy received funding from the Foundation and the girls will have to contribute a small amount.




New Business

Review of 2022-2023 Financials

Lisa Jassen presented the 2022-2023 financials. We did a good job staying close to the approved budget. 2022-23 net loss of -$3078.50 with Inflows $9863.61 and Outflows $12942.11. We need to be cognizant of net zero in the future.


Achievement Night

Sunday, October 22 at the Expo Park Family Living Center. The event will include a project fair that is open to the public (2-4 pm), potluck and awards (4-6 pm).


Rule, Policy, and Award Criteria Change Proposals 

  1. Rule Change process should be more collaborative and could be worked on throughout the year. – Suggested to add to the bylaws.
  2. Revise Year End High Point Awards to only count the points earned from the top 2 point earning horses from 1 youth at county shows to even the playing field.


Horse Halloween

October 28 or 29 are possible dates, the event is typically held on Sunday afternoon from 2-5.  Rates received for the event are: $162.50 at Expo Park for 2-3 hours and 406 Arena $50/hour. Motion by Lisa Jassen to hold the Horse Halloween at the Montana Expo Park on October 29 from 2-5. Wendy Newman second. Motion Carried. A message will be sent out to all families for the event. It was recommended to charge a minimal fee to cover the cost of the facility rental and costume prizes, $5/each in person, or $5.95 online. Registration is open through the event and participants must be enrolled in a horse project.


Budget Committee 

2-4 Volunteers are needed – Katrina, Lisa and Wendy will serve on the Budget Committee.


November 1 Project Day

It was asked if Horse Leaders want to have an event at every project day or let kids attend other events as well. Brook suggested doing – December (Helmet and ornament), January (education), February (education) and horse camp in May. If there is a demand for additional sessions, leaders can offer more. She would like everyone to start brainstorming a craft for December Project Day and bring ideas for clinics and project days to the November meeting.


Looking Ahead to 2023 – Brainstorming and Resourcing

Horse Leaders need to set dates for Horse Camp and County Horse shows. Tentative Dates: Horse Camp May 3 & 4 at 406 Arena; County Horse Shows will depend on the County Livestock Show. County Horse Show tentative dates – July 19-21 if we add additional events.  We will look at options for arenas.


Motion to adjourn by Lisa Jassen. Sheryl Smerker 2nd. Meeting adjourned.


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Wendy Newman, Charla Merja, Allyssa Peak, Kyla Butler, Lisa Jassen, Katrina Emrich, Sheryl Smerker


It was recommended to amend the minutes to include Ginger Murphy’s first name as a signer on the bank account for clarification.  Brook Gerard motion to approve minutes as presented. Wendy Newman second. Motion carries.


Checking/Savings:           $19,957.50

Money Market:                $         4.90



There a few outstanding year-end award invoices that need to be taken care of. Lisa Jassen asked that all invoices are turned in prior to the end of September so she can complete year-end records.  

Allyssa Peak will be taking over as the Extension Agent for Horse and Livestock Leaders. Rose Malisani will still be available to teach and consult.


Thank you from Hartley’s for Horse Camp. Thank you’s from Montana 4-H Foundation for Otto’s cattle for the WRHF and $250 donation for the State Horse Show.


Ranch Horse practices were well attended and fun.

MT State Fair Horse Leaders Booth – was fun and worth the effort.

2023 MT 4-H Congress – Leann and Reagan competed in horse judging and did well. They judged videos, not live horses.

Cascade County 4-H Horse Show – Show went well.

Cascade – Teton WRH Show – went well. Teton parents and horse leaders stepped up and did a wonderful job.


Investment CD at Stockman’s Bank – waiting on non-profit status from the Secretary of State office. Once we have that, we can proceed with purchasing the CD with Stockman Bank.


MT WRHF – September 8-10, at 406 Arena – This is the largest event to date, they have added a 3rd judge for Saturday. There are 85 contestants and 102 horses registered for the event. They are still in need of volunteers for the weekend.  

MT State 4-H Horse Show, September 22-24, at Cottonwood Arena – Entries are slow for this event, there are 42 kids registered, with 64 classes. The registration deadline is September 11. The Cascade County 4-H Foundation has funds available to reimburse some of the costs for the State 4-H Horse Show for kids who want to attend.


MBHA Championships

September 29-October 1, Montana ExpoPark. This is a paid opportunity for our group. We need 2 barrel setters/barrel and 1 adult/gate. This opportunity will be open to all horse youth and parents.

Review of 2022-2023 Events and Event Financing

Project Days – 2nd Saturday of the month for the upcoming year (Nov – May).

Clinics – Mostly positive reviews for Jan Larson.

Shows – recapped above.

Practices – Good turnout.

Horseless Horse Program Update

Brook Gerard wants to turn the focus to riding skills and education, not preparing them to show at the county show. Due to the change, horseless horse classes will be removed from the county show. If kids still want to show, Brook will work with them to find a designated horse. Brook wants to explore ways to recognize the Horseless Horse kids since they won’t have ribbons. A number of ideas were suggested: volunteering, improvement, project days, etc.

Cascade County 4-H Horse Program Concerns

Ginger Murphy has received inquiries into the use of assessments and horse ID cards and if they are necessary. Ginger and Allyssa will reach out to other counties to see what they are doing. Kids are assessed on their ability, not their horse. There is new leadership at the state 4-H level and it might be beneficial to let them provide guidance.

Achievement Night

October 2023. Year-end award prizes have been determined. Points will need to be tallied. Record books need to be completed to qualify for year end awards. Event sign-up sheets will be pulled to determine points based on the activities in the rule book.

Horse Judging

Cascade County would like to form a team for the 2024 Montana 4-H Congress and possibly attend the 2023 NILE with the goal to attend the 2025 Denver Livestock Show.

Rule, Policy, and Award Criteria Change Proposals

Rule Book changes are due to Allyssa Peak no later than September 18 to be presented at the October 3 meeting. The changes will be presented at the October meeting and voted on at the November 7, 2023. Leaders must be enrolled and attend both meetings to vote on any changes.


Allyssa Peak will offer a Leader’s Training on both Saturday, September 9 and Thursday, September 14

Nomination Committee 

Vice President – 2-year term and attends the Leadership Council Meeting. Wendy Newman moved up to Vice President when Brook Gerard took the Livestock Leaders President position, leaving the Secretary position open.  Charla Merja stepped in as Secretary and the term end September 2024.

Looking Ahead to 2024 – Brainstorming and Resourcing

Give these items – horse camp, craft ideas, and clinic suggestions some thought. Who would you like to see present clinics, horse fair at project days? Brook Gerard suggested a 4-H open house for kids and parents to see what 4-H has to offer.

406 Horse Fair

Friday September 15 (5-8) and 16 (9-4). We have participated in the past.


Motion to adjourn by Rose Malisani. Wendy Newman 2nd. Meeting adjourned.


Ginger Murphy, Brook Gerard, Wendy Newman, Lisa Jassen, Katrina Emrich

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:04pm


Minutes from May meeting approval was made by Wendy and 2nd by Katrina, motion carried.

Treasurers Report: 

Balance was $13,324.92 for checking, $9,355.87 for the money market.  Total was $22,705.79.  Wendy reported that the money from the money market account was transferred to the checking account in preparation for the CD of $10,000.  Expenses were Horse Camp and Bookkeeper.



Event Reports:


Katrina and family reported that her family loved it, no negative comments heard.  Leaders took notes for next year of things we may want to change for next year.

Ranch Horse: 

Kids moved cattle and they loved crossing the creeks.  Levi Lee was excellent help for roping.  Would be helpful if another helper for roping since lots of new kids.

Jan Larsen Clinic: 

Fantastic clinician, Newman Stables was a good indoor alternative since the weather was not good.  Leaders took notes for next year.  Jan broke the exercises down so it was well received. All levels learned something!

Investment Update: 

Wendy reported it has not been a simple process.  Stockman Bank CD by 5/31/23 did not go as planned.  June rates have changed a bit, the new rate is 7 months for 4.5% and the 9 month is 4.75%.  Stockman Bank requested we list the signers on the horse leader’s account and the officers for the horse leaders. 

The checkbook signers are as follows:  Brook Gerard, Murphy, Wendy Newman

Officers are as follows:  President, Ginger Murphy, Vice President, Wendy Newman, Treasurer/Secretary is Charla Merja.

Wendy also reported that there have been a few other issues that were found in setting up the CD, the extension office updated the Montana Secretary of State filing from 2021 through 2023.  The filing was done under the Foundation tax id number and not the horse leaders tax id number.  It was confirmed by Lisa that the Horse Leaders have their own tax id number.  Stockman Bank will require that the SOS report for horse leaders and invest the $10,000 in a 9 months CD at 4.75% at Stockman Bank.  Wendy will file a reimbursement with horse leaders after the process is done.  Katrina 2nd the motion and after a vote the motion carried.

Mike O’Neill is spear heading with Kelan at the westside Stockman Bank branch.  All signers will need to stop by to complete the signature card once everything is complete.

County Horse Show: 

The entry form is out and available for sign ups in Cognito.  Lisa will send it out a 2nd time to clean up email.  Ginger said that it was good to send out multiple times.  Lisa mentioned next year we would be able to add stripe payments.

  • Volunteers for County Show:
  • Scribes:  Charla Merja and Brady Drummond
  • Check in:  Rose Malisani and Charla Merja
  • High Point:  Wendy Newman
  • Trail:  Ginger Murphy, Marie Powell, Jay Aspevig, and Jacob Emrich
  • Awards:  Danielle Berner
  • Patterns:  Lisa Jassen and Ginger Murphy
  • Hunter Hack:  Desi Roth and Ginger Murphy
  • Announcer:  Brook Gerard and Wendy Newman
  • Other Volunteers Needed: (we will ask clubs/families if they can assist.  Request will be sent out) Prize Selection Table, Gates, Clean Up, Trail, Ribbons


Horseless Horse: 

Wendy offered Newman Stables arena for the kids and Brook to be able to ride and practice.  Brook will coordinate hauling and will shoot for Sundays and/or Mondays as practice options.  The date not available is June 11th and July 23rd and 24th.


Working Ranch Horse Show: 

Matt Otto will provide the cattle for the show.  Asa Jassen and Matt will be on horseback to help.

Lisa, Katrina, Wendy and Brook will all help.  Teton county hasn’t committed to doing the awards yet and in the past that has been their responsibility.  Cascade County does all the other portions of the show.  Katrin gave us the Teton agent to contact, and she is Jen Swanson and Jamie Smith is the admin helper.  Wendy suggested that we ask Teton about their budget and if they have money budgeted and cascade can do the shopping.  In past years we have not met our budget to break even for the ranch horse show.  Lisa suggested we recheck our budget to see if we have any extra for prizes.


Lisa sent a complete pattern set from 2022 State Horse Show.  Committee is asked to review and we will send out a condensed group once they have been approved. 

Volunteer Needs: 

Test proctors for knowledge portion and test graders still needed.


New Business:

Ranch Horse Practices at Never Sweat Ranch will be weather dependent. Cattle will be at the first one along with dummy roping inside if weather is not good.  The kids will practice patterns and will set up stations at a practice when the arena is not too wet. 

State Fair: 

Entries are open and the kids are allowed to enter 4 items.  The office will send out an email to educate the families on their options.


Last year there was a corner for Horse Leaders to do an educational display.  For 2023 we want to encourage kids to bring items they have worked on or learned to make at the education days and camp.  Ideas are knot boards, coasters, ornaments, and posters.  Katrin can email this information to the families too.  Wendy proposed that the these for our 2023 display be “All the horse buzz” and we educate the public on bones, breeds, colors, showing, ranch work, health issues that the kids learn about from their books and their education projects.  Each club leader will gather items from their club and the leaders will make posters or displays at Wendy’s home on July 24 from 6-10pm.

Horse ID Cards: 

Discussion was help as to if this is an important part of our county program?  As of the meeting only 25 cards had been submitted.  The idea of ID cards came from the State show to verify that the horses used were the actual project horses.  This is no longer used at the state level so should we continue?  This is in the county rule book so it was discussed that to change it would need to be done at the beginning of the next 4H year.  These cards are not important or used for horseless horse project.  After much discussion, we decided to open the date up until July 12, 2023 to allow the kids to complete it and still be able to participate.  Wendy moved to reopen the date for the ID card entry until the county show entry date of July 12.  The leaders can follow up with compliance of kids after this date.  Brook gave a 2nd, and after a vote the motion carried.

Horseless Horse: 

Brook reported that due to the wet spring none of the kids had a chance yet to participate or practice in any riding as her arena was under water.  Wendy proposed that the kids and Brook come to Newman Stables to practice so that they can get prepared for the county show in July.  Brook is going to bring the horses and will notify the kids and their families along with other adult helpers.  The goal is to let the kids have multiple practices so that they can participate and be ready for the show in July.


Wendy moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:32pm.  Katrina 2nd the motion and the meeting ended.


Respectfully written by Brook Gerard and typed by Wendy Newman


Lisa Jassen, Alyssa Peak, Brook Gerard, Marie Powell, Addison Powell, Kyla Butler, Wendy Newman, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Sheryl Smerker, Desi Roth, Katrina Emrich, Liz Jennings, Rose Malisani, Charla Merja


Wendy Newman motion to approve minutes. Katrina Emrich second. Motion Carried.


$14,238.35 Checking/Savings
$ 9,352.80 Money Market




Record Book Nights 

Brook Gerard reported on Horseless Horse night. They practiced knots.

April 16 Ranch Horse Practice

Leanne Murphy reported Justin Warneke taught cow work to level 2 and up participants. Sam and Cameron Brooks worked with Level 1 participants.

Agent Report

In September Rose Malisani will be stepping out as Horse/Livestock Leader and Alyssa Peak will step in as the 4-H Agent for these groups. 60% of 4-H participants are enrolled in Horse/Livestock projects.


Horse Camp

Event is coming together nicely. There are 37 registered participants. Lots of leaders and parents have volunteered to help with the event. There are 19-20 staying overnight, so they are looking for another chaperone to assist Brook Gerard. In the past we have provided compensation to our volunteers: Dr. Grant Smith and Billie, Sue Thompson and crew, Elaine Rice, Morgan Berg, Carter Fryberger & Caden Brooks. Last year we did a variety of gift cards for the volunteers. Brook Gerard motion to spend $125 for Sue Thompson and $25 for the other outside helpers (total $275). Marie Powell second. Motion Carried.

Jan Larsen Clinic

June 2-4. Registrations are light, 7 adults & 10 youth.

Investment Options

Lisa Jassen found the best rates at 4.39% at Stockman’s Bank. We voted last month to move $10,000 to the CD. One of the signees will need to find out if there is a limit to when we can remove money from the money market account. One of the signees will need to set up the CD at Stockman’s Bank. Wendy Newman will visit the banks and get the information. Katrina motion to move $10,000 to a CD at Stockman Bank for a 7-month CD. Desi Roth second. Motion Carried.

County 4-H Horse Show

July 21 Matt Rains and Laura Steichen are confirmed as judges for the event. Lisa Jassen proposes we do all the registrations on the Cognito forms to simplify the registration process and Lisa Jassen will put everything in Horse Show Assistant. The Cognito information needs to be turned into the Extension Office for audit purposes immediately after the show. This would take the pressure off Rose Malisani this summer. When the Cognito form is built, it needs to include the required information required by the Extension Office. Lisa Jassen can provide access to leaders and the
Extension Office individuals to Cognito. Brook Gerard motion to use Cognito if the forms meets all the requirements of the Extension Office for the County Show. Katrina Emrich second. Motion Carried. Danielle Berner has been ordering all the awards for the show. Patterns have been selected for the show and will be presented for review.

Cascade & Teton 4-H Working Ranch Horse Competition

July 22, we will need 2-3 scribes for the event (we have many alumni to draw from for volunteers). Rose Malisani needs amounts and contact information for the judges, Silas Clark, and Skip Halmes.


June Ranch Horse Practices

June 5, 19, 26 at the Never Sweat Ranch.

Sponsorships Update and Thank You Cards

Total received to date: $1910.00

Wendy Newman motion to adjourn. Desi Roth second. Motion Carried.


Book Gerard, Marie Powell, Addison Powell, Ginger Murphy, Kyla Butler, Leann Murphy, Katrina Emrich, Wendy Newman, Sheryl Smerker, Desi Roth, Rose Malisani, Charla Merja


Brook Gerard motion to approve minutes, Wendy Newman second. Motion Carried.


$13218.39 Checking/Savings
$ 9346.88 Money Market
$22565.16 Total
Deposits: Cascade County 4-H Foundation $250.00 for Jan Larsen Clinic
Sponsorships $400.00




  • Ranch Horse Practice with Teton County report by Leann. The older kids did roping, the younger kids did knowledge. Approximately 20-22 kids participate.
  • Project Day - Cameron Brooks – presented on farrier work.
  • April 16 Ranch Horse Practice with live cattle at the 406. There will more information coming from Ginger Murphy.
  • Cameron Brooks would like to be reimbursed $65 for project day. Wendy Newman motion to pay Cameron Brooks $65 for his services, Sheryl Smerker Second. Motion Carried.


  • Horse Camp, May 5-6
    • Supplies for O-Mok-See games – Question about using cones or chalk for the games. Marie Powell suggested using the chalk instead of cones so it’s what the kids would do at a regular event.
    • Rose Malisani asked if we would like to purchase supplemental insurance to cover the event. Consensus was to have the insurance. Katrina Emrich motion to purchase supplemental Insurance, Wendy Newman second. Motion Carried. Rose will take care of it.
    • The kids are interested in having a sleep over for the camp – so we will need both male and female chaperones. Rose will include an overnight option on the registration form so we can get an accurate number.
    • Rose showed the registration form in zSuites. The kids can pick their top 5 activities. The fees can be paid through zSuites or by check.
    • Dr. Grant Smith will provide vaccinations for the event.
  • Jan Larsen Camp, June 2-4
    • Leaders only day is June 2.
    • Meals – previous discussions included purchasing groceries and making meals, potluck or going out.
      • Taco-in-a-Bag – for lunch (Rose/Wendy/Sheryl will do the grocery shopping/preparing)
      • Bottles of water
      • Snack
    • Lisa Jassen has been in contact with Jan regarding adult help.
      Rose had a request to open Horse Camp to Judith Basin County. Consensus was if we had spots closer to the event, then we could offer spots to them.
  • Investment Options
    • Brook recommended investing $7500 in a 7-month 4.39% CD at Stockman Bank. Wendy suggested investing $10,000 instead. Wendy Newman motion to further check rates at Horizon, Edward Jones and Stockman Bank, Sheryl Smerker second. Motion Carried.
  • County Horse Show – 406 Arena - July 21
    • Matt Rains and Laura Steichen will be judges
    • Ginger Murphy presented a a list of previous volunteers
    • Danielle Bernier has been paying for prizes with her personal card. She will share her cart with Rose and she will use the debit card
  • Cascade/Teton 4-H Working Ranch Horse Competition – 406 Arena – July 22
    • Lisa Jassen is working with Teton County to put the competition together


All Breeds Shows – May 13, June 17, July 15, August 5, August 12 – Details are on the GFAB website.


Brook Gerard – Motion to adjourn, Kyla Butler second. Motion Carried.



The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Montana State University and Montana State University Extension prohibit discrimination in all of their programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status. Issued in furtherance of cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Dr. Cody Stone, Director of Extension, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717.