Call to Order









  • Horse Camp
  • Ranch Horse Practice June 5


  • Jan Larsen Clinic, June 2-4
    • Potluck for leaders June2
    • Registrations (As of 5/24/23)
      • 8 Leaders for June 2
      • 9 Youth for June 3 (Horseless horse and Level 1)
      • 9 Youth for June 4 (Levels 2-7)
      • Registrations on Google Sheets
    • Questions
  • Investment Options Update
  • County 4-H Horse Show, 406 Arena, July 21
    • Pattern review by Executive Board
    • Entry Form is out, questions please ask
    • Volunteers
  • Cascade and Teton 4-H Working Ranch Horse Competition, 406 Arena, July 22
    • Update by Lisa
    • Judge Agreements emailed to judges


  • June Ranch Horse practices
  • State Fair entries

Upcoming Events

June 2-4: Jan Larsen Clinic

June 5, 19, 26: Ranch Horse practices

June 6: Horse Leaders Meeting

July 21: Cascade County 4-H Horse Show

July 22: Cascade and Teton Working Ranch Horse Competition

July 28-Aug 5: Montana State Fair


Current 4-H Year Meeting Minutes


Lisa Jassen, Alyssa Peak, Brook Gerard, Marie Powell, Addison Powell, Kyla Butler, Wendy Newman, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Sheryl Smerker, Desi Roth, Katrina Emrich, Liz Jennings, Rose Malisani, Charla Merja


Wendy Newman motion to approve minutes. Katrina Emrich second. Motion Carried.


$14,238.35 Checking/Savings
$ 9,352.80 Money Market




Record Book Nights 

Brook Gerard reported on Horseless Horse night. They practiced knots.

April 16 Ranch Horse Practice

Leanne Murphy reported Justin Warneke taught cow work to level 2 and up participants. Sam and Cameron Brooks worked with Level 1 participants.

Agent Report

In September Rose Malisani will be stepping out as Horse/Livestock Leader and Alyssa Peak will step in as the 4-H Agent for these groups. 60% of 4-H participants are enrolled in Horse/Livestock projects.


Horse Camp

Event is coming together nicely. There are 37 registered participants. Lots of leaders and parents have volunteered to help with the event. There are 19-20 staying overnight, so they are looking for another chaperone to assist Brook Gerard. In the past we have provided compensation to our volunteers: Dr. Grant Smith and Billie, Sue Thompson and crew, Elaine Rice, Morgan Berg, Carter Fryberger & Caden Brooks. Last year we did a variety of gift cards for the volunteers. Brook Gerard motion to spend $125 for Sue Thompson and $25 for the other outside helpers (total $275). Marie Powell second. Motion Carried.

Jan Larsen Clinic

June 2-4. Registrations are light, 7 adults & 10 youth.

Investment Options

Lisa Jassen found the best rates at 4.39% at Stockman’s Bank. We voted last month to move $10,000 to the CD. One of the signees will need to find out if there is a limit to when we can remove money from the money market account. One of the signees will need to set up the CD at Stockman’s Bank. Wendy Newman will visit the banks and get the information. Katrina motion to move $10,000 to a CD at Stockman Bank for a 7-month CD. Desi Roth second. Motion Carried.

County 4-H Horse Show

July 21 Matt Rains and Laura Steichen are confirmed as judges for the event. Lisa Jassen proposes we do all the registrations on the Cognito forms to simplify the registration process and Lisa Jassen will put everything in Horse Show Assistant. The Cognito information needs to be turned into the Extension Office for audit purposes immediately after the show. This would take the pressure off Rose Malisani this summer. When the Cognito form is built, it needs to include the required information required by the Extension Office. Lisa Jassen can provide access to leaders and the
Extension Office individuals to Cognito. Brook Gerard motion to use Cognito if the forms meets all the requirements of the Extension Office for the County Show. Katrina Emrich second. Motion Carried. Danielle Berner has been ordering all the awards for the show. Patterns have been selected for the show and will be presented for review.

Cascade & Teton 4-H Working Ranch Horse Competition

July 22, we will need 2-3 scribes for the event (we have many alumni to draw from for volunteers). Rose Malisani needs amounts and contact information for the judges, Silas Clark, and Skip Halmes.


June Ranch Horse Practices

June 5, 19, 26 at the Never Sweat Ranch.

Sponsorships Update and Thank You Cards

Total received to date: $1910.00

Wendy Newman motion to adjourn. Desi Roth second. Motion Carried.


Book Gerard, Marie Powell, Addison Powell, Ginger Murphy, Kyla Butler, Leann Murphy, Katrina Emrich, Wendy Newman, Sheryl Smerker, Desi Roth, Rose Malisani, Charla Merja


Brook Gerard motion to approve minutes, Wendy Newman second. Motion Carried.


$13218.39 Checking/Savings
$ 9346.88 Money Market
$22565.16 Total
Deposits: Cascade County 4-H Foundation $250.00 for Jan Larsen Clinic
Sponsorships $400.00




  • Ranch Horse Practice with Teton County report by Leann. The older kids did roping, the younger kids did knowledge. Approximately 20-22 kids participate.
  • Project Day - Cameron Brooks – presented on farrier work.
  • April 16 Ranch Horse Practice with live cattle at the 406. There will more information coming from Ginger Murphy.
  • Cameron Brooks would like to be reimbursed $65 for project day. Wendy Newman motion to pay Cameron Brooks $65 for his services, Sheryl Smerker Second. Motion Carried.


  • Horse Camp, May 5-6
    • Supplies for O-Mok-See games – Question about using cones or chalk for the games. Marie Powell suggested using the chalk instead of cones so it’s what the kids would do at a regular event.
    • Rose Malisani asked if we would like to purchase supplemental insurance to cover the event. Consensus was to have the insurance. Katrina Emrich motion to purchase supplemental Insurance, Wendy Newman second. Motion Carried. Rose will take care of it.
    • The kids are interested in having a sleep over for the camp – so we will need both male and female chaperones. Rose will include an overnight option on the registration form so we can get an accurate number.
    • Rose showed the registration form in zSuites. The kids can pick their top 5 activities. The fees can be paid through zSuites or by check.
    • Dr. Grant Smith will provide vaccinations for the event.
  • Jan Larsen Camp, June 2-4
    • Leaders only day is June 2.
    • Meals – previous discussions included purchasing groceries and making meals, potluck or going out.
      • Taco-in-a-Bag – for lunch (Rose/Wendy/Sheryl will do the grocery shopping/preparing)
      • Bottles of water
      • Snack
    • Lisa Jassen has been in contact with Jan regarding adult help.
      Rose had a request to open Horse Camp to Judith Basin County. Consensus was if we had spots closer to the event, then we could offer spots to them.
  • Investment Options
    • Brook recommended investing $7500 in a 7-month 4.39% CD at Stockman Bank. Wendy suggested investing $10,000 instead. Wendy Newman motion to further check rates at Horizon, Edward Jones and Stockman Bank, Sheryl Smerker second. Motion Carried.
  • County Horse Show – 406 Arena - July 21
    • Matt Rains and Laura Steichen will be judges
    • Ginger Murphy presented a a list of previous volunteers
    • Danielle Bernier has been paying for prizes with her personal card. She will share her cart with Rose and she will use the debit card
  • Cascade/Teton 4-H Working Ranch Horse Competition – 406 Arena – July 22
    • Lisa Jassen is working with Teton County to put the competition together


All Breeds Shows – May 13, June 17, July 15, August 5, August 12 – Details are on the GFAB website.


Brook Gerard – Motion to adjourn, Kyla Butler second. Motion Carried.


Brook Gerard, Marie Powell, Ginger Murphy, Kyla Butler, Lisa Jassen, Desiree Roth, Sara Graft, Leann Murphy, Katrina Emrich, Reagan Jassen, Wendy Newman, Rose Malisani

Call to Order

Called to order at 5:32 pm


Wendy moved to accept minutes. Kyla 2nd. M/S/C


$21,915.16 in checking accounts.




  • Ranch Horse Practice with Teton County report by Leann. She reported that Cameron Brooks taught, and 4-H members practiced with flags and hot heels also covered knowledge and safety.
  • March 4 project day was knots and horse markings. Sara Graft and Katrina Emrich reported their children enjoyed the session. Katrina asked that once a year leaders complete a project for the Montana State Fair. Brook turned in a receipt to Leaders Council for knot board supplies.
  • Cascade 4-H Foundation Meeting report Brook. She attended the meeting since she is on the board and asked Foundation to sponsor the Leaders portion of the Jan Larsen Clinic. They agreed to $250 with the caveat the leaders teach youth.
  • NDSU Hippology Academy report by Regan. She said it was helpful, has good information, but only completed one session.


Jan Larsen Clinic

  • Dates are June 2-4, 2023 at Neversweat Ranch.
  • Jan Larsen contract is signed and returned to Rose.
  • Lisa will book the Air BnB in Belt.
  • Rose sent in a certificate of insurance request for the clinic.
  • Ginger brought up a request from the older 4-H members who would most likely attend. They asked the horsemanship levels on June 3 and 4 be switched so they can compete at the Golden Triangle Livestock Show. Discussion was that the leaders would need to be the helpers for Saturday versus the junior leaders. Lisa moved to change the schedule:
    • Friday, June 2 for Leaders
    • Saturday, June 3 for Horseless Horse and Level 1
    • Sunday, June 4 for Levels 2-7

Katrina 2nd. m/s/c

  • Rose created 2 ZSuite events for the clinic; one for leaders and the other for 4-H members.
    • Cost for youth will be $25 per youth. $10 to stall horses overnight. $5 for extra meals over and above the clinic participant.
    • Payment will be check to the leaders or card payment in ZSuites.

Horse Camp

  • Sandy Harshaw-Irvin is confirmed as the cook for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday lunch.
  • Male chaperone required and boys must sleep in separate quarters.
  • Additional insurance needed to cover the camp per Allyssa.
  • Rose will email 4-H horse families to see who would be interested in camping or sleeping over so we can make decision at April meeting.
  • Reagan reported that we need 3 more horseback sessions. Brook brought up a packer’s scramble. Marie 2nd the idea and will help Brook to customize. Morgan Merja is unavailable for massage or chiropractic, but Morgan Berg is willing to teach.
  • Lisa brought t-shirt design of a green shirt with gold toned horses. Kelly needs to have shirt totals by April 21-28 at the latest to complete.
  • Planning committee meeting on March 23 at 7:00 pm.

Horse Judging

  • Need a volunteer to be primary coordinator.
  • Kelly Rohloff is willing to help.
  • Rose can do Mondays for those kids interested in Congress.
    • Leann Murphy is interested to compete at Congress.
      • Lisa recommended that this be put on hold until fall.

Horseless Horse practices at Brook’s on hold due to mud and weather. March 16 from 6:00-7:30pm is a project book session at the Great Falls public library.

County 4-H Horse Show

  • Trail Judge is still needed.
    • Lisa is reaching out to Peggy Lucas from Gallatin County to see if she can judge trail on July 21 and the Working Ranch Horse competition on June 22.
    • Desiree mentioned that Allison Mohler may be an option.
    • Rich LaFromboise was also mentioned if Peggy isn’t available.
  • Some of the awards are ordered but more suggestions are welcome.
  • Pattern committee is meeting to select patterns.


Secretary/Treasurer Vacancy

  • Brook is moving up to President of Livestock Leaders and would like to be replaced.
  • Wendy nominated Charla Merja to finish Brook’s term. Katrina 2nd. Rose called to close nominations. M/S/C

Working Ranch Horse Competition

  • Lisa reaching out to judges.
    • Peggy Lucas may be the main judge.
    • Rich LaFromboise is an alternate.
    • Skip Halmes was roping judge last year and leaders would like to have him judge in 2023.
  • Question was asked if we should include other counties. Discussion with the consensus was to leave completion to Cascade and Teton Counties only.

Skip Joseph thank you

  • Sara Graft reported longtime supporter and clinician, Skip, was inducted in the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.
  • She recommended that we send him a thank you and congratulations.
  • Rose retrieved a card for us to send and will mail it out.


  • Liz Jennings was unavailable to attend the meeting. Rose and Brook reported that Liz suggest leaders invest some of their money market account funds to a short-term CD at the Cascade 4-H Foundation meeting. Liz said not do got through the Cascade 4-H Foundation but to do it on their own.
  • Leaders reported on the following CD rates:
    • Stockman Bank, 15 months at 4.06%
    • First Interstate, 13 months at 3.5%
    • US Bank, 19 months at 4.10%
    • Wells Fargo, 11 months at 4.0%
  • Leaders will decide on a bank and CD at April meeting.

April Project Day

  • Kyla messaged Cameron Brooks to see if he can be the instructor for farrier demonstration on April 1 project day. Kyla will confirm with Rose.

Wendy moved to adjourn, Desiree 2nd. M/S/C

Respectively submitted,
Brook Gerard by Secretary/Treasurer


Rose Malisani, Brook Gerard, Marie Powell, Addison Powell, Brittnee Calvert, Gabrielle Corscadden, Rachel Grimshaw, Ginger Murphy, Kyla Butler, Lisa Jassen, Sheryl Smerker, Desi Roth, Sara Graft, Leann Murphy, Katrina Emrich, Reagan Jassen

Call To Order

Called to order at 5:32 p.m.


Lisa moved to accept minutes with one correction. Projected cost of Jan Larsen clinic should be $1050.00. Wendy 2nd. M/S/C


$20,983.61 in checking accounts.




January 7 project day:

Vaccinations and horse care with Peter and Liz Jennings. Leann reported she learned a lot about timing of care for horses. Lisa noted that they authored a PowerPoint that we can now use in other educational opportunities.

January 29 Teton and Cascade Working Ranch Horse practice.

Reported it was too cold to ride youth went over knowledge and roping. Was well attended and Cascade kids enjoy working with Teton youth.

February 4 project day:

Was on etiquette and showmanship with Katrina, Laura, and Gabby. Adults taught stick horse arena etiquette as well and showmanship with horse skeleton. Youth learned quarter system. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and took something home. The interactive nature made it fun.

February 4 hippology and horse judging meeting.

Haley Tompers and Lisa presented on the opportunities available. More youth were interested in horse judging and 2 youth were interested in Congress 2023. Focus will be on developing a team and making sure 2 youth are ready to compete individually. Kelly Rohloff will teach horse judging classroom sessions in March and April. Matt Rains will assist with a live animal session. Also planning to get group of youth together at a local show to work a live set of classes. Signups will be sent out via email. Days that work best are Friday evenings, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


Project Days

  • March 4 will be horse markings and knot tying. Brook, Sheryl, and Vicki are heading up the project day. Students will come away with a Montana State Fair static exhibit on knots.
  • April 1 will be taught by Cameron Brooks. He will do a complete farrier demonstration. Kyla will bring a horse to be shod.
    Jan Larsen Clinic from June 2-4, 2023
  • Lisa spoke with Fergus County about the best way to time our clinic and recommended we
    do the following:
    • Friday, June 2 from 2:00-6:00 p.m.: Horse Leaders training followed with dinner
    • Saturday, June 3 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.: Older youth or level 3 and above
    • Sunday, June 4 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.: Younger youth or Level 1 and 2
  • Discussion about alternate locations due to weather. Lisa offered her place as an alternate location since they have an indoor barn. Also mentioned that there is a AirBnB in Belt for Jan.
  • Desi moved that the clinic be hosted at Neversweat Ranch in Belt. Katrina 2nd. m/s/c
  • Brook mentioned that she added an agenda item to the Foundation Agenda asking them to pay the $250 fee for Jan on Friday as leaders training.
  • Fee discussion.
    • Lisa presented fees rates of $75 for youth and $50 for adults so that clinic will break even.
    • Ginger brought up giving back to our families and suggested that horse leaders pay for the entire clinic.
    • Brook moved to have horse leaders pay for the entire clinic (even if Cascade 4-H Foundation doesn’t pay for leaders).
    • Rose mentioned having a small monetary fee for youth so there are confirmed numbers attending the clinic.
    • Food option discussion for Belt. Determined that it would be easy enough to buy groceries and have a lunch available to participants and family. Determined that should be by donation instead of a charge.
    • Brook amended horse leaders pay for clinic at an estimated cost of $1556 with a youth charge of $25 each. Katrina 2nd. m/s/c

Horse Camp Planning

  • Date Change
    • 406 Arena will not be having their horse fair. Camp will be Friday, May 5 to Saturday, May 6.
    • Reagan presented a google sheet of ideas for sessions.
    • Committee to meet and plan camp.
    • Ideas from leaders included driving, in-hand jumping, packing, trick training, and loading difficult horses.
    • Youth would like to have a chaperoned overnight camp.
    • Rose will investigate 4-H camping regulations.


  • Horseless horse practice at Brook’s on hold due weather and muddy arena.
  • February 16 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. is a project book session at Great Falls Public Library.
  • Winter Series Working Ranch Horse needs 2 leaders to support February 25’s practice. Ginger volunteered. Lisa will check with Jessica to see if one leader will be enough. Katrina will try to be at the practice.


Sponsorship Update

  • Rose sent out letters to previous sponsors in December 2022.
  • $1074 has been received with more expected.

Horse Leaders Google Sheet

  • Lisa presented and shared her google sheet and drive that contains the history of planning for events. She gave access to the folder to leaders so committees can update their information and we can all track the information for the program.


  • Liz Jennings presented that Foundation would be meeting with Brad Thurber at DA Davidson and asked if Horse Leaders would be interested in moving their money market balance to a different investment strategy.
  • Leaders hasn’t used money market money in past several years of operating.
  • Liz will get more information from Brad and present at the March meeting.
  • Liz suggested that we setup a scholarship fund to help with state events alongside our request to Cascade 4-H Foundation.

Other local horse events

  • Great Falls All Breed show dates are:
    • May 13, dressage in Cascade
    • June 17, flat class at 406 Arena
    •  July 15, flat class at 406 Arena
    • August 5, dressage at 406 Arena
    • August 12, flat class at 406 Arena
  • 406 Shows will be April 29 and October 7
    State Horse Show
  • Lisa reported the Montana State 4-H Horse Show will be September 23-25 at the Cottonwood Arena in Joliet.
  • Penny Uecker from Fergus County will be heading up. There isn’t a supporting State Horse Committee at this time, however Elisa Henry with the Montana 4-H Center will be sending out a request for members to current volunteers to help with the show.

Wendy moved to adjourn, Desi 2nd. m/s/c

Respectively submitted,
Brook Gerard - Secretary/Treasurer


Lisa Jassen, Reagan Jassen, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Katrina Emrich, Kyla Butler, Sheryl Smerker


Called to order at 5:35 p.m. by President Ginger Murphy


Brook moved to approve minutes as submitted. Kyla second. m/s/c

Treasurer Report:

Balance in all accounts: $21,427.42. MBHA payment received. Checks written to ExpoPark and Corriente for C2M achievement buckles.


Thank you notes from Clayton, Reagan, and Luke Jassen for their awards and the work we put into the program.


Leann reported the November project day went really well with good attendance and kids learned about all of the projects available. Lisa reported the December project day was well attended and ornament went very well. Hopes other projects can get the same success we have had. Rose said she is going to revamp the helmet education to include the DVD or a similar production found on YouTube or like source.

Old Business:

Rose reported on the hippology and horse judging email. Rose sent an email to kids eligible to compete and only got two responses. It was discussed that some other folks were interested and that we should include the up-and-coming ages. Leaders will host a knowledge session on February 4 at noon following project day. Leaders discussed potential volunteers who can host other meetings for 4-H members interested in hippology or horse judging. Kelly Rohloff and Brooklyn Merja were mentioned as possible teachers. Lisa will contact Kelly Rohloff and Brook Gerard will contact Brooklyn Merja. Brook moved to provide pizza at the meet and greet. Lisa seconded. m/s/c.

Project Day planning:

  • January 7 project day from 10:30 p.m. to noon will be taught by Elizabeth and Peter Jennings, DVM. They will first start with a PowerPoint, injection practice, and classroom information. They are planning on bringing a horse to demonstrate giving vaccinations and drawing blood.
  •  February 4 project day 10:30 p.m. to noon will be led by Katrina Emrich and Laura Steichan. Plans are to show 4-H members showmanship, ring etiquette, and patterns. Stick horses might be used Katrina will reach out to leaders if stick horses are needed.
  • March 4 project day from 10:30 p.m. to noon is being planned by Brook, Sheryl, and Lisa. They will do a horse markings and knots workshop using games from Vicky and Lisa. Students will leave with a State Fair eligible project.
  • April 1 project day is from 10:30 p.m. to noon. Leaders discussed having a farrier demonstration. Cameron Brooks or Dan Wirth were mentioned as possible teachers. Junior leaders prefer Cameron Brooks so he will be contacted first with Dan Wirth as backup.

Jan Larsen Clinic was discussed. Lisa reported that she talked with Jan and she is available June 2-4 or June 23-25. Jan charges $400.00 per day and requires mileage and hotel. Cost estimated to be $1025. Leaders discussed clinic and what will be offered each day. Leaders talked about the following:

  • Friday: Leader’s instruction, training, and dinner
  • Saturday: Levels 1-3 early and then Levels 4-7 later
  • Sunday: Levels 1-4 early and then Levels 4-7 later

Brook will contact Chesnut Valley Arena in Cascade and see if they are available. Brook mentioned that Foundation may pay for leader training will talk with Cascade 4-H Foundation.

The leaders discussed colt to maturity and ranch horse clinics. Leaders would like to offer a clinic to colt to maturity project kids. Discussion and review of past clinicians included Curt Pate (under saddle), Cameron Brooks (ground work), Allyssa Harris (new), and Justin Warneke (all phases).

Leaders would like to pursue Curt Pate. Rose will contact for schedule openings available for planning at February meeting.

Leaders discussed a committee for Horse Camp. Location is 406 Arena coinciding with their Horse Fair.

County 4-H Horse Show will be at the 406 Arena on July 21. Rose contacted Matt Rains to be the main judge for his second year. Leaders discussed trail judges. Ideas for judging are Allyssa Harris, Sam Brooks, Laura Steichan, and Jenny Marn. They will be contacted for availability and reported back in February. Lisa and Ginger will work on patterns.

New Business:

Joint Teton and Cascade County working ranch horse practices were discussed. Practices are held monthly at 406 Arena. Dates and times are:

  • Sunday January 29 from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, February 25 from 9:00 a.m.-noon

Lisa will host working ranch horse practices in June at her parent’s place in Belt. Dates are June 5,19, and 26 from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Lisa went over the budget for this year with input, output, and clarification.

Brook moved to adjourn at 7:05p.m., Leann 2nd. M/S/C

Respectively submitted,
Brook Gerard


Lisa Jassen, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Ashley Byington.

Call to Order

Called to order at 5:33 p.m.


Brook moved to accept minutes. Lisa 2nd. No correction or additions. M/S/C


$20,611.44 in checking accounts. $264.00 check written to Bunkhouse Branding in last month. The MBHA check for 2022 has not been received. Usually done within days. Rose will contact Juli Jo Kelly to check on the progress.




Horsey Halloween was big success. Lots of games and good costumes.


November 5 Project Day from 10:30 a.m. to noon will be a Horse Project Fair to introduce 4-H members to the horse projects available. Leaders will have tables for each project to talk about specifics and general discussion. Ginger will follow-up this week with final details.

  • Ranch Horse: Shealyn and Leann
  • Horseless: Brook and Hannah
  • Project Questions and Horsemanship: Rose
  • Driving: Morgan Merja and Marie Powell
  • Packing: Mark Himmelberg
  • English and Western Horsemanship: Rose and Katrina
  • Colt to maturity and green horse: Ginger and Leann
  • Mini horses: Morgan Merja
  • Hippology and Horse Judging: Leaders


2022-2023 Budget Review: Committee did not meet but will have a report for January. Bookkeeper did prepare budget packet for officers and committee members.

2022-2023 Project Day planning

  • Dates: December 3, January 7, February 4, March 4, and April 1.
  • Time: 10:30 a.m. to noon.
  • Branding: freeze and hot iron. Maybe brand boards. Ask Levi Lee to present since Paul Johnson is retiring.
  • Farrier: different types of shoeing, hoof model, parts of hoof, live demonstration, laminitis, etc. Potential instructors include Cleve Hamilton, Dan Wirth, Josh Bidlack, Toni Warren, or Cameron Brooks.
  • Veterinarian and Vaccines: vaccines, parasites, diseases, etc. Potential instructors include Jeannie Rankin, DVM or Grant Smith, DVM.
  • Knot Tying: make halters or board of samples. Lisa Jassen has a knot tying game and Clayton Jassen may help.
  • Patterns: how to read and create patterns.
  • Horse Markings and Colors: Vicki Johnson has a game about markings and horse colors.
  • Use horse kit when teaching.
    Rose will email 4-H members who are 11 years old and up if they’d like to participate in hippology and horse judging contests.


  • Jan Larsen Clinic:
    • Potential dates include May 19-21, June 2-4, or June 23-25.
    • Rose will ask Expo Park about dates.
    • Lisa will ask 406 and Jan Larsen for the same availability.
  • English Clinic is requested by 4-H members. Leaders are doing some research on details.
  • Ranch Horse Clinic is being planned versus practices.
  • 4-H alumni to keep in mind for help: Mollie Pepos and Kennady Chartier


  • Horse Camp: May 6-7, 2023 at 406 Arena
  • County 4-H Horse Show: July 21, 2023 at 406 Arena
  • Cascade and Teton Working Ranch Horse Competition: July 22, 2023 at 406 Arena

Brook moved to adjourn at 7:40 p.m., Leann 2nd. M/S/C

Respectively submitted,
Brook Gerard Cascade County 4-H Horse Leaders Secretary/Treasurer


Lisa Jassen, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Ashley Byington, Kyla Butler, Wendy Newman, Katrina Emrich, and Desiree Roth 

Called to order at 5:33 pm  


Brook moved to accept minutes. Ashley 2nd. No correction or additions. M/S/C 


Upon review of concise summary that Lisa created. Income was $9,213.59 Outflow was $10,392.46. We ended year in negative balance but that is due to MBHA fundraiser check from 2021 being deposited Sept 30 so it counted in last fiscal year. We try to break even each year. We also need to remember that Foundation will pay for a facility rental and if we have project day expenses, the Leaders Council will help pay for them.  




September Leaders Council – No one was able to attend as that was same night as Livestock Leaders Meeting. Green Tie Affair is cancelled, and they will do a raffle since that brings in the same amount of money as Green Tie Affair normally does. 

MBHA Finals Fundraiser – Julie Jo Kelly and attendees were incredibly happy with help that showed up. Friday ended up being a long shift while Saturday and Sunday were shorter days. Next year can look at a different shift setup. 


Officer Elections 

President – Lisa is termed out. 

Brook nominated Ginger Murphy. Katrina 2nd. Ginger elected via unanimous ballot. 

Secretary/Treasurer – Brook eligible to serve two more terms. 

Wendy nominated Brook. Ashley 2nd. Brook elected via unanimous ballot. 

Vice President – vacant due to Ginger move to president. 

Lisa nominated Wendy Newman. Brook 2nd. Wendy elected via unanimous ballot. 


Rule Changes – group will go through rule book in rapid fashion and discuss/vote on new rule changes. 


Page 4 #1 – CHANGE VERBIAGE - Horse Id Card 

All project horse(s) must be declared by June 1 to the MSU Cascade County Extension office through electronic submission and indicate enrolled projects. Wendy moved, Kyla 2nd. m/s/c 


Page 6 – Assessments – group discussion on options and timing; change dates for horsemanship and horseless horse (due June 1), ranch horse (due July 1), and colt to maturity and green horse (due Aug 10). Katrina moved, Kyla 2nd. m/s/c 


Page 21 – ADD Hunter Hack. 4-H members must be in English Horsemanship level 3 or above to compete in hunter hack. Class will include a pattern which may include two jumps and gaits of walk, trot, canter, and hand gallop. Rail work may also be included at discretion of the judge. Jump height will be up to 18 inches for ages 13 and under. Jump height will be up to 24 inches for ages 14 and over.  

Horse Halloween 

Lisa told us that 406 Arena is out unless we schedule for a late evening event due to a clinic that is happening. Rose will check with Expo Park to see if they are available. King Arena is available for an evening event if needed, they have a JJK barrel race in the afternoon. 

When: Oct 30 
Time: 2-4:30 pm or TBD on facility 
Where: TBD 
Cost: $10 open ride fee 
Food: Potluck 
Prizes for costume contest sponsored by Horse Leaders 
2:00pm: Costume contest 
2-30pm: Games (run 2-3 games at one time with rotation) 
Game Ideas (ring toss or ring race, musical ground poles, bean bag balance, relay race (frisbee/ping pong ball), bobbing for donuts, Simon says, fishing, bean bag toss, or nerf gun targets) 

Katrina Emrich will organize games and email out to leaders for them to get ready. Rose will send out and put on ZSuites for sign up. 

November 5 Project Day from 10:30 a.m.-noon 

Project Fair to introduce 4hers to the horse projects available. 

Ranch Horse – Shea/Leann/Reagan
Horseless – Brook/Hannah 
Horse Shows – Wendy 
Project Questions – Lisa/Rose 
Driving – Jody Schaal / Marie Powell 
Packing – Mark Himmelberg 
English/Western – Rose/Katrina 
C2M/GH – Ginger/Leann 
Minis – Morgan Merja 
Judging – Kelly Rolloff 
Scavenger Hunt – Reagan Jassen 
Alumni to keep in mind for help – Mollie Pepos, Kennady Chartier 


Budget Committee is Ginger, Wendy, Lisa, and Katrina. They will meet at Wendy’s before November meeting to bring a budget to next meeting. 


Calendar Dates for Master List of Events -  

Horse Camp – May 6-7, 2023 
County Show – July 21, 2023 
County Ranch Horse Show – July 22, 2023 

Clinics – Lisa proposed a Jan Larsen Horse Show Clinic. She is well versed as a clinician in all aspects of horse showing. Wendy will bring the GFAB show schedule to November meeting so dates can be picked. Jan’s 4-H fee is $300/day. Would like to schedule a 2-day clinic. 


Brook moved to adjourn at 740pm, Wendy 2nd. M/S/C 


Respectively submitted, 

Brook Gerard 



Lisa Jassen, Wendy Newman, Desiree Roth, Katrina Emrich, Kyla Butler, Rose Malisani, Ashley Byington, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Brook Gerard via WebEx. 


Meeting called to order at 5:58 p.m. 



Meeting Minutes from May reviewed.  Wendy moved, Ashley second.  Passed. 

Meeting Minutes from June reviewed.  Wendy moved, Katrina second. Passed. 

Treasurers report

Currently $21,212.81 with a notation a couple of outstanding checks not accounted for.  Still have second place year end awards to acquire.  More in depth financials will be ready in October. 



Ashley reported there were 5 horseless horse kids and 1 other rider on the trail ride.  Excellent ride with packing demo.   It was suggested we send a thank you gift card for $100 to Mark and wife for their guidance and help.  Wendy moved, Brook second.  Passed.  Rose to take care of. 


New Business: 

MBHA fundraiser opportunity Sept 30, Oct 1-2.  Need 8 people per shift consisting of 5 adults/older teens and 3 youth.  Schedule to come out.  Google Doc to be shared for scheduling.  This is hard work but pays us very good. 

Review of 2021-22 Events 

  • Project Days:  Suggested to check with all families for time/days.  As of now, we are reserved from 10:30 to noon on the first Saturday from Nov to April.  Need to come up with ideas and who to teach for next meeting. 
  • Clinics:  HH and Level 1 Showmanship.  Low participation.  Consider mentorships  Wendy moved to get Thea Williams a $50 gift certificate.  Katrina second.  Passed.  Rose to take care of. 
  • Practices:  3 ranch horse practices.  Outside help this year was excellent. 

Brooks HH and Level 1 was good with some help from a few others. 

  • CC 4H Show was great.  Excellent feedback on the Showmanship Showdown.  Discussion of Hunter Hack safety and making the class “more”.  Discussion on use of the facility and other facilities. 
  • Cascade/Teton WRH Show was excellent and had growth.  Once again a great show.  Concern and discussion of splitting Level 1.  Further discussion of progression.   Discussion on outside trainers and help to be found.  
  • Mt State WRHF went well with local support and help.  2023 tentative for Sept 8-10.   
  • Mt State 4H Horse Show had 4 participants from Cascade County.  2023 location tbd.  This years was better than last year and some nice improvements. 

Rule, Policy and Award changes:   

If you have a suggestion, please mention in advance to prevent duplication from others.  Some things just need simple clarification.  Concern of Assessments and due dates.  Need to find out what the state criteria is for assessments.  Mention of needing to clarify Hunter Hack heights and making the class more than just 2 jumps.  Suggestion to add Yearling Ground Driving Class and Mini Driving. 


It was decided to discuss, amend and vote at the October meeting on any changes to shorten meeting duration. 



Lisa terms out as president this year.  We will nominate in October and vote in November for a new President.  We also will need to vote for Secretary/Treasurer.  Brook is not termed out but we should split the positions now that we have more leaders in our meetings.  Note: if Ginger is to become president, a new Vice will need to be elected. 


Montana State 4H Horse Show Reimbursements: 

Discussion about the actual cost of going to the State show and that we only get $800 max divided among participants with a maximum of $200 each.   This compared to Congress or Rec Lab getting 75% of registration/travel/meals for participants and 100% for chaperones.  We need to pull together our suggestions to propose.  Brook suggested specific amount of coverage.  We need to make a united front with Shooting Sports as they have noted the same situation.  Consider bringing to the September Foundation meeting.  Ginger to organize with help from Lisa and Desi. 


2022 Colt to Maturity 5 year essays read.  Asa and Clayton will be offered a custom award of their choice. 


Meeting adjourned 8:34 p.m. 


Respectfully Submitted by:  Ginger Murphy, Vice President 


Lisa Jassen, Reagan Jassen, Ginger Murphy, Leann Murphy, Brook Gerard, Rose Malisani, Ashley Byington, Wendy Newman, Desiree Roth, Katrina Emrich, Kyla Butler

Called to order – 5:30pm


Ginger will look for her notes and type up minutes. Meeting was online meeting.


Balance in all accounts: $21,779.67. Checks written for Horse Camp. Income from horse camp and horseless horse clinic. Wendy Newman moved to accept report as written. Kyla Butler 2nd. m/s/c.


Thank yous from Greta and Chance Graft for horse camp.


Horse Camp Wrap-Up

– Each leader was asked for something good and something constructive to be worked on for next year.

Katrina – Sessions went well and kids got a lot out of them. / Gate by bleachers should NOT be used by horses to transition between sessions, safety issue for spectators and horses.

Desiree – Appreciated the inclusive environment. No negatives.

Kyla – Individual schedules were a great addition. / Taking a trail ride next to buffalo is a bad idea, helpers on horseback should have been utilized better. Look at off saddle talks to be scheduled a little different.

Wendy – Session variety great. / Make sure kids sign up for appropriate session for level of rider.

Brook – Loved individual schedules. / Making sure as leaders/parents that people are talking to other appropriately.

Lisa – Food and the separate space were great / Use the microphone to communicate more during camp for moving between sessions.

Ashley – Instructors were good. Posting a map and master schedules throughout will help.

Ginger – Timing was smooth. / Jr Leaders were underused – communicate their purpose with instructor more. Need have to have a leader/parent in charge of each session for introductions etc. Consider a separate camp for advanced riders.

Leann – Roping was favorite. / Need to have sibling or small child containment area to avoid horse issues.

Reagan – Ground work session was favorite.

Horseless Horse/Level 1 Clinic – went really well, when kids reported to clubs they were very excited about what they learned. Rose will send thank you’s to clinicians.


County Horse Show –

July 22 / Working Ranch Horse – July 23

Judges/Stewards G2G

Awards G2G

Patterns are in final edits will be available shortly

Supplies – need batteries, back numbers and miscellaneous.

Brook moved to spend $50 for supplies for county show. Katrina 2nd. m/s/c.

Entry Forms –

Rose wills send to families.

Brook brought up figuring out an electronic version of the entry forms similar to Cognito Forms. Needs to have ease of access on the backend so leaders can pull and use data. Rose said she would look into ZSuites and leaders having access to the data for work.

Volunteers –

need someone to run gates/trail/store (Wendy will be gopher)

Photographer –

Ginger will talk to Allyssa Harris about taking photos for both days of the show.


Leaders TShirts –

Kyla Butler volunteered to design and print tshirts for leaders to make us more easily identifiable during events.

Trail Ride –

August 14 Location to TBD. This is NOT a training ride. Horses and riders need to be comfortable with water and bridge crossing. Please no green horses. Mini packing demo from 0830 to 0900. Leave on trail at 0930. Will pack in lunch and be back around 4pm. If riders want to camp at the trail head the night before, there will be room. Weed free hay required and bring water. Helmets required for all kids. Parents welcome to ride. Must be able to pack halters and leadropes. Preregistration required.

Cost is $10.00 per rider for lunch.

Showmanship Clinic – Thea Williams

June 22 at Newman Stables – Two sessions (615p-745p or 745p-9p)

June 23 at Newman Stables – Two sessions (615p-745p or 745p-9p

Max of 6 kids per session. Cost is FREE.

Ranch Horse practices

will still happen with assistance of leaders going to Lisa place to help setup and stay to facilitate. Rose, Ginger, Kyla, Ashley, Drew and others will assist.

Brook moved to adjourn at 650pm, Wendy 2nd. M/S/C

Respectively submitted,

Brook Gerard




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