You may also download a printable Cascade County 4-H Record Book Project Table Tip Sheet.

Welcome to 4-H! Project work is the foundation of the 4-H experience. Maintaining good records is a great way to follow your project journey. It can be fun to track your yearly accomplishments, it can also be a little confusing. In our desire to set you up for success we have included a 4-H Project Activity Table. This project table provides you with measurable project requirements for your 4-H year. The table also provides a clear set of criteria for the record book judges to evaluate the 4-H member's hard work, acknowledge their abilities, encourage them to challenge themselves, and identify them for additional awards.

Project books require activities, learning, leadership, and/or citizenship experiences. Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what is expected. See your project books for more ideas.

Please contact the MSU Extension Cascade County Office at (406) 454-6980 if you have questions.


An activity is strictly project book specific, basically if it's in the project book it's considered an activity unless it is defined differently. When in doubt, follow your project book.

  • All chapters, challenges, or optional activities from the project/curriculum book.
  • Creating your own activity. Many project books provide opportunities for you to design your own activity.

Learning Experience

  • Give a project related presentation (for example a school demonstration, science fair project, or a presentation to a breed or trade association.) Remember, giving a demonstration to extended family counts!
  • Attend a workshop, conference, or clinic related to your project.
  • Participate in a show, contest, exhibition, or event specific to your project.
  • Plan, organize, or assist with a workshop or project event.
  • Tour a business or shop in your project field.
  • Participate in a skill-a-thon, quiz bowl or judging.
    • In some projects these are referred to as leadership Experiences (this means you can use them in either area).

Service Learning & Leadership Experience

These are combined here because they can be interchanged. Many Project books define these activities together.

  • Serve as a junior leader and/or officer in your club.
  • Serve on a Club committee (recruit, by-law review, community service planning etc.)
  • Organize a field trip or a visit by a guest speaker for your club.
  • Volunteer at a competitive event, clinic, or workshop.

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