You may also download a blank printable Cascade County 4-H Record book and Project Completion Guidelines.

Completed Record Book:

Required to earn achievement awards.

  • Complete all sections of My 4-H Year journal form. If a section does not apply to you, mark it "NA" (for NotApplicable).
  • If nothing was done in an area or section, write “none.”
  • Three goals must be submitted and reviewed on this form.
  • You must be enrolled in and complete a minimum of 1 project (per below instructions).
  • All records to complete your project must be included in your record book.

Completed Project: Required to earn achievement awards.

  • You must complete ALL SECTIONS of the Non-Animal Project Journal and Financial Record or the Animal ProjectJournal and Financial Record. If a section does not apply to your situation mark "NA."
  • The Animal Project Journal and Financial Record is for ALL animal projects, not just market projects.
  • Three goals must be listed and reviewed on each project's journal sheet.
  • All guidelines (Activities and Learning Experiences) for the specific project (as listed in the Activities Required byProject table) must be completed.
  • Financial totals need to be transferred to the back page to be complete.
  • Project manual must be included if applicable.
  • Each completed project will receive a Project Pin for the first year, and a Certificate of Achievement forsubsequent years.

Seal of Excellence:

Required to earn any Memorial, 25 or 30-Year Leader or Special Achievement Awards.

  • EVERY project you are enrolled in at the drop/add deadline must be completed according to the aboverequirements.
  • You must have participated in at least three additional learning activities (e.g. speeches, demonstrations, judging, public presentations, fair interview judging, 4-H promotion, teen leadership, etc.) during the current 4-H year andhave them recorded in your My 4-H Year journal form.
  • You must have received a Certificate of Achievement for ALL projects you are enrolled in to qualify for a Seal of Excellence.

Memorial, 25 or 30-Year Leader or Special Achievement Awards Requirements

  • After reviewing each member’s record book, 4-H Leaders may make nominations for Memorial Awards, 30 and25-Year Leader Awards, and Special Achievement Awards. Members must submit a narrative (see below) for a Special Achievement Award in a specific project.
  • Special Achievement Awards nominations must be submitted with a 500 word narrative written by the 4-H member that includes specific information for each award they are nominated for. Specific narrative requirements for Memorial and 25 or 30-year awards can be found on the Award Description Form. All nominated record books, nomination forms, and any required narratives must be turned into the Cascade County Extension Office by the deadline listed below.


May 1

Add/drop projects. Members must log in to their ZSuite profile to make any changes.

August 20

Club record book final deadline (clubs can make this deadline earlier).

September 1

Club Completion Report due to Cascade County Extension Office1

Record Book Review Card returned to 4-H members

1Includes award nominated record books, nomination forms, and any required narrativesRecord Book Review Card

Revised 11.2020, previous editions obsolete

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