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Clubs & Councils


Links to the contracts will be available at least one month prior to the submittal deadline. Contracts may be filled out electronically then printed and signed. A scanned copy with signatures can then be emailed to [email protected] or mail a hard copy to the Chouteau County Extension Office.

Market Beef Contract - 4-H

Market Beef Contract - FFA

Replacement Bred Sale Heifer - 4-H

Replacement Bred Sale Heifer - FFA

Market Swine Contract - 4-H

Market Swine Contract - FFA

Market Sheep & Goat Contract - 4-H

Market Sheep & Goat Contract - FFA

Market Goat Contract - 4-H

Market Goat Contract - FFA

Market Animal Information Form - Log into your ZSuite account and complete the form under "EVENTS"


Horse Identification Form (download form before filling in information in order to save and email)


My 4-H Year
My Project Journal & Financial Record (Non-Animal)
My Project Journal & Financial Record (Animal)
Frequently Asked Questions About Record Books
List of Activities Required by Project
Leader Checklist - Record Book Completion


Media Release Form

Medical Release Form (Youth and Adult)

Shooting Sports Release Form

Yearly Club Program Plan*
List of Leaders and Officers*
List of Committees*

Club Meeting Worksheet**
Official Meeting Minutes**

Yearly Club Budget*
Record of Club Finances**
Checkbook Balancing/Reconciliation Form**
Treasurer's Report**
Year-End Financial Summary Report If the form does not open in your browser, download the form and open in Adobe PDF to view the form properly.***
Fundraising Information and Forms

*Due to Extension Office after first meeting of new year
**Due to Extension Office after each club meeting
***Due to Extension Office after 4-H year concludes



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