Food Safety Course 2022

Created and Approved by FCS and 4-H Agent Sarah Bock

Fergus County Extension Office

To complete the online Food Safety Training, follow this link: .



- This will take you to a page that says 4-H Food Booth Food Safety 2022


- Click “Join Open Class.” This will take you to the video titled “4-H Food Booth Food Safety 2022”. Simply click on that video, then hit play when it pops up on your screen. You can choose to make the video full screen – this is recommended.


- At the beginning of the presentation it will pause, and there will be a question that says “Please type the names and clubs of EVERYONE participating and watching this video. If you do not enter a name, it will not be recorded that they completed the training.” Make sure to list EVERYONE who is participating so that I can get everyone down who watched the video. This is the only way for me to know who has seen it.


- At certain points throughout the presentation, the video will pause, and you will be asked to answer multiple choice questions.


- The video itself is about 50 minutes long. You will not be able to skip ahead, so plan on about 55 minutes total, which includes time for answering the questions.


- Once the video and questions are complete, EdPuzzle will send me your answers, and I can check you off the list. Be sure you enter your name and associated club when asked for it so I can accurately record who has taken the training.