1. Horse Project Requirements
  2. 4-H Trail & Packing 2022 Rules and Policies

Horse Project Requirement

Printable version of the Horse Project Requirements (PDF)

Horse Project


To participate in the 4-H Horse project, members must comply with the following:


  • Have an updated Horse Card on file: by June 1. If you’ve changed horses or projects, please update your horse card. Last day to make changes to your horse project is June 1.


  • Have a signed Horse Project Release Form and a Horse Helmet Policy & Acknowledgement Form on file.  Watch Every Time, Every Ride Video once as a Junior member and once as a Senior member.  Find video at https://flathead.msuextension.org/eter.html


  • Assessments: Each horsemanship manual has level assessments included in them. Review these with your certified horse leader (all horse members must have a certified horse leader that they’re working with) and turn-in assessments when you’re ready to move to the next level.  Members will compete in the level they are working in; ex: if assessed out of level 2, the member will compete in level 3.  Assessments due by June 1st.


  • Clinics: Members must attend at least two 4-H horse clinic a year. Approximately 5-6 clinics will be offered every year. Dates & subjects of clinics will be announced throughout the year.  Last opportunity to obtain a clinic will be June 1.
  • Record Sheets: Members must have their 4-H Horse Record Sheets checked-off by August 1st to be eligible to show at the NW MT Fair.

4-H Trail & Packing Rules and Policies

Printable version of the 4-H Trail & Packing 2022 Rules and Policies (PDF)

4-H Trail & Packing 2022
Rules and Policies

  1. Trail & Packing will be limited to the first 30 members who have signed up by January 1. All fees must be paid by January 15th.
  2. Trail & Packing requires an additional $25.00 fee to participate in the project. A family discount will be available, $25.00 for the first member and $12.50 for each additional family member.
  3. All 4-H members, who are new to Trail & Packing, along with a parent must attend the Orientation/Introduction (unless otherwise approved by the project coordinator), this is mandatory or they are not considered in the program. All previous Trail & Packing members are strongly advised to attend (unless otherwise approved by the project coordinator) as well.
  4. 4-H Members must have completed Horsemanship Skills in the Trail & Packing manual to participate with horses in 4-H Trail & Packing.
  5. Members must view helmet video and sign-off on the helmet acknowledgement form, once as a Junior and once as a Senior member.
  6. Prior to participating with stock, members must have completed 4-H enrollment, including fees payment, and have given a copy of the medical release form that is part of the enrollment process to the Extension Office and to the Packing program.
  7. Members who want to participate in Trail & Packing must declare their project horses and must have their completed horse identification cards on file in the Extension Office by June 1st of each year.
  8. Members who want to pull pack stock on a NorthWest Montana BCH/4-H Trail Project must complete Level 3 Trail & Packing.

Members who want to ride along on a NorthWest Montana BCH/4-H Trail Project must complete Level 1 Trail & Packing.

  1. Members cannot use Stallions in 4-H Trail & Packing.
  2. Members must be 8 years old and not older than 18 as of Oct 1st of each
    4-H year.



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