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The Darrell Fenner 4-H Camp is located on Loon Lake in Bigfork and consists of thirteen cabins and a lodge. Each cabinDarrell Fenner 4-H Camp Lodge houses eight people. The lodge contains a commercial kitchen, fireplace, bathrooms, and showers. There are many activities that can be enjoyed at the 4-H Camp. You can contact the manager for reservations at [email protected]   

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Darrell Fenner Loon Lake 4-H CampKey Logs at Camp

Flathead 4-H Camp is for 4-H ages 8-12. Members 4-H ages 14-18 may apply to be camp counselors. Applicants for camp counselor will go through an interview process to be Loon Lakeselected as a camp counselor. Once selected as a camp counselor, the camp counselors meet for several weeks to plan the camp's week of activities. Flathead 4-H Camp is usually held in July. Check the calendar page for dates.

4-H Camp Counselor Application

Printable version of 4-H Camp Counselor Application (PDF)


4-H Camp Registration

Flathead 4-H Camp starts Tuesday, July 18, 2023 through Friday, July 21, 2023 for 4-H youth 4-H ages 8 to 13 at the Darrell Fenner 4-H Camp on Loon Lake. The cost is $150 with a $75 discount for those that worked on camp clean-up. There is also financial aid available by completing a scholarship form. Complete your registration for youth and chaperones (must be a fully certified volunteer leader) below.


Chaperone Registration

Chaperonesare needed for 4-H camp. If you are a Certified Volunteer Leader please concider being a Chaperone at 4-H Camp. To register as a Chaperone for 4-H Camp click on the following link:


This link will take you to a Chaperone Registration page.