1. Horse Card
  2. Horse Helmet Release Form
  3. Horse Committee Scholarship Form

Horse Card

Printable version of the Horse Card (PDF)

It's prefered that the Horse Card is printed on card stock, there are printed Horse Cards on card stock available in the Extension Office. This PDF is fillable, you may complete the card and email to the Extension office to print for you on card stock, then email your picture of the horse with the youth.

Me and My Horse

Please complete a separate form for each horse used as a 4-H project horse. You can have a primary and a backup horse (up to 2 cards)  for each project. See back for list of projects.


MEMBER NAME:                                                                                    PHONE:


EMAIL ADDRESS:                                                                                  AGE (as of October 1st)


4-H CLUB NAME:                                                     PROJECT LEADER’S SIGNATURE:


My Horse’s Name

(include horse’s full name plus nickname)


Horse’s Birthdate


Mare or Gelding


Color & Markings

(example: Sorrel with four white socks and a blaze)


Height of Horse


Person My Horse is Owned By or Leased From


Please check if this is a mini horse project card.  


Place photos of horse on of this form that clearly show markings with member in picture.  All horse cards must be returned to the Extension Office no later than June 1st.





The Montana State University Extension Service is an ADA/EO/AA/Veteran’s Preference Employer and Provider of Educational Outreach.


Circle Projects for this Horse below:     Primary        Back-up


You can have a primary and a backup horse for each project (up to 2 cards).


Western Horsemanship

English Horsemanship

Working Ranch Horse




Colt to Maturity (can have one horse for each level)

Green Horse (can have one horse for each level)


Parent Signature


4-H Member’s Signature

Horse Helmet Release Form

Printable version of the Horse Helmet Release Form (PDF)


 4-H Horse Helmet Policy & Signed Form


 Acknowledgement of Education


 4-H YEAR from:



Participant Name:

Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY

Montana State University Extension: 4-H Horse Helmet Policy

A certified equestrian helmet with safety harness fastened in place is required in over fence classes and gymkhana events, activities, and practice sessions. Gymkhana refers to horseback speed events (timed or un-timed) that do not use livestock. Events that usually fall in this category include, but are not limited to: barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole races, stake races, rescue races, pony express race, etc. Events that are not intended to be included in this policy are events such as calf roping, team roping, goat tying, and team penning that may be timed but use


Participants in the 4-H Horse Project are required to attend a helmet education workshop and/or view the video

"Every Ride Every Time" once as a junior 4-H member (9-13) and once as a senior 4-H member (14 and up).

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the 4-H member to see that the headgear worn complies with such standards and is in good condition. The Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development encourages the use of ASTM certified/SEI approved safety helmets in all equine events. Protective headgear may be used in all classes and shall not be discriminated against.

Helmet use is encouraged in all 4-H horse activities any time a 4-H member is around a horse. Counties may establish more stringent policies regarding helmet use.

I have read, understand, and agreed to adhere to the above Montana 4-H Horse Helmet Policy in order to participate in the Montana 4-H Horse Project.


 Participant Signature:


signatures are required yearly


 Montana State University Extension:

4-H Acknowledgement of Receiving Horse Helmet Education

I have attended a 4-H horse helmet safety workshop and/or viewed the video “Every Time, Every Ride”. I

acknowledge that helmet education is required twice during my 4-H membership - first in my junior years, 4-H age 9-13, and again in my senior years, 4-H age 14 and up, unless I joined 4-H as a senior member whereas I need only receive training once.


 Participant Signature:

Date of Education:

Printed Name of Parent or Legal Guardian:



signatures are required yearly

Horse Committee Scholarhip Form

Printable version of the Horse Committee Scholarship Form (PDF)



Name:__________________________________________Age:__________Years in 4H: ________






4H Horse Projects:_________________________________________________________________


Cost of Clinic/Seminar/Trip:_________________________________________________________

Please answer the following questions‐

How would this clinic/seminar/event better your horsemanship?



How will you utilize this information to help your horse project?



What are two goals you would like to attain by attending this clinic/seminar/event?





It is expected that if you are gifted funds, you will need to provide a thank you and have an active role in giving back to

the 4H community in volunteering with another clinic, your club 4H horse program, or any fundraising event the Horse

Committee puts on. A member may receive $100 towards the State 4H horse shows and $50 towards a

clinic/seminar/event once in a single year.

Please return form or direct questions to Flathead County Horse Committee at [email protected].

The Montana State University Extension Service is an ADA/EO/AA/Veteran’s Preference Employer and Provider of Educational Outreach.