Please ONLY CREATE ONE ACCOUNT. You will use the same login information to confirm online registration for trainings such as Municipal Institute, Municipal Summits, Pre-League conference sessions, webinars, and online courses.

This account will be linked to you, not your position, to track your education points. Do not use your work email if it is not specific to you. For example, if you use an email address such as cityclerk@townofsomewhere, it will cause complications with logging in and tracking your education hours if you move to a new position and someone else takes over that email address.


eXtension Campus

    Figure 1


1. Open your web browser to
2.  Complete the “New Account”  form (See Figure 1). Do NOT use your work email if it is a generic email rather than one that is specific to you.
Choose "No" when asked if you are an Extension or USDA employee.
Do not enter anything in the eXtension ID box.
3.  Click the "Create my new account" button.
4.  Check your email account for a confirmation email from eXtension Campus Help Desk.
5.  If you do not see a confirmation email within 2 hours, check your junk/spam folders first, then email [email protected] with your username and email address and ask for a manual confirmation.
6.  IMPORTANT: Open the email and click on the confirmation link provided to confirm your account.
7.  A web page will open indicating that “Your registration has been confirmed”.  


1.  Send an email to to [email protected] with your full name. If you know the email address used to create the account, include that. Let tech support know you need to reset your username and/or password. Tech support is great and usually responds quickly to such requests.
2.  Unfortunatley, we do not have access to your password and cannot help you reset it. All login account requests must be submitted to eXtension Help at the email above.