MACAA Fall Business Meeting

October 23, 2018, MSU SUB Bozeman MT 12:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order by President Rose Malisani. There were 43 members and guests in attendance.


MINUTES: The minutes from the Spring 2018 meeting were distributed, emailed and placed on the website.  Tim F. moved to approve as distributed, Shelley M. seconded. Motion passed.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer reported that MACAA has $16,307.21 in our checking account, $4152.27 in our DA Davidson account, and $6056.44 in a First Security Bank CD. Tyler moved to approve the report, and Mike seconded. Motion passed.


Committee Reports:

Life Members:  Dave B. contacted Wendy about updated life members and does not want to be the lifetime member committee anymore.


Agronomy and Pest Management: Shelley discussed that there is a new weed in our neighborhood-Palmer Amaranth and we should be on the lookout for it.  It isn’t in MT yet, but will probably be soon.


Ag Economics and Community Development:  Kate discussed upcoming farm management workshops throughout the state, and that there will be a Women in Ag conference as well.


Animal Science:  Western Section will be in Boise June11-13.


Sustainable Ag:  Tyler discussed the SARE fellows program that you can apply for through NACAA.


Search for Excellence: Wendy reported that there two national awards winners-Shelley Mills in Agronomy, and Tim, Colleen, Shelley, Bobbi, and Wendy in Sustainable Ag categories.


4-H and Youth:  Wendy reported that she was the national winner for Excellence in 4-H category.


Professional Excellence: Tim Fine reported that Shelley won the poster competition for education, and Tracy was a national finalist for Research.


Recognition and Awards:  Wendy reported that Pat McGlynn was the recipient of the AA award, and Bobbie Roos was the recipient of the DSA award.


Scholarship Committee:  Colleen Buck reported you can look on the website under your name to see how much you have contributed.


All other committees had no report.



Patrick Mangan gave an update on how the ag agent update went in May in Hamilton.


Shelley Mills and Wendy Becker gave a report on the NACAA AM/PIC went.  Montana had 8 representatives, Wendy did the pre-tour in horticulture, we had several national, regional, and state winners and several other states were congratulating us on our great programming.  Administration also helped with expenses to send representatives there.  MT agreed to host the Western AM/PIC next year. 


Kari L., is working on update to the Quarter Horse book.  Peggy is working on the pages.


Historical Records and By-laws committees were still working on their updates.


At the 2018 Western Region Conference, Kari won the poster competition, and we had 4 delegates attend.  Jesse moved to reimburse those attending the conference at $250 per person, Shelley seconded, Motion passed. 


2019 NACAA Western Region Conference committee will be Kari, Emily, Juli, Kim, Megan, and Jeff, along with Tracy, Jesse and Rose as chairs.



For Extension Day on the Hill, Tim moved to pay $500 towards the expenses, Shelley, seconded, motion passed.


Election of officers:

For sec/treas, Ben moved to nominate Wendy Becker, Marko moved to close nomination, Kim seconded, motion passed.

For 2nd VP, Tyler, Colleen, and Tracy were nominated, Tyler won by ballot count.


Shelley moved to offer life membership to Bobbi Roos and Steve Lackman, Tim seconded, motion carried.


Ag agent update committee:  Colleen, Jeff, Shelley, Megan, Elin, Shylea, Callie


Sire/Dam Report:  Josh had a baby girl Olivia


Tim moved to adjourn the meeting, Lee seconded, motion passed.


Announcements of upcoming meetings:


JCEP Leadership Conference, San Antonio, TX

Forage Conference          August 6, 2019

National AM/PIC              September 8-12, 2019: Fort Wayne, IN

                                             July 19-24, 2020 Virginia Beach, VA

                                             July 4-8, 2021 Philadelphia, PA

                                             July 17-22, 2022 West Palm Beach, FL


Western Region AM/PIC

                                             Fall 2019-MT



Respectfully submitted, Wendy Becker


2018-2019 Officers:

Pres-Shelley Mills

VP-Tim Fine

2nd VP-Tyler Lane

Sec/Treas-Wendy Becker

Directors:  East Colleen Buck

                    Central Jesse Fulbright

                    West Tracy Mosley