MACAA Spring Meeting

May 18, 2021, Eagles Club, Lewistown, MT 10:23 MDT


The meeting was called to order by President Tyler Lane at 10:23 p.m. MDT. There were 40 members and guests in attendance, including life member Dave Phillips.  New agents guests Makayla Paul (Meagher) and Marly Manoukian (Rosebud-Treasure) were introduced.


MINUTES:  There were no addition or corrections to the minutes, and they were approved as printed (Julie S, Shelley M) motion passed.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer reported that the MACAA has $20,300.35 in our checking account, $4152.27 in our DA Davidson Account and $6056.44 in our First Security Bank CD.  Wendy made a note that there were some ($300.20) Paypal deposits to the account that were later rectified by the bank.



Sustainable Ag:  Tyler Lane reported on the Sustainable Fellowship from NACAA

4-H:  Kari Lewis sent in her report on 4-H happenings including the new beef book, a survey from Elise Henry on fair judges and sale formats is available, and they are also wanting to increase the applicants for the People Partner grants-they had 10.

Ag Issues:  Ben Hauptman reported on the National Outstanding Farmer Award applications

Awards:  Adrian reported that the AA award recipient will be Rose Malisani, and the DSA will be Wendy Becker, she also wanted to discuss possibly changing the application process for selection.

Scholarship:  Colleen Buck discussed the deadline and process for scholarship applications

Life Member:  Mike Schuldt reported that there are 29 life members.  He also noted that there are some members who should have life membership and don’t.  They are Wayne Gipp, Jack Riesselman, Kent Williams, Jim Moore, John Pfister, Jon Maatta, and Tom Allen, Mike moved to offer them life membership, Marko seconded, motion passed.

Natural Resources/Aquaculture:  Kim Richardson commented on the Clean-Drain-Dry campaign and they are already finding pests, June 6-10 will be Noxious Weed Week.


No other committee reports.



There was no report on the quarter horse book,


Bylaws-Marko moved to table term limits for committee chairs to the fall meeting Shelley seconded.  Motion passed. 


Shelley Mills reported on hosting AMPIC 2025.  Shelley discussed the RFP issues with the NACAA board and then Helms-Briscoe.  As soon as that falls into place, they will move forward.  Shelley wanted to know if the membership is still interested in hosting, a vote of the membership still wanted to attempt to host in 2025.  We will move forward with information as the national board makes decisions.



Adrian asked the membership about changing the awards.  It was moved to form a committee of Adrian, Rose, and Dave will send out a Qualtrics survey to see how it can be changed. Motion passed.


Callie Cooley has volunteered for the Search For Excellence Committee following Jessie moving up to national committee.


Dues:  Tim moved to have executive committee discuss dues and bring to fall meeting, Dave seconded, motion passed.  Also, the treasurer will send out the notices to the membership and let them be responsible if they haven’t gotten them in.


Hospitality room at annual conference will be most likely at the hotel, Tyler will contact Larry and Millie who are the liaisons for the committee and find out the schedule.


Western AMPIC will be in Colorado October 4-6 in Grand Junction. 


Cecil Tharp the Ag Program Leader gave a lengthy report on our COVID issues and how we are working through, around, and with them as an extension family.  Testing procedures, webinars, onsite programming, position openings, drought, water quality, communication, working resources, and letting each other know when specialist are in our county/reservations, are just some of the topics he discussed.


Cody Stone have an administrative update on vacancies and budget items we are seeing this year.  We are sitting pretty good out of the legislative session. 


There were no sire/dam reports, or JCEP reports. 


Deceased agents included Merle Lyda and Jim Johnson.


We will need to fill the Eastern Region Director, fill the vacant VP office, and change the checkbook signers at the fall meeting.


Shelley Mills moved to adjourn the meeting, Molly, seconded, motion passed.


Announcements of upcoming meetings:

NACAA AMPIC – July 4-8, 2021 – Philadelphia, PA virtual

July 17-22, 2022 - West Palm Beach, FL

August 12 – 17, 2023 - Des Moines, IA

July 14-18, 2024 – Dallas, TX


Respectfully submitted by Wendy Becker