MACAA Fall Business Meeting

Montana State University, Bozeman

October 24, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 12:26 p.m. by President Sharla Sackman. There were 40 members and guests in attendance.


MINUTES: The minutes from the Spring 2017 meeting were distributed and placed on the website.  Kari L. moved to approve as posted, Rachel E seconded. Motion passed.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer reported that MACAA has $15079.74 in our checking account, $4152.27 in our DA Davidson account, and $6052.18 in a First Security Bank CD. Marko M moved to approve the report, and Shelley M. seconded. Motion passed.


Committee Reports:

Shelley gave a little introduction to their roles and responsibilities as part of her duties as second VP. 


Life Members:  Dave Phillips is transitioning to the national chair, so has asked Dave Bertlesen to take over his duties.  He has updated the life members information to coincide with our records.


Ag Issues and Public Relations: Tracey Mosely attended NACAA meeting in July. She reported that the committee are doing different regional webinars that relevant to that area.


Teaching and Educational Technologies: Rose Malisani reported that there are webinars on the NACAA website.


Agronomy and Pest Management: Shelley Mills discussed possible issues to look for especially drone use in pest management and the drought advisory committee that affected nearly all of Montana.


Ag Economics and Community Development: George Haynes and Kate Fuller are working program areas of farm financial problems, prices and production, issues on the farm, and debt consolidation.  They have 5 workshops planned.


Animal Science: Lee Schmelzer reported on upcoming meeting such as the Range Beef Cow Symposium in Cheyenne on Nov 28-30th, and the Beef Summit in Miles City Jan 10-11th.


Sustainable Ag:  Tyler Lane reported from the NACAA AM/PIC that there is a difference between organic and sustainable, also on the SARE Fellows program, there is a workshop also from the conference.


Search for Excellence: Jesse Fulbright reported that there was one application that received a state award for the Bovine Connection-Colleen Buck, Wendy Becker, Jeff Chilson, and Tim Fine.


4-H and Youth: Sharla Sackman reported that there will be a new hire for the position in the State 4-H office soon.  She also recognized Katie and Rose for putting on the state horse show, also Tim Del Curto and Marc King for putting on the livestock contest at Congress, and Nikki Bailey for the horse judging contest.


Professional Development: Tim Fine reported that Wendy Becker won 2nd overall in the poster contest out of 151 posters. 


Public Relations:  Kari Lewis gave a report


Recognition and Awards:  Wendy reported that Tyler Lane was the recipient of the AA award, and Mike Schuldt was the recipient of the DSA award.


Scholarship Committee: NR, Colleen Buck will be the new chair


All other committees had no report.




Rose M. have a report on the Havre Ag Agent update, learning about the facility, advisory board.  It it is good to travel to see the other portion of the state and research serving Montana.


Ben H gave a report on the NACAA AM/PIC as a 1st timer.


Wendy B gave a report on the FRTEP National Conference in Polson.  MACAA helped to sponsor the event at $500.  There were over 75 participants from several states that showcased MT/Reservation agriculture.


Program Leaders Update:  With the news that Rachel E is resigning, we need to form a committee to do the ag agent update.  Leading the committee will be Shelley M, others to serve on the committee are Megan, Mat, Kari, Ben, Colleen, Elin, and Nikki.


Float Trip committee- reported that the trip was canceled due to the drought and fires affecting MT.


Kari L, Shelley, and Mike are updating the Quarter Horse Awards book, hasn’t been done for years, they need 1991-1998 stories.




A Letter of support was given from the MACAA to host the WSARE at MSU for the next 5 years.


A by-laws committee was form to review any necessary changes-Dave Brink, Brent Roeder, Mat W.


Sharla, Tim, and Wendy will work on updating MACAA historical records on the website.

Tim moved to set dues at $105, Rose seconded, Motion passed.


Election of officers:  Tim was selected from ballots for the 2nd VP, Wendy Becker was unanimously voted for Sec/Treas, and Directors will be Colleen, Jesse, and Tracy. 


Shelley M moved to offer Life Membership to Jeff Bader and Kevin Chamberlain, Tim F seconded, motion carried.


Tyler moved to adjourn the meeting, Rose seconded, motion passed.




Ag Economic Conference Nov 3

Range Beef Cow Symposium Nov 28-30, 2018

JCEP Conference, Orlando FL, Feb 14-15, 2018

PILD, Crystal City, VA April 8-11, 2018


National AM/PIC              July 29-August 2, 2018: Chattanooga, TN

                                             September 8-12, 2019: Fort Wayne, IN\

                                             July 19-24, 2020 Virginia Beach, VA

                                             July 4-8, 2021 Philadelphia, PA


Respectfully submitted, Wendy Becker


2017-2018 Officers:

Pres-Rose Malisani

VP-Shelley Mills

2nd VP-Tim Fine

Sec/Treas-Wendy Becker

Directors:  East Colleen Buck

                    Central Jesse Fulbright

                    West Tracy Mosley