MACAA Spring Meeting

May 21, 2020, MSU Webex due to COVID-19, 10:00 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Tim Fine at 10:05. There were 45 members and guests in attendance. 


MINUTES: There were no changes to the minutes from the Fall 2019 meeting placed on the website, minutes approved.  


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer reported that MACAA has $17,835.13 in our checking account, $4152.27 in our DA Davidson account, and $6056.44 in a First Security Bank CD.  Wendy informed the membership that the CD was changed to a higher percentage rate of 1.8% for a 13 month period.


Committee Reports:


 Received committee reports for MACAA Spring 2020 meeting:

Life Members

-Mike Schuldt is trying to get an updated contact list

Ag Issues and Public Relations

-Outstanding Young Farmers Program is accepting nominations for 2021 Awards Congress in Appleton, WI. Nominations are due August 1. Ben Hauptman has more information.

Search for Excellence

-2 applications were forwarded to regionals:

-Adriane Good: Follow the Beef North Tour

-Tracy Mosley: Fall Regrowth of Annual Cereals Planted Alone or in Mixtures: Nitrates and Forage Quality

Recognition & Awards

-Achievement Award (AA): Ben Hauptman

-Distinguished Service Award (DSA): Tim Fine

Sustainable Ag

-New Western SARE Coordinator is Dr. Clayton Marlow


Scott Jensen, Western Region Director attended the Webex to discuss the shortened AMPIC meeting and change of date to Sept 29-Oct 1, 2020.  Also, the Western AMPIC that was supposed to be held in CO will be cancelled and moved to 2021.



There was no report for the quarter horse book (Kari, Tracy) or bylaws (Dave, Mat, Brent R).


Tyler talked about the spring ag agent update being moved to next year on May 17-20 in Lewistown due to the Yogo Inn not letting the rooms out of contract, the format will be similar to what should have been on this year’s agenda.


Shelley will contact NACAA about the hosting possibility of the National meeting in 2025.  A committee of Shelley, Kim R, Julie S, Josh, Adriene, Colleen, Jesse, Tim, Wendy, Patrick, Kim W, Dave and Jane was formed. Pat McGlynn said she would be willing to help.




Kim moved to retire the Buffalo Initiation Ceremony, Molly seconded, after much discussion, question was called and failed by 2/3 vote.  The motion was amended by Mike, seconded by Mat to include “and archive the script to prevent the use of the script in any future ceremony not following the format of the original initiation ceremony.”  Amendment passed.  Question was called, passed by 2/3 vote, motion passed. 


Shelley moved to shift the quarter horse award to the spring meeting, Megan seconded, motion passed.


Tim Fine gave a brief JCEP conference report.


Mat moved to pay for 1st time attendees to help with costs at NACAA AMPIC, Molly seconded, Dave amended the motion for $500 per person, Molly seconded, amendment passed.  Motion passed.


It was noted that JCEP, RDH’s, WSARE, and possibly Cody also have additional funds to help pay to attend AMPIC, Tim will talk with Cody.


Jane gave a program leader update.  Her tenure with this will run out at the end of June, administration is selecting a different leader then.  Abiya Saeed will be the new horticulture specialist starting July 6th.  Fabian M has stepped down as the WSARE coordinator, Clayton Marlow will fill in the interim.  We are in the 2nd year of the 5 year cycle.  Ben, and Domo finished up their MS, Adam finished his PhD, Megan, Kate, Pat, Tracy, and Jane were tenured, and Shelley was retained.  Jane is also looking into providing a virtual schooling for being able to communicate science-based information to the public. 


Sire/Dam/Engagement report:  Kari Lewis welcomed Kaci, Danielle welcomed twins Rowan and Nina, Colleen got engaged!


Adriene read a list of the award winners for MT.


Mat moved to adjourn the meeting, Colleen seconded, motion passed.  11:54 a.m.


Announcements of upcoming meetings:


National AM/PIC              September 29-Oct 1 Virginia Beach, VA

                                                July 4-8, 2021 Philadelphia, PA

                                                July 17-22, 2022 West Palm Beach, FL

                                                August 12-17, 2023 Ames, IA


MSU Extension Annual Conference October 26-29, 2020, Billings


Respectfully submitted, Wendy Becker