Please consult the Marias Fair 4-H website for a complete listing of rules, this is a summary of pertinent information to know at the beginning of the project.

Age and enrollment requirements

  • Youth must be 8 years of age by October 1 of the current year to enroll in goat. 

Market Goat Specific

  • Breeds – Any meat goat breed is acceptable, but market goats must be at least 50% of that breed.
  • Sale – Goats are eligible for sale in the 4-H Livestock Auction.
  • Horns – Meat goats (including market goats) may be shown with or without horns. Dehorning or “disbudding” goats is recommended to be done at 10 to 14 days of age (even earlier for males). Disbudding may be done with an iron or banding, if done improperly, scars may result. If the goats have not been dehorned, it is recommended that their horns be “tipped” (trimmed of sharp points) for the showman’s safety. Tipping should occur four to six weeks before the fair.
  • Tagging Deadline - Market animals need to be tagged no later than the deadline set by the Marias Fair 4-H Livestock Committee (May 9, 2021), and the animal needs to be in full possession of the 4-Her at this time.
  • Tagging Procedure - A Marias Fair button with a green numbered tag in one ear is required, this will be administered through the county Extension Office. Should an animal lose their ear tag, a replacement tag must be requested through the Extension Office.
  • Spare – One spare animal may be weighed in/exhibitor, including for a pen of three. In the case of the death of an exhibitor’s Marias Fair market animal(s), the exhibitor may purchase another exhibitor’s officially weighed-in Marias Fair market animal.
  • Livestock Quality Assurance - Livestock Quality Assurance training is required every other year for members, watch your county newsletter for training dates, times, and locations.
  • Minimum weight - The minimum weight for sale at the Marias Fair Livestock Auction is 70 pounds. If an animal is underweight, they may still participate in the showmanship portion of the livestock show and compete in a special feeder class. Underweight animals cannot be sold at the 4-H livestock auction. They may be sold private treaty, but no signs may be posted until after the livestock aution.
  • Maximum weight - The maximum weight for sale is 110 pounds. Any market lamb that weighs over 110 pounds is still eligible for show and sale, but the member will only be paid for 110 pounds.
  • Maximum weight for sale participation - Animals over 123 lbs  will not be eligble to be sold at the Marias Fair 4-H Livestock Sale.
  • Show and sale requirements - Showing in market and showmanship classes and the member being present at the sale are required to sell in the 4-H livestock auction.
  • Scrapie tags – All market goats must have scrapie tags.
  • Multiple entries – Market goat entries may not be shown in other lots (with the exception of showmanship). For example, the same goat may not be shown as both a Market Goat and a Junior)
  • Age of goats – It is suggested that market goats be 7 to 10 months of age at fair and should be no more than one year of age.


Breeding Goat Specific

  • Breeds - Any goat breed is acceptable. 
  • Entries -Members are allowed only one entry per class.
  • Identification - Breeding animals must have either the 4-H Clover tattoo or an association registration tattoo or picture of their animal submitted to their Extension Office by the sheep/goat weigh- in deadline. The 4-Her needs to have full possession of their project animal at this time.

 Questions - Please direct any specific questions to your county extension agricultural agent or Livestock Committee Advising Agents, Jesse Fulbright ([email protected], 759-5625) or Kari Lewis ([email protected], 873-2239).