Registration for the fair begins on the third Monday in May. Please log on to to submit your entries to the fair.  The deadline for online entries is the third Thursday in June. Late entries will not be allowed.

New 4-H families will need to create a new account in FairEntry. You will need to create your family’s exhibitors. Next year, the system will recognize your login information and you will be able to reactivate your family’s exhibitor records from the previous year and make any changes to them, so it will be a speedy process. The process of choosing classes to enter will remain the same.

For more complete instructions see the FairEntry links on the bottom right of this page. If you have any questions about the process, or do not have internet access feel free to stop by the Extension office or give us a call during regular business hours for assistance. 

When the fairbook and calendar are available, you can click on the link below to access. 

Marias Fair 2024 Fairbook

Marias Fair 2024 Fairbook printable

Marias Fair 2024 Calendar

Marias Fair 2024 4-H Calendar printable

Payment Information

If you are paying for:

1. Large animal stall deposit: make check payable to Marias Fair Livestock Committee

2. Horse stall deposit: make check payable to Marias Fair Horse Committee

  • All stall fees are refundable if the stalls are cleaned and approved by the barn superintendent. Unless you request otherwise all stall deposit checks will be shredded.

3. Dog show fee: make check payable to Marias Fair Ag Committee

Please mail or drop off checks at your local Extension Office by the third Thursday in June.


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