To resolve issues and answer questions about concerns related to some action during the Marias Fair, exhibitors are urged to follow and utilize the following normal chain of command. An attempt will be made at each level of this Grievance Procedure to resolve the issue. The written Statement of Grievance is to be used as the appeal of final resort for the Fair exhibitor. A printable Statement of Grievance is offered below or can be picked up at your County Extension office. 

Marias Fair Statement of Grievance

All concerns are simpler to address shortly after they occur, so please report an incident as soon as possible and no later than seven (7) days after the occurrence. The goal of this Procedure is to resolve issues as soon as they occur and at the 4-H leader or superintendent level. It is also a goal of this Procedure to protect the privacy of the individual(s); therefore, involving only the necessary parties in the issue will simplify the investigation and documentation.

  1. Member contacts their local 4-H project or organizational leader.
  2. Member and/or leader contacts the building or department superintendent.
  3. Member and/or leader contacts the local Extension agent.
  4. Member and/or leader and/or local Extension agent contacts the Extension agent responsible for the Marias Fair committee or division affected.
  5. Member requests a Grievance Committee Hearing. A written Statement of Grievance shall be filed with the Extension agent in charge of the affected committee or fair division by the party grieving the process or decision. This party would be the 4-H member who was affected by the process or decision. The statement should include the following information at a minimum. The extension agent will then forward the grievance to the Grievance Committee. 
    • Date of the incident.
    • Name of the person filing the grievance.
    • A complete statement describing the incident including all facts upon which the complaint is based.
    • Any rules, regulations, policies, or procedures that have been violated, if any.
    • List of the names and addresses (preferably with phone numbers) if possible, of people who were involved in the incident and their role in the
    • Signature of those submitting the grievance.
    • A filing fee of fifty dollars ($50) will be payable to the affected Fair committee; which will be refunded if the committee is in agreement with the grievance. Funds not returned shall be earmarked for awards. If the issue is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction, they may send the grievance on to the Montana State 4-H office. State 4-H office determination is final.
  6. If the issue is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction, they may send the grievance on to the Montana State 4-H office. State 4-H office determination is final.

The Grievance Committee will be made of Extension agents from Glacier, Liberty, Pondera and Toole Counties and the Blackfeet Reservation. Each county or reservation will have one vote in the Grievance Committee. The chairman of the affected Marias Fair division or committee will also be on Grievance Committee in an advisory role.

The Grievance Committee will:

  1. Narrow and define the issues related to the incident.
  2. Gather information related to the incident which may include: - Identifying and obtaining input from people - Reviewing documents - Other processes deemed necessary by the committee.
  3. Prepare recommendations for the resolution of the grievance. The recommendations will be non-binding and no testimony used by the grievance process may be used for other purposes.
  4. Every effort will be made by the committee to resolve the grievance within 30 days.