1. All tied cattle will have a neck rope.
  2. Potential kicking cattle must have a red ribbon attached to their tail at all times.
  3. A pre-show will take place Wednesday evening of the Fair to determine showing suitability for beef and dairy cattle. All animals will have to be shown as manageable to members of the livestock committee.  If animals are proven to be unmanageable, they will be disqualified and removed from the Fairgrounds.  The pre-show is for the purpose of safety for all involved in the show.  A pre-show consent must be completed through the online fair entry process or signed by exhibitor and parent/guardian and turned in prior to fair. 


  1. Eligibility: Open to all 4-H Members.
  2. Register online by the fair registration deadline
  3. Teams are the top three judges from each age group and county. 


  • Carcass Contest participation is automatic based on the following eligibility criteria:
    1. Only 4-H market animals sold at auction are eligible to participate in the Marias Fair 4-H Carcass Contest.
    2. Animals from Self-Determined and Independent Study Projects, animals who do not meet minimum weight standards and/or extra tagged animals may be slaughtered at owner's expense and convenience of slaughter plant. The owner must transport these animals for slaughter.  These carcasses will not be eligible for the Carcass Contest, but upon request to the Livestock Committee may be graded for comparison purposes.  
    3. Only animals slaughtered at the official packing plant will be eligible to compete in the Carcass Contest. Buyers are not required to have their animals slaughtered at the official packing plant.  Therefore, some animals may not be eligible to compete in the Carcass Contest. 
  • Cash awards from the carcass award fund will be split at the donors and/or the Livestock Committee’s discretion among the top carcasses.