Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit

Project Interview (required)

A registration fee of $5.00 will be charged for each 4-H member that has a dog to show at the Saturday show.  Fees will be paid when submitting registration forms prior to fair.  4-H Dog members not participating in the dog show will not pay a registration fee.


  1. Dogs must be in good health and current certificate of vaccinations must be furnished with Fair Entries. (No Vaccination, No Show, No Exceptions)
  2. The Marias Fair 4-H Dog Show is a 4-H Show. Modified AKC scoring rules will be used for the judging; all domestic dogs are eligible; wolf and wolf hybrids are not permitted. AKC registration is not necessary. Dogs must be 6 months of age by the date of the show in order to participate. Dogs must be owned either by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s immediate family. Lessons, instruction, and advice are encouraged as long as the participant handles the dog the majority of the time; however, the project dog cannot be trained by or participate in any other show or event where the fair exhibitor is not the handler.
  3. Obedience Training and Showmanship require an animal and will be judged on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Dog showmen should be present by 7:45 a.m. to pick up numbers.
  4. All other dog activities (educational exhibits and/or other project related items) will be interview judged on Wednesday in the Exhibit Building.
  5. To encourage additional educational exhibits and other related project items, there are two awards: High Point Dog Exhibit Award: points based on interview and lots 100-101 and Overall High Point Dog Project Awards: Based on all premium points in dog, including interview, exhibits, show and other project related items.
  6. Dogs shall be shown using the appropriate equipment. The Ag Committee recommends a chain training collar and 6-foot nylon or leather leash for all obedience classes. A fine chain slip collar and clip leash or martingale type lead is recommended for showmanship. A complete list is outlined by the dog resource handbook.
  7. All dogs and handlers will be judged individually against a standard. Sits and downs will be done by group examination.
  8. Injured dogs and female dogs in season will not be allowed to participate. (When in doubt, please see an Ag Committee Member.)
  9. Judges reserve the right to remove a dog from ring competition due to health or behavioral concerns. Pre-Juniors are encouraged to bring a dog of appropriate size. Uncontrolled behavior of the dog such as barking, running away from its handler and unsportsmanlike conduct of the handler can be penalized based on the seriousness of the behavior, whether it occurs in the show ring or outside the ring
  10. ANY dog exhibiting unsafe or threatening behavior at any time before during or after exhibition MUST be removed from the Fairgrounds. 
  11. Competing dogs must be on a leash at all times except as required otherwise by the Official Judge during the judging. Non-competing dogs must be on a leash at all times during the judging and kept clear of the ring. 
  12. Score sheets will be returned to exhibitors by their respective extension office.
  13. Exhibitors who have previously shown are eligible to enter more than one dog if not at the same level. Example: Enter one dog in Sub-Novice and enter one dog in Novice.
  14. Exhibitors will be allowed to use bait only in showmanship.
  15. Suggested attire for showmanship - dress clothes. Suggested attire for obedience - dress clothes or long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes, or boots (no canvas tennis shoes). Attire and person shall be neat and clean. 
  16. Handler and dog teams who are awarded top awards in their class AND have successfully completed all exercises must move up into the next level. 
  17. Judges' decisions are final. Any concerns or comments can be submitted in writing to any member of the Ag Committee, or your local extension office and it will be addressed at the next Ag Committee meeting


CLASS  100          Educational display

CLASS  101          Other related item 1

CLASS  102          Other related item 2

CLASS  103          Other related item 3

CLASS 104           Other related item 4

CLASS 105           Other related item 5


CLASS  100          Senior

CLASS  101          Junior

CLASS  102          Pre-Junior


CLASS  100          Sub-Novice, A - handler and dog have never shown or trained

CLASS  101          Sub-Novice, B - dogs that have previously been shown or trained no higher than the sub-novice                                  level. Handlers with previous experience.  All work on lead.  If place in show, expect to move to                                    next level. 

                1)    heel on lead and figure 8

                2)    recall

                3)    stand for examination at end of lead

                4)    long sit at end of lead – one minute

                5)    long down at end of lead – three minutes

CLASS  102          Novice, A – handler and dog must qualify to compete at novice level (Leader determination)

CLASS  103         Novice, B - previously shown or trained in Novice

                1)    heel on lead and figure 8

                2)    heel free (off  lead)

                3)    recall (off lead)

                4)    stand for examination (off lead)

                5)    long sit (off lead) – one minute

                6)    long down (off  lead) – three minutes

CLASS  104          Graduate Novice, A – continuously with same dog

CLASS  105          Graduate Novice, B – previously shown or trained in Graduate Novice 

                1)   heel on lead

                2)   heel free and figure 8 (off lead)

                3)   stand for examination (off lead)

                4)   drop on recall (off lead)

                5)   long sit - handler out of sight - three minutes

                6)   long down - handler out of sight - five minutes

CLASS  106        Open (all work off lead)

                1)   heel free and figure 8

                2)   drop on recall

                3)   one or more of the following three:

  1. a) retrieve dumbbell on flat - 20 points
  2. b) broad jump (length is twice the size of the dog) - 20 points
  3. c) retrieve over high jump (height of dog) - 30 points

                4)    long sit - handler out of sight – three minutes

                5)    long down - handler out of sight – five minutes

CLASS  107         Utility (all work off lead)

                1)  signal exercise (to include: heel, stand, stay, drop, sit, come)

                2)  one or more of the following three handler’s choice a) scent discrimination (one article, either wood or                  leather) - 30 points b) directed retrieve - 30 points  c) directed jumping - 40 points

                3) Moving stand for exam

CLASS  108         Other dog skills class: includes agility, search dog, hunt & retrieve, fly ball and trick.

CLASS  109          Brace