Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit


Project Interview (required)

CLASS  100          Family & Consumer Science

CLASS  101          Livestock, Horse, Dog or Small Animal

CLASS  102          Plant Science, Natural Sciences or Outdoor Sports

CLASS  103          Photography or Communications

CLASS  104          Leadership or 4-H Exploration

CLASS  105          Other

CLASS  106          Project Workbook or Notebook of accomplishments with supporting materials

CLASS  107          Poster

CLASS  108          Educational display

CLASS  109          Other related item 1

CLASS 110          Other related item 2

CLASS 111          Other related item 3



 Project Interview (required)

CLASS  100          Treasure Box

CLASS  101          Treasure List

CLASS  102          Map you have drawn of your community

CLASS  103          Scrapbook of 4-H information

CLASS  104          Collage of 4-H projects of interest to you

CLASS  105          Completed Exploring the Treasures of 4-H Youth Guide

CLASS  106          Other related item 1

CLASS 107          Other related item 2

CLASS 108          Other related item 3