Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class Exhibit

  • Youth with sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilts are encouraged to participate in the 4-H Fashion Revue.
  • Educational displays, posters and notebooks are encouraged as entries.
  • Each article must have been made during the current 4-H year.
  • Make sure items are fair ready - clean, pressed, neat, free of pet hair.


Sewing and Textiles Project Interview (required)


Level 1 members are encouraged to choose patterns and fabric that are within their skill range.  A well-done project that is simple is better than a more difficult project that does not meet sewing standards; however, members will NOT be penalized for choosing more difficult projects, if they are sewn well. 

CLASS  100          Educational display

CLASS  101          Fringed woven placemat

CLASS  102          Apron

CLASS  103          Oven mit

CLASS  104          Bean bag game

CLASS  105          Crayon roll

CLASS  106          Book cover

CLASS  107          Pillow case with band

CLASS  108          Wallet

CLASS  109          Pajama pant

CLASS  110          T-shirt redesign

CLASS  111          Scissor case/sheath

CLASS  112          Pin cushion

CLASS  113          Needle book

CLASS  114          Tote bag

CLASS  115          Zipper pouch

CLASS  116          Scrunchie

CLASS  117          Headband

CLASS  118          Fabric belt

CLASS  119          Display or exhibit related to sewing tools

CLASS  120          Color swatch color wheel

CLASS  121          Display of fabrics using primary, analogous, complementary and tertiary color schemes

CLASS  122          Display of fabrics illustrating intensity and value

CLASS  123          Display related to fabric scavenger hunt, label fabrics by woven, knit and non-woven and fiber content

CLASS  124          Display related to sewing machine parts

CLASS  125          Textile file with swatches of fabrics and fabric identification card

CLASS  126          Fiber content experiment and results

CLASS  127          Fiber zap (static electricity) experiment and results

CLASS  128          Soak it up experiment and results

CLASS  129          Natural or synthetic fiber experiment and results

CLASS  130          Beach towel

CLASS  131          Exhibit or sampler of seam finishes

CLASS  132          Sample of five hand stitches

CLASS  133          Refashioned clothing item

CLASS  134          Consumer comparison display related to clothing or a sewing home decorating item

CLASS  135          Display related to a community service project based on sewing

CLASS  136          Travel kit

CLASS  137          Travel bag

CLASS  138          Laundry bag

CLASS  139          Nine patch pillow

CLASS  140         Other related item 1

CLASS 141          Other related item 2

CLASS 142          Other related item 3


CLASS  200          Educational display

CLASS  201         Display related to stripes as a design feature

CLASS  202          Display related to print fabrics and design features

CLASS  203          Display of pressing tools with labels on uses

CLASS  204          Handmade tailor’s ham

CLASS  205          Knit scarf from recycled fabrics

CLASS  206          Textile file with swatches of fabric and fabric identification card

CLASS  207         Burn test experiment and results

CLASS  208          Chemical test experiment and results

CLASS  209          Break it down environmental impact of textiles experiment and results

CLASS  210          Detergent experiment comparison results

CLASS  211          Holding it together experiment and results

CLASS  212          Melting and color experiment and results

CLASS  213         Seam finishes sampler

CLASS  214          Display of darts, curves and gathering

CLASS  215          Sampler of button holes and sewn on buttons

CLASS  216          Sampler of hand stitches

CLASS  217          Display related to types of interfacing, when and where to use

CLASS  218          Sampler of two zippers (lap, invisible, fly front, centered or exposed)

CLASS  219          Sampler with at least two pocket styles

CLASS  220          Shirt with set in sleeve

CLASS  221          Shirt with raglan sleeve

CLASS  222          Shirt with kimono sleeve

CLASS  223          Shirt with dolman sleeve

CLASS  224          Item sewn with cuff and placket

CLASS  225          Item sewn with collar

CLASS  226          Item sewn with waistband

CLASS  227          Item sewn with faced waistline

CLASS  228          Cost analysis of sewing project

CLASS  229          Cost comparison of sewing project

CLASS  230          Other related item 1

CLASS  231           Other related item 2

CLASS  232          Other related item 3


CLASS  300          Educational display

CLASS  301          Resize a larger shirt to fit using a serger

CLASS  302          Display of related to pressing tools and uses

CLASS  303          Textile file with swatches of fabric and identification card

CLASS  304          Natural vs. synthetic experiment and results

CLASS  305          Detergent experiment homemade vs. commercial

CLASS  306          Display related to textile laundering

CLASS  307          Suitable swimsuit material experiment and results

CLASS  308          Item sewn from swimsuit fabric

CLASS  309          Item sewn using interfacing

CLASS  310          Item sewn using lining

CLASS  311          Item sewn with wool

CLASS  312          Item sewn with velvet

CLASS  313          Item sewn with vinyl

CLASS  314          Item sewn with leather

CLASS  315          Item sewn from a fabric with repeating patterns

CLASS  316          Design comparison

CLASS  317          Recycled or refashioned sewing project

CLASS  318          Project planning notebook or display

CLASS  319          Item made with French seams

CLASS  320          Item made with flat felled seams

CLASS  321          Item sewn using boning

CLASS  322          Item sewn or sampler of a rolled hem

CLASS  323          Item sewn featuring an invisible zipper

CLASS  324         Item sewn with a tailored lapel

CLASS  325          Item with a tailored sleeve and/or shoulder pads

CLASS  326          Sampler of button holes and sewn on buttons

CLASS  327         Item sewn using one or more couture techniques

CLASS  328         Display related to sewing community service project

CLASS  329          Sewing entrepreneur project

CLASS  330          Sewing business plan

CLASS  331          Display related to accessorizing outfits either handmade or purchased

CLASS  332          Consumer project related to wardrobe

CLASS  333          Other related item 1

CLASS  334           Other related item 2

CLASS  335          Other related item 3


CLASS 400          Educational display

CLASS  401          Other related item 1

CLASS  402         Other related item 2

CLASS  403         Other related item 3



CLASS  500 Senior

CLASS  501 Junior

CLASS  502 Pre-Junior


CLASS  100        Educational display

CLASS  101          Display about your personal style (words, pictures, collage, etc.)

CLASS  102          Display related to “creating an impression”

CLASS  103         Display with pictures of people and written first impression

CLASS  104          Exhibit describing impression you want to make and how clothing can help

CLASS  105          Exhibit related to how clothing and appearance communicate

CLASS  106          Display related to trends in fashion

CLASS  107          Exhibit related to historic trends in fashion

CLASS  108          Display related to cultural dress

CLASS  109          Exhibit about careers in clothing, fashion and style

CLASS  110          Display regarding body portions and styles to flatter different body types

CLASS  111          Exhibit related to colors and image

CLASS  112         Display about colors of clothing in your wardrobe

CLASS  113          Mix and match display to show trends or colors or styles for body types

CLASS  114          Exhibit demonstrating use of design elements to flatter figures

CLASS  115         Exhibit related to fabrics and textures in clothing

CLASS  116          Digital closet-electronic display of mix and match clothing

CLASS  117          Clothing inventory from your closet or from a family members’ closet

CLASS  118          Exhibit related to shopping for clothing

CLASS  119          Display of thrift store shopping experience or mix and match finds

CLASS  120          Cost per wear analysis

CLASS  121          Comparison of shopping options-cash, credit, layaway and final costs

CLASS  122         Exhibit related to clothing care and repair

CLASS  123         Exhibit related to man-made and/or synthetic fiber production, characteristics, etc.

CLASS  124          Laundry list-exhibit related to laundering and caring for clothing

CLASS  125          Clothing first aid kit

CLASS  126          Example of mending-hems, buttons, etc.

CLASS  127         Exhibit about clothing storage

CLASS  128          Exhibit related to skin care routines

CLASS  129          Exhibit related to cosmetics

CLASS  130          Exhibit related to undergarments (function, types, trends, etc.)

CLASS  131          Photo with one fashion show commentary

CLASS  132         Collection of photos with written style show commentaries

CLASS  133          Other related item 1

CLASS  134           Other related item 2

CLASS  135          Other related item 3