Best of Show Trophy and Best of Class


 Project Interview (required)

CLASS  100          Article made in cutting and pasting

CLASS  101          Article made in drawing

CLASS  102          Article made in painting

CLASS  103          Article made in sculpting

CLASS  104          Article made in printing

CLASS  105          Article made in fiber

CLASS  106          Article made in 3-D construction

CLASS  107        Other related item 1

CLASS 108         Other related item 2

CLASS 109         Other related item 3



Project Interview (required)


CLASS  100          Contour drawing

CLASS  101          Drawing with shading techniques

CLASS  102          Two drawings comparing perspectives

CLASS  103          Drawing on a circular shape

CLASS  104          Drawing with colored pencils and blended lines

CLASS  105          Animal drawing with pen and ink

CLASS  106          Alphabet in calligraphic style

CLASS  107          Cartoon character and strip

CLASS 108          Other related item 1

CLASS 109          Other related item 2

CLASS 110          Other related item 3 


CLASS  111          Felted wool appliqué mat

CLASS  112          Cotton linter creation

CLASS  113          Batik artwork

CLASS  114          Lap loom weaving

CLASS  115          Inkle loom weaving

CLASS  116          Collection of natural dyes

CLASS  117          Seminole patchwork

CLASS 118          Other related item 1

CLASS 119          Other related item 2

CLASS 120          Other related item 3


CLASS  121         Clay container

CLASS  122         Clay head with facial features

CLASS  123          Clay mask

CLASS  124          Sculpture of boxes and found objects

CLASS  125          Cardboard relief sculpture

CLASS  126          Wire sculpture

CLASS  127          Plaster of Paris carving

CLASS  128          Wire and plastic mobile

CLASS 129           Other related item 1

CLASS 130           Other related item 2

CLASS 131           Other related item 3


Project Interview (required)


CLASS  100          Acrylic painting of fruit still life

CLASS  101          Watercolor

CLASS  102          Abstract painting

CLASS  103          Sand painting

CLASS  104          Self-portrait

CLASS  105          Painting of a person in action

CLASS  106          Oil painting

CLASS  107          Oil painting showing perspective

CLASS  108          Encaustic painting of a flag

CLASS 109           Other related item 1

CLASS 110           Other related item 2

CLASS 111           Other related item 3


CLASS  112          Cardboard collagraph

CLASS  113          Sun print using blueprint paper

CLASS  114          Plexiglas etching

CLASS  115          Wax-resist print

CLASS  116         Inner-tube tire stamp and print

CLASS  117          Linoleum block and relief print

CLASS  118          Hand-drawn photographic negative and print

CLASS  119          Monoprint

CLASS 120           Other related item 1

CLASS 121           Other related item 2

CLASS 122          Other related item 3


CLASS  123          Image with negative and positive spaces

CLASS  124         Two designs contrasting use of color

CLASS  125          Artwork using only letters

CLASS  126          Self-portrait using computer design software

CLASS  127          Portfolio of advertisements showing elements and principles of design

CLASS  128          Computer drawing

CLASS  129          Design of CD/DVD label, case cover and booklet

CLASS  130          Original optical illusion using shape and space

CLASS 131          Other related item 1

CLASS 132          Other related item 2

CLASS 133          Other related item 3


 Project Interview (required)


CLASS  100          Educational Display           

CLASS  101          Display of research scrapbook materials and ideas

CLASS  102          Display of tools and supplies for scrapbooking

CLASS  103          Exhibit showing how cropping enhances photos for scrapbooking

CLASS  104          Exhibit displaying properly mounted photos

CLASS  105          Exhibit related to choosing photos to preserve

CLASS  106          Scrapbook page(s) that show mounting photos creatively

CLASS  107          Scrapbook page(s) that highlights using embellishments

CLASS  108          Scrapbook page(s) that show journaling as a scrapbooking technique

CLASS  109          Scrapbook page(s) that show background techniques or treatments

CLASS  110          Research display of three different companies for digital scrapbooking

CLASS  111          Digital scrapbook with a central theme

CLASS  112          Digital scrapbook

CLASS  113          Scrapbook using a central theme

CLASS  114          Scrapbook showing a variety of techniques

CLASS  115          Craft made based on scrapbook techniques

CLASS  116          Framed scrapbook page

CLASS  117          Other related item 1

CLASS 118            Other related item 2

CLASS 119            Other related item 3


CLASS 200         Educational Display

CLASS 201         Other related item 1

CLASS 202          Other related item 2

CLASS 203          Other related item 1