Montana Master Gardener Program 

Code of Conduct Agreement

Thank you for your interest in the Montana Master Gardener program.  Your dedication to Extension and service to your community is greatly appreciated.  To ensure volunteer satisfaction, we have outlined a few guidelines concerning your volunteer service.  When in the course and scope of your Master Gardener duties, you are considered an ambassador of Montana State University.  As volunteers your words and actions are a reflection of MSU Extension and therefore we ask you abide by the following:


  • I will perform my volunteer duties with pride and follow the policies and procedures set forth in the Montana Master Gardener Volunteer Manual,
  • I will maintain a professional, respectful relationship with other Master Gardener volunteers, the public and state and county Extension personnel and strive to be a positive role model by refraining from harassment, profanity, disruptive behavior and any form of abuse,
  • I will represent MSU Extension and the Master Gardener program by wearing my Montana Master Gardener shirt (if applicable) when volunteering. Otherwise, I will dress in an appropriate manner and maintain a neat and clean appearance,
  • I will perform my volunteer duties without monetary compensation, including speaking engagements, nor will I use the Master Gardener title for personal or commercial business,
  • I will provide only unbiased, university-based information and will not endorse any one product or business,
  • I will provide clients with the best IPM practices for cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical controls, and will remind my clients that “the label is the law” and they should always read a pesticide label in its entirety before applying,
  • I will refrain from answering any questions outside my ability and will rather refer those questions to an Extension specialist or county or reservation Extension agent,
  • I will defer any questions regarding environmental impacts or contamination due to pesticides to my county or reservation Extension agent, Horticulture Specialist or the state Pesticide Education Coordinator,
  • I will not display discriminatory behavior, sexually harass, use alcohol, drugs or carry a dangerous weapon while serving as a Master Gardener volunteer.