Food Donations

Home-grown or purchased food donated to any local food pantry is equivalent to 10 pounds of food = 1 volunteer hour, with a maximum for each level of Master Gardener of 50 pounds (or 5 volunteer hours).  

We strongly encourage continued food donations, and reporting of such, even after volunteer hours have been met.  Consider starting a Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR) campaign ( in your area or volunteer with the Growing Together Montana (GTMT) grant program (

Flower Donations

Home-grown, homemade floral bouquets placed in a public location or donated is equivalent to 5 bouquets = 1 volunteer hour, with a maximum of 25 bouquets (or 5 volunteer hours) per level of Master Gardener. 

You can donate your creations to senior care facilities, hospitals, or take part in the movement, For the One Who Finds Me,  This social art project was started in Madison, WI and has spread across the world.  The premise is to create and place a small bouquet (complete with tag) in a public space for someone to find. 


  1.  Find a vase, or a clean jar.  It should be SMALL so it's less likely to tip over and easy for someone to carry.
  2. Use home-grown flowers from your garden, store bought don't count.
  1. Attach a tag to the vase, or flower stem, using a hole punch and string or ribbon.  You can add your name or write in "anonymous" where the tag says "placed by".
  1. Put the flowers somewhere where they will be noticed, making sure they are safe from the elements.  Avoid locations with food such as restaurants and grocery stores, but consider elevators, stairwells, along a walking path, at the library, on your neighbor’s porch, etc.
  1. Snap a picture of your bouquet in situ and post to social media.  Use the hashtag #fortheonewhofindsme on Instagram or Facebook (public post setting).
  1. Check the social media pages & the For The One Who Finds Me website to see if your bouquet was found.  Not every finder sends a photo, but it sure is cool when they do! 





You can customize your own tags, or contact the Montana Master Gardener Coordinator for a printable pdf at [email protected].