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About MME

Find it, or give it away, buy it, sell it, or trade it on the Montana Materials Exchange!

Whether its pallets, packing peanuts, chemicals, construction materials, or something else entirely, the MME is a cost-saving alternative to disposing of surplus, used or leftover items, industrial by-products, or any other unwanted but usable material. It's also an excellent low-cost way to find materials that you need.

Maintained by the Montana State University Extension, Pollution Prevention Program, in partnership with the Montana Chamber of Commerce, this free service connects businesses, government agencies and other organizations that have materials they need to get rid of with parties who can use them. By providing reuse opportunities for materials that would normally be thrown away, MME helps prevent waste and reduce environmental impacts while saving on disposal costs.

Small or large quantities of almost any usable material can be listed on the MME website. Both "wanted" and "available" listings can be posted, and any listing can be confidential if requested. Users can also designate "available" materials as free to schools, charities, or government agencies. To review the MME's policy on acceptable and unacceptable listings, please review the Guidelines page.

Before you pay to dispose of those old desks, leftover construction materials, or surplus cleaning chemicals, remember that someone else might be happy to take them

Try the Montana Material Exchange!

MME is a service offered by the Montana State University Extension Pollution Prevention Programs - MSU, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Montana Counties Cooperating - MSU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. Funding for the Montana Material Exchange Program is provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to the Montana Pollution Prevention Program.

If you have any problems or questions please e-mail the MME Administrator,Jenny Grossenbacher, at: [email protected]