Welcome to the home page of the Montana Pollution Prevention (MTP2) Program, a program of Montana State University Extension. The MTP2 Program has been serving Montana since 1992.

The MTP2 Program is dedicated to helping the state's small businesses , local governments and citizens use progressive, integrated pollution prevention (P2) strategies to increase productivity, while safeguarding our air, water, land and other natural resources. Our professional staff provide no-cost, non-regulatory technical assistance services to help businesses and individuals find cost effective ways to reduce, reuse and recycle resources in all areas of their operations and lives. We focus on finding ways to conserve energy and water, and reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

Below are just a few of the services that are available to help you meet and go beyond regulatory requirements, and promote your achievements:



  • Celebrate National Pollution Prevention Week: Sept 18-24, 2017 

Pollution prevention (P2) means reducing or eliminating sources of pollution to prevent damage to the environment while also eliminating the need for costly controls and cleanup.  During Pollution Prevention Week, we congratulate our state partners, industry and citizens - pat yourself on the back for the progress you've made!  https://www.epa.gov/p2week


  • EPA's Power Profiler

With just a few clicks of your mouse and a zip code, consumers can see how their individual energy use is affecting the Earth. EPA's Power Profiler calculates how much air pollution results from individual electricity and how to reduce the impact. http://www.epa.gov/cleanenergy/powerprofiler.htm


  •  Computers left on at night cost U.S. businesses $1.7 billion

Nearly half of all corporate PCs in the US are not regularly switched off at night, costing US businesses $1.72 billion in energy and causing emissions of 14.4 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, according to recently released PC Energy Awareness report.