Meet our Extension Field Crop Pathology team and find their contact information below.  Please direct field crop pathology-related inquiries, questions, and comments to Uta McKelvy.

Current Team Members

Photo of Dr. McKelvy

Uta McKelvy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Extension Plant Pathology
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
MSU College of Agriculture
MSU Extension
Photo of Monica Belsford

Monica Brelsford

Research Associate
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology
Photo of Carmen Murphy

Carmen Murphy

Assistant Research Professor
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Previous Team Members

Mary Burrows
Professor Extension Plant Pathology, Currently Director of Agricultural Experiment Station at Virginia Tech

Everet Owen
MS Student

Collins Bugingo
PhD Student

Paul Lorenzo
MS Student

Sydney Atencio 
MS Student 

Nar Ranabhat 
MS Student

Tim Seipel 
Former Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Current Cropland Weed Extension Specialist at MSU

Further Information

Contact Uta McKelvy for more information about MSU Extension Field Crop Pathology and the McKelvy Lab.  For general plant disease inquiries and diagnosis, contact the Schutter Diagnostic Lab.


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