Key points: 

  • Treatment areas with a minimum of 10,000 acres of rangeland are necessary (blocks will be mapped based on landowner interest);
  • The estimated cost to landowners per rangeland acre is $3.00/acre. For the purposes of this program, dryland hay acres are considered rangeland. Cropland will not be sprayed by APHIS unless there is 10% or less in the projected 10,000 acre block and the crop is listed on the label of the insecticide being used. The estimated cost on cropland acres (including CRP) is $4.50.  Irrigated cropland is excluded.
  • Dimilin is the product used at 1 oz./Acre. It is a growth regulator that is effective on insects with an exo-skeleton; it is not harmful to bees or birds;
  • RAATs (Reduced Agent Area Treatment) is utilized, an aerial swath treatment;
  • Treatment with Dimilin must be done at the third instar (which normally occurs late June);
  • No treatment will occur if the population doesn’t exceed the threshold for control based on June surveys;
  • Funding is limited and will be allocated on a first requested basis (the earlier the request the better odds for funding).