Nitrate Testing

Drought & Weather stress factors can create high levels of nitrate in annual forages. Extension provides a "screening" test indicating whether nitrate is present. The information is then used to determine whether further testing is needed or whether the forage is safe to feed. Over one hundred samples are tested annually; occasionally a sample contains levels too high to safely feed. 

Nitrate Toxicity of Montana Forages - Mont Guide


Pressure Canner Testing

Test your pressure canner before the season starts. If your pressure canner has a dial guage, have it checked once a year before the canning season. Also check it during the season if you use the canner frequently.


Water Testing


Windbreak Establishment and Care

Over 1000 seedling trees and shrubs are planted in Powder River County annually to establish farmstead and rural home windbreaks. The Extension Office advises landowners each year to teach proper tree establishment techniques and care.

Montana conservation Seedling Nursery
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Tree & Shrub Grower's Guide 
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Private Applicator Licensing

Insect Identification

Plant Disease Identification