What is Thrive?

For people who want to take charge of their emotional well-being to Man looking into Sun, Thrivelead happier, more satisfying lives.  

To participate, you need to:
   Have a Montana residency
   Be age 18 or older
   Have regular access to broadband internet 
   Have depression symptoms that are at 
        least mild

To enroll in the study:
   Complete a pre-screen survey  
[email protected] or



ISelfChange™ App For Smartphones

Most individuals whose alcohol problems are not severe, particularly college students and young adults, do not seek treatment. Several studies have shown that many people with alcohol problems can successfully change their drinking with minimal help. Now an app, iSelfChange™, has been developed for Smartphones. This evidence-based smartphone application was designed to promote a healthier lifestyle by allowing people to better understand their drinking behavior and moderate their alcohol intake. Smokers can also track their cigarette use. The iSelfChange™ app is available 24/7, is confidential, innovative, free, and provides a non-stigmatizing way of helping people change their drinking without entering treatment. The app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes and Google Play stores by searching for iSelfChange™ or clicking on the following links.