Truck and Tractor at Harvest 

The Extension Potato, Sugarbeet, and Pulse Pathology, on the campus of Montana State University in Bozeman is dedicated to providing information, education, and research to Montanans regarding complex plant disease issues.


We focus on diseases affecting seed potatoes, sugarbeets, peas, lentils, and chickpeas.


We seek to:

  • Enhance the value of agricultural production in the state and region
  • Disseminate research-based information designed to provide growers with the opportunity to make their own, informed decisions
  • Provide increased opportunities for training and learning experiences
  • Provide support to other laboratories involved in potato, sugarbeet, and pulse research


Our goals:

  • Develop integrated management programs to mitigate the economic impacts of plant diseases in Montana
  • Translate laboratory innovations to the field
  • Increase capacity for county agents in diagnosing diseases and providing economically-viable crop protection approaches
  • Diversify outreach through the use of educational materials using new platforms
  • Integrate traditional extension approaches with cutting edge molecular research
  • Provide news of interest to growers and homeowners