Spayed and neutered dogs are highly recommended- If you already know that your family dog fears people or dogs, or regularly growls and nips at people or dogs, or has shown unprovoked aggression (attacks for no reason; gets loose and attacks), DO NOT bring the dog to 4-H. This kind of dog needs to be handled by an adult under the guidance of a professional trainer. Unsuitable dogs will be excused from the program for the safety of all.


You are expected to demonstrate this quality at all times.
Children will be instructed in correct 4-H handling methods, and redirected if they make mistakes.
Disciplining with hands, feet, voice, or lead will not be tolerated. Children will be excused from participation if they persist with disciplining.

Safety rules for dogs and people will be observed at all times. A dog may not participate in group
activities until an up-to-date vaccination certificate is on file with the Superintendent/s.


All participants are expected to show respect to superintendents, leaders, parents and one another through voice, facial expression, and body language. Those viewing activities are asked to remain quiet so children can concentrate. If you have suggestions and critiques, bring them to instructors after the presentation.

Dressingappropriately for training, Fair (including Awards Ceremony) and all outside activity in which the youth represents 4-H dog Project.


No more than 3 consecutive sessions can be missed, unless prior approval by Superintendents. It is inconsiderate toward the leaders, that put forth the effort to help the youth to train their dogs and get them ready for Fair, by not attending sessions regularly. In the event that a youth needs to be absent for a lengthy period – training with a private trainer that uses non-punishment based/ positive training methods is recommended. Absence greater than 3 consecutive sessions without approval by Superintendent may result in youth being dismissed from the Dog Project.


In order to keep the program running help is needed year round from members and their parents. Taking part in the following activities will help members earn useful skills and give the dog program a good standing in the community.

Each youth member is required to contribute to the program in at least 3 different ways.

Choices include:

  • Signing up to arrive at 4-H Dog Meetings 30 minutes early or to stay 30 minutes late to
    help set up and/ or clean up.
  • Providing an instructional demonstration for a meeting during the year.
  • Competing in an event outside of Ravalli County Fair.
  • Completing the CGC test successfully.
  • Organizing or taking part in a group practice outside of the regular scheduled meetings.
  • Reporting a personal dog activity to the Superintendent for publication in the 4-H newsletter.
  • Participating in service opportunities (which can include fundraisers for project, CGC nursing home visits, Humane Society assistance, parades, etc.).

Adult guardians of each youth member must also contribute to the program at least 3 times.

Choices include:

  • Signing up to arrive at a meeting 30 minutes early or to stay 30 minutes late for set up/ clean up chores. (If you cannot complete a sign-up job, it is your duty to provide a substitute.)
  • Contributing an item to the K9 Grocers store.
  • Contributing refreshments to the 4-H Dog show at Fair.
  • Signing up to assist in set up at the dog show early or to stay late to take it down.
  • Participating in fund raisers, service opportunities, or educational demonstrations throughout the year.

At Fair

  • No dog is allowed off leash at any time during Fair unless it is performing in the ring.That includes potty breaks.
  • Any dog seen running lose will be immediately disqualified and all ribbons could be taken.
  • No one can participate in 4-H Fair without Superintendents approval.
  • Fair Registration has to be done through Superintendent after review of Project books.
  • Youth must wear proper 4-H attire to all performances including Award ceremony.

I agree to follow the above outlined expectations, as stated by the Ravalli County Dog Project Superintendent. There are options to complete the 4-H project outside the group setting without a dog. Those who choose not to agree to this contract or who disrupt proceedings or do not follow through in responsibilities mentioned above may be asked by the Superintendent to seek those options instead of attending classes.

Signatures are required. Please Print, sign and submit to the Dog Superintedent.

Participation in Fair by approval from Superintendent(s) only.