Congratulations to our 2023 Finals Winners!

Juniors: Anaelle Avilla (1st Place). In top 4: Ailie Avilla, Moriah Champneys and John McNamara

Seniors: Claire Wrobleski (1st ), Anna Hafner (2nd ), Andrew Wrobleski (3rd), Melodie Cook (4th).

Career Communications - Mikiah Cook (1st Place)

Communications Day Options

Several options are available for you to choose from to participate in and use your communication skills!  Those include Demonstration, Illustrated Talk, Prepared Speech, Impromptu Speech, Video, Commercial, Career Communication, or Promotional Package.  *See video below of a winning Demostration*

Go to the following link for contest guidelines and information regarding the above options:

You can also check out our Demonstration Guidelines and It's Showtime! How to Demonstrate the 4-H Way for more helpful information. 

Stir-Ups or Favorite Food Show are two more options you may choose from - see below for brief guidelines on the Stir-Ups contest and Favorite Food Show.  Six of the above options will be contest opportunities at State 4-H Congress for members 13 and older who score high at the county level.  Those six are Demonstrations, Prepared Speech, Illustrated Talk, Video, Career Communication and Stir-Ups. 

Which one will you do?

Early preparation is very wise!  Be thinking about what you will do for Communication Days.  Early prep may allow you more practice time, possibly in front of your 4-H club and/or family.  This is a great opportunity for experienced members to present for the new members, thus allowing the new members to get a better idea of how to do a presentation.  

Demonstration DVD & Other Resources Available

For some, doing demonstrations can be an intimidating and confusing process.  If you fit in this category, consider checking out a DVD showing six Sanders County finalists in previous years.  It can be helpful to watch examples as you begin to put your topic together.  Contact the Extension Office if you would like to check out the DVD to view at home or a club meeting.  Also, if you go to the following link you can view several other demonstrations done in the past by 4-H members across the state including more Sanders County 4-H members

Stir-Up Contest

Participants will compete individually or in teams of two.  Contestants prepare a dish utilizing five of the nine listed ingredients.  Additionally, contestants may use pantry ingredients and spices.  They must use at least one mystery ingredient and can use up to three.  The dish should be visually appealing, nutritious and show creativity.  Contestants should use effective work habits and sanitary food preparation practices.  Following the preparation of the meal the contestant will present an oral presentation to the judges.  The oral presentation should address; selection of dish, preparation process, nutritional value of the dish, potential alteration and overall learning.  For a complete contest description, contact the Extension Office. 

Favorite Food Show 

Participants in the Favorite Food Show will gain experience in planning, preparing, serving and presenting a nutritious food as part of a meal or snack.  A display including correct table setting, recipe and menu posters, a centerpiece and decorations will accompany the participants chosen Favorite Food.  Any 4-H member, including Cloverbuds can participate.  Members may enter as an individual or a two-person team.  Categories include; appetizer, bread, salad, main dish, sandwich, fruit or vegetable side dish.  All food categories will compete against one another.  This is not a State 4-H Congress contest option

Favorite Food Show Guidelines

Favorite Food Show Score Card

Example video of the winning state entry for communications at 2023 Congress:

4-H Members

Pick the day you will do your Communication Presentation.  Choose from two dates!

Day 1 is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 in Thompson Falls beginning at 10:00 am. 

Day 2 is scheduled for Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 in Hot Springs beginning at 1:00 pm. 

Please make sure to sign-up online for your presentation by February 9th at the following link: 
Top Presenters from Communications Day will qualify to participate in Finals Communications Day.
Sunday, March 10th in Plains.  A full Scholarship to 4-H camp will be awarded to the top four presenters in the Junior Division if they are 12 years old or younger.  Juniors who are 13 years old and place in the top four will be awarded a trip to State 4-H Congress in Bozeman to compete in July.  Top presenters in the Senior Division will also be awarded a trip to State 4-H Congress in Bozeman to complete in the state communication event.  If you have any questions regarding these events we encourage you to talk to your club leader or call the Extension Office.