4-H Youth Awards

Little Chief Award  jr achivement award  Outstanding Member Award  Legard Citizenship Award 

Top Record Book Award  Montana 4-H Youth State Award  recog of members


4-H Adult Awards

Montana 4-H Adult Awards  Volunteer Leader of the year  sanders county leader of the year fillable form  Honoray member of the year


4-H Youth Special Livestock Awards

Archie McDonald Memorial Award

The Archie McDonald Memorial Award is given to a member who displays sportsmanship in his or her conduct during the 4-H year.  Livestock Superintendents decide what member best fits this description and reports the selection to the Extension Staff by the end of the fair or the following week of fair.

Herdsmanship Award

Each year a Herdsmanship award is given to a member in each area of animal species exhibited in the fair.  The purpose of the contest is to promote husbandry of animals by displaying better care of livestock, their pens, and the equipment to keep animals fed, clean and attractive.  A well kept livestock area makes a better fair exhibit, promotes safety to livestock, members and the general public.  The humane care of animals is an attitude of a good herdsman.  A good herdsman is always promoting their industry by answering and talking to the general public about projects. 

Judging is done on a daily basis and is based on the following:

  1. Neatness of stalls, pens and alleys in barns as well as storage areas for equipment and feed.  Stall cards and/or posters completed, displayed and easy to read identifying member, club, project, and any other educational information.  *40 points possible
  2.  Feeding, caring for, and grooming of animals (to be done by 4-H member only). *40 points possible
  3. A good attitude and sportsmanship being displayed by being polite, courteous, cooperative, helpful, and encouraging fellow members, leaders, adults and the general public.  Neat, clean and appropriate dress.            *20 points possible

Each section is scored with a total possible score of 100 points.  A member must have at least 75 points to be eligible for this award. 

Super Steer Award

The Super Steep Award is comprised of five (5) categories.  Pre-registration is not required to be eligible for this award.

  • Rate of Gain
  • Market Placing
  • Showmanship Placing
  • Carcass Placing
  • Carcass Grade

Placing in each category is accessed using a numerical point value of one through ten, ten being the highest.  Participants must have a score in all five categories to be eligible.  If a tie occurs, the marbling score will be taken into account.  Information and data will be collected by AG/Livestock Committee Members.  The award winner is announced at the end of the year at the 4-H/FFA Award Banquet.

Sheep Spirit Award

The Sheep Spirit Award is presented to a member who is courteous, helpful and friendly towards all.  The winner of this award will receive a trophy.

Thomas McDonald Memorial Award

The Thomas McDonald Memorial Award is given to a member who most closely personifies the 4-H philosophy.  The winner will receive a sheep blanket and $50.00.

Thomas Farrier Memorial Swine Spirit Award

The Farrier Family presents $100.00 to the 4-H swine project member who best shows 4-H spirit through courtesy, helpfulness and friendship towards all. 

Overall Sportsmanship Horse Award

Joe Baker Memorial Award

The Joe Baker Memorial Award goes to the top project horse in the two year old colt to maturity project.